Friday, December 12, 2008

Corruption and How to Fix it

Hi Y'all! I have to make up for yesterday as I was busy and couldnt write too much. I think I will just write what is on the top of my head (for now).

Of course there are two main news events that are the talk of the town. The Big Three needing a bailout 0f 6 billion to start with and The Gov of Illinois corruption charges.

Personally, I feel the Big Three should not have just "walked out" on USA and gone like dinner to Mexico. How did the govt allow this to happen in the first place? If there were rules in place, govt legislation, this collapse of Big Three may have been prevented. Also, if we were to prevent this fallout from poor management or greed and corruption we would have not put the world into this tailspin of economic disaster.

Would it not be far better to have allowed other methods of energy (other than oil) many years ago, in the 1970's first had the energy crisis concerning high oil prices and the oil embargos. Oil was and is being used as a tool by the terrorists to create mayhem for democracy. Back then (the 70's) we should have done so much more. Why wasn't something done in the 70's to stop the train wreck we are now experiencing in 2008.

Perhaps nobody did anything to stop the oil crisis because there was corruption at high levels. Let's face it; people in the big business world were making tons of money from oil at the expense of the common man who had to pay the unweilding prices of that oil. We have all been ripped off and we should demand via class action, money back on these monopolized price-fixing prices of oil. Why can we not Class Action all the oil company cartels? Are they that big and evil now? Are we able to deal with them? They are a cabel, or evil group of powered persons who control may .00000001 of the world's population. Definitely not a fair game here. This oil cartel needs to be dismantled or stopped at all costs. Our very lives dependent on the success or failure of these insidious denizen of theives and corrupt individuals. Enough is enough. What can be done and when? It is really all a matter of time before we are victimