Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dreams, Dreams and More Dreams

2 nights of dreams

Nov 9, 2008 Last night I had a wierd dream of making stew and then Barack Obama comes in and tries it and likes it! That is the first time anyone liked my stew! He actually came back for seconds. I hugged him and said he reminded me of my daddy. He raised his eyebrows jokingly.

Nov 8, 2008 I had a dream about Carrot Top. Not sure why. repost chiccoreal 2 dec 08


  1. Hey Juanita Chiccoreal! Here is another dream I gleamed from the brain of Jane...

    grizzly bear attack

    In my dream I am walking down a service road onto a field below. There is a young man shovelling dirt at the bottom of this hill/service road. This man doesnt look up at me and appears to me to be oddly quiet. I try to continue to walk for a way but I feel nervous and want to go home. I have the two dog fawns with me (special dna black fawns)running ahead.
    One of the fawn dogs stays by my side the other unnoticingly disappears. As I calmly walk back up the hill to the main road I notice that one of the fawn dogs is missing. I look around and I think it is up a tree chasing something like a bird. I yell for the fawn dog. Here fawn doggy, Here fawn doggy I call out. Next I notice that there is no fawn dog but a huge grizzly coming out of the apple tree. It's face is clearly visible, all scary and meanfaced like a grizzly, and reddish brown, almost like a cartoon grizzly bear scary and meanacing. I suppose it did not like my screaming or was really hungry, because it starts running towards me from behind. The young quiet workman starts running towards me and the grizzly runs after him. I automatically fall down on the ground pretending to be dead. I can hear the poor workman yell an odd, almost less than fearful scream. I see now that the workman was trying to go up the tree but didnt make it. He got as high as the hill by the tree on the side of the embankment. His screams made me have to do something. I realized I had popcorn with me. I then gave the bear a call, here grizzly, come here old bear i said menacingly to the bear. The bear stop and ran to me. I had the bag of popcorn in a old wax paper bag used for cereal and I poured out the bag ( a full bag) of popcorn on the ground. The bear went to the bag. I woke up. What does this mean? Jul 12, 08. Sat a.m. (7am)

  2. movie star dreams? have a TON of those archetypicals

    dream about jim carey and icecream (free ice cream? from unilever).?odd...

    dreamt about meeting robin williams in tahiti? it was fun we were at a poolside. it was idyllic, he was a riot always joking. he even used a robin williams clone to play more jokes on us!

    dream of neighbour being whoopi goldberg and she had a party i wasinvited and then our apt was open and my wallet stolen. she invited a lot of disabled ppl. lol

  3. i dreamt about God last nite

    and he was a cloud
    like a beautiful cloud and
    he was gracious and powerful
    and very very very scary
    i have total faith in God!

    29-30 jun 06

  4. Dreams after the Coalition government fiasco in Canada:

    There is this little scottish lady making tea and pulling out cups from a cupboard. After my hydroplane got too bumpy. Len drives too fast! The marshy areas were hardling navigatiable.
    Af first I didnt think the other ladies would like me. But I seemed to fit right in and she offered me a tea and we became fast friends.
    Jane Jones

