Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holy Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wings to you and yours, and the entire Room! May the true Spirit of Christmas bless you always; Peace, Love and Joy.
Thank-you Wings for the Emily Dickenson quote, please tell me what would it be in Cornish? Is it similar to gaelic?
Yes, Love Never Dies, it is eternal, this I believe whole-heartedly. It is the one thing, the only thing in this Universe that we may claim as a constant. This gives us hope, and strengthens are purpose and resolve here on earth, to love and be loved. Love is never having to say you are sorry (Love Story). (I could go on and on...)
Similarily, I have had loss experience at this time of year. My hubs' beloved Mum and Dad passed in the December months. His Dad from pnemonia (he had only one lung as well as Mom also from a lung ailment, both did smoke and this did contribute but they did die about 10 years before (at least) their time. Smoking is horrible, and I wish it were not something which the govt allows to promote but I guess we wouldnt have a govt without vices, that would be a first!)
So December use to be an avoidance month; I knew the emotionality was intense, with outbursts, and ill-will caused from repressing sad feelings of loss of parents, etc,. Christmas, rather than the "good will to all" one comes to expect at this time of year, had been something I did not look forward to at all. This was so unlike my previous belief system, because Christmas use to be a very joyous time for us.
It was also unfortunate that Dad-in-law passed before he got to see his first son's grandson. I did not know him for very long either I do remember his keen sense of humour, he could always make the most creative jokes, and smile through his pain. Brave and stoic man, much like the Cornish, yet he was as Welsh as Tom Jones. Must be something in the water there!
Subsequently, the Mom-in-law passed before she got to see the littlest elf, my youngest. It was always so much a "Christmas avoidance", both having deceased in December (almost a year apart) that we "escaped" from the land we knew to another much more isolated existence in the frozen tundra lands of Northern Canada near Hudson's Bay. One word "Brrrrr"! What were we thinking?
By moving up as far up north as possible it was the only way my hub could deal with the pain of loss.
After 25 years (the parents-in-laws passing happened early 1980's)my husband is just starting to come 'round again. His parents were always really good to him, and they were very close, more than most, I think. My hub had polio and this made for a very tight-nit group of overcomers. Some may relate to this?
Back in the 80's I got some brass ornaments personalized with the inlaws names. We have these beautiful ornaments on the tree in their memory as a way of connecting the past to the present. It helps me keep perspective on the true meaning of Christmas.
For all the literatae in the room, one can find great comfort in the classic literature of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" bridging the philosophy and spirit gaps that are often missing in the over-commercialization of Christmas. It is indeed a timeless tale of the true meaning of Christmas, I watch the classic or read from the book each year. Lessons are still learned and memories rekindled with the classics from the five foot high book shelf!
As we go through the Christmas rituals and with the inlaws memory, I am comforted and reminded of the Love that Never Dies. The rose or tulip that despite all odds grows through the most difficult conditions of snow and cold, popping up from the snow with steely resolve; a miracle unto itself. Angels and miracles are real!
Christmas has become for us at this time more of a holy time than a happy time for us too. It is difficult for us to get to church because of the weather, etc., yet Christmas will always be very special. Holy and good time of year. Reflective, reminiscent memories bitter and sweet, of a life lived, and lived well. What more can anyone ask?
These many Holy and Magical "Magi"-like things happen each year to one of us, or our friends report special events happening. It is now recorded, thanks to the computer ease of access.
For example, last year my hub saw outside his window four huge beings, we think they were Archangels. Even if our imaginations were working overtime at this "sugar plum fairie land" Nutcraker time, if we expect a miracle, we will get receive this supernatural present. "I believe in fairies, I beleive in fairies" (from Peter Pan) another favourite book.
We are, after all, what we believe and we should live by faith alone.
Yes, miracles and blessings from above do have unusual ways of making themselves known to us. As long as we truly believe that Love Never Dies we have the connection to the constant Universal essence; Love. When we do truly believe in miracles, signs and wonders will continue to be real for us, Love will open the door to those "veiled miracle worlds" as yet hidden, glorious secrets to be revealed, if we ask and believe that they exist for us. ^^chicco repost 20 dec 08

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