Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coalition Government In Canada - Is It Really Legal?

Seems today Canada is on the verge of having a Coalition government. What exactly is a coalition government? Let me look it up!

Introduction to Coalition Government in Canada
What are coalition governments?

Generally speaking, coalition governments are ones in which two or more political parties enter into a formal agreement to govern together. The parties form a coalition with one another - hence the term "Coalition Government." In understanding this type of government further, it is important to examine key concepts in Canadian Parliamentary politics, such as the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the notion of responsible government, and the role of political parties in forming governments

Since this coalition has only happened once in Canadian history (what was I sleeping during history class)in WWI, it has not been employed or has been avoided at all costs. And why? BECAUSE A COALITION GOVERNMENT IS INEFFECTUAL. IT IS A LAME DUCK GOVERNMENT NOT SANCTION OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. A coalition government is a government that is NOREPRESENTATIONAL therefore it should be deemed ILLEGAL and a new ELECTION called or REFERENDUM if that is cheaper.

Camadians, in my opinion, are getting the short shrift, as they did not elected this congealed blob of a non-government entity. Due to the fact the wheels of diplomacy in government operations failed we, the people have succumbed to a government called a "COALITION GOVT" which in my opinion proves that the government machinery is failing the people of Canada.

Be fair, call another election and let's get it right this time! Enable laws to immediately call a referendum vote by all Canadians or enact laws to disallow stagnant voting in parliament to ensure that the principals of democracy ARE ALWAYS WITHELD in the hallowed halls of democracy. Who do they think they are kidding on Parliament Hill...this is usurpership PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Please do not pull the wool over our democracy - may the people and freedom reign!

next topic; how to cure Coalition Govt disease!

Jane JOnes

If and when Canada goes back

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