  5. Recent dreams update: Jan 07 09. I really wanted to record this one as soon as I could...Len and me were driving very quickly down a very steep and snow and icy covered hill which went down. It was very similar but not exactly like the Beaver road around here. Where the ski hills are, but it wasnt exact at all. I yelled at Len to "slow down" and he did not. I was really mad at him and scared as heck because I thought for sure we were goners (no wonder I wake up tired each day...Len is really waking me up too much, I dont know if it is the prostate or the fact that he doesnt sleep well with his problems, but I need absolutely un interupted sleep most nights. I can handle the occasional hardly any sleep or being woken up every 2 to 3 hrs but THAT'S IT! snoring, myself (on my back) and Len's I am always telling him to SHUT UP...he will and then he snores like he is making out and I get so jealous, saying Who are you with this time haha! joke. But really, it sounds like he is doing it at least every 15 minutes? Lucky guy! But it is fun to talk to him at this point. I have to wonder if something happened to him as a boy in the hospial, there was so much there, I dont want to even THINK about it!) Oh well, boy oh boy! Anyway, Len is dreaming away, snoring waking me up...all the TIME!)...BACK TO THE DREAM OH YES...anyway, we come to this small quaint (as in cute) village at the bottom of the curvy and steep hill. We enter a chalet and it has this steep 40 degree angle roof. Odd that there is a window on the top of the ceiling which goes on an angle and you can see out this ceiling perimeter window (like bauhaus do?)a village of houses set up like dominos on the apex of the hill, each house proceeding down in regular fashion like sentinels on the hill. It was amazing BECAUSE I have set up village houses on the window sill of the Rideau model Viceroy JUST LIKE THIS IMAGE IN MY DREAMS! SEE what i mean when I say things in dreams are SLIGHTLY different than but very SIMILAR too reality as we know it? It is like an array, or fan opening up, with slight deviations of reality. Could this mean something? Has anyone else noticed this about dreams being similar but ever so slightly different in some way from normal everyday reality? I wonder WHY this is, and does it mean something as far as our place in the universal design and the real MEANING behind dreams. Are they other worldly, or introducing us to the next DIMENSION TO COME.? hmmm food for predigested thought! chat soon cia!

    Last night I was sad because of a incident that happened. When ppl get closer to that twilight time of their lives, or the sunset years I believe they become maudlin and want to hold onto something REAL here. Like a memory or to leave a memory IMPRINT. Last night I got that imprint. I was sad because my son did not call me from work saying he needed a ride. I get sad when I think about the mistakes I made in my past I cannot correct. This hanging doubt and all that. But anyway...when I went to sleep in his cold room (i cant sleep in too much heat) I was back on the old Mars farmstead at the top of the stairs, bent over, sitting on a chair, my head resting on the auburn 100 year old bannister. I looked like some sad old Victorian figure waiting for her long lost love. I sensed someone, although I could not see them coming up the stairs. I did not look up but had my head on the bannister, sad. I felt the hand of my mother grab my left hand and squeeze me lovingly. I knew at this time my mom was trying to commuicate to me, and I feel my mom is a soul traveller. My mom's special kind gentle touch of my hand gave me a sad, but thoughtful reassurance that we are LOVE. and that is what is important LOVE. IT is so sad I am still crying now. My Mom's hand is so unbelieveable soft and kind. I know there is more to this world than what we see and are here. There is LOVE that knows no death, no pain, no sadness, no world can stop this LOVE. It is eternal and I am so happy (although crying my eyes out) that I have forever this LOVE. I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD SO MUCH....I MISS YOU SO MUCH! by the way my Mom must have reason to contact me so I will call her today and Dad. I dont know why she sent me that xmas card with the "not sure if we will be here in 2009 xmas, and I missed mom's 80th and I missed so many events I wanted to go to in my life, it is like I am removed from being what I should be, because of circumstances beyond my control

  6. Soul travelling dreams...reminds me of Eckankar...very odd, but really real! Have you ever had a dream which is more than a dream that you feel that it is more than a regular dream, like a visitation? Well I have!
    When my Aunt Tine passed away in the 70's I was very sad. I was sleeping in her guest bedroom in her apartment in Toronto. Her husband had passed and she was sleeping in their old bed. Anyway, I had a dream that I was visited and told everything is ok with both Aunt Tine and Uncle U. It was amazing and so real, much real"er" than any dream. It was a comfort too. And I felft there is a door opening to another world, and some know this, more than I do or we are sirit beings and this is indication of spirit being real.

  7. Jan 11 09: Last evening around 3 am (before Len woke me up to do biz) I had yet another flood dream. It was a rather odd and personal dream.
    There were two women an older woman and a younger woman standing at the door way of my old house in B*ron. I do not know these people. They seemed close, maybe even lesbians? Anyway, it seemed the house was flooded. After we were chatting about not much, just the weather or something banal like that and then I open up the door of my house and all this water comes out, and it is all soapy! Len was waiting for me outside by the women. My immediate reaction was let's find higher ground, when I looked outside the entire neighbourhood was flooded with soap on top. I told the women that I supported their lifestyle and understood how by their belief system they were ostrasized and belittled into the known "children of a lesser god" lifestyle of the shunned people who act truly as individuals. Len got mad, not understanding lifestyle differences or being from the 50's. I said to the women that we have to stick together because I too was ostrasized for marrying someone not "stamped and approved" by the "good old boys" type mentality. The women and then me looked at the flood and figured we were goners as the whole world appeared to be flooded with soapy water, and I wonder if I did it. Did I cause this flood disaster by putting too much Tide into the washing machine? There was no higher ground. It was too late. Disaster was so evident. I didnt want to drown so I woke up! Wierd huh? (this has got to be somewhat Freudian with the "forbidden apple" complex, and the flood of the Bible. Man have I been imprinted. If there is disaster how could I cause that kind of disaster, although, Noah's Flood there were sinners, were they Somoddaha and Gommorahellia? (girls names)? I mean..really...i tell you c. guilt really gets into that old template, don't it? or 'TEMPT" PLATE! HAHA!

  8. Dreamt of Keith Richards last evening. Also, someone in an oxygen tank. I have something to say..I hear that steroid will help asthmatic breathing, lung conditions, etc. Now Dr. Pinkus is mentioning...Vit C of 5k mg per day. OMG that seems a lot...hope this helps!

  9. This past weekend I had a dream about Pam Anderson and me going into shoe business (pun here; "show")at the local walmart store. I said they need to bump out the Walmart wall to make it look more boutique"y". And Pam liked the idea. I mentioned calling the boutique; Booticlicious Boots or something like that. See here; I am trying to "mate" the banal with the extraordinaire...obviously. How to link polar opposite worlds that can, at times, become, oddly enough, synchronicitic. Get this; Pam Anderson was started as a Labatt Blue poster girl. That started here career. And nearly ended mine (inside joke)..hahah! more on this later! on to the screaming turtle dream from the weekend

    I dreamt I was going down this long flat road it was grey outside cold rainy weather. It was nighttime, it was dark only the odd street lights showing any illumination of the road to peridition or so it seemed. Long long road.

    A man was coming towards me from the opposite direction. I saw a cute turtle in a pond and so I picked him up. I proceeded to walk eastward along this road (looked like Ohio?) anyway...I walked on and on with the turtle that was starting to swiggle and get antsy and wanted down. However, I kept holding him tighter (not enough to hurt him). All of a sudden; the turtly opened it's mouth and let out a HUGE invisible scream that scared the crap out of me and so I dropped him onto the watery and muddy ground near a flood river. It was the oddist look to that turtle; Could there be something to this Screaming Turtle???

  10. Last night I had a dream about an old friend Cassandra R. from the Big WW. She ended up finding us, and it was funny because she was the same age as way back in the early 90's. She was my daughter's best friend and I always wondered how she is doing. She was so nice, shy quiet, kind. I pray for the good people of the world, and all the friends that befriend me, now and in the past, you mean the world to me, and you are still and always be in my dreams. Thank-you! Sending loving and powerful CHI energies your way from CHiCHi-WAWA!!!

  11. Last evening I dreamt I was a designer for a pool company, and the people had placed a tv set near the hot tub. I said "do not put tv's by the hot tub or water, as they can electrocute". I dont know the meaning behind this, but, I get the feeling it was too hot in the bedroom last evening. I was parched and felt like I was in a sauna.

  12. Dreamt about Dr. David Suzuki, he was at my house (a house when I was about 13). There was a whole bunch of soldier-type camper types who were all geared up to go on a jungle mission somewhere. Than Dr. Suzuki changed to Canada in the Wild guy, ?Piggott? He was yelling at me because I was so disorganized and had overturned my purse in the living room. The livingroom was in a mess. Finally, I got my act together was ready to go...and then I woke up. Note; I cannot remember my dreams lately. For some reason...too tired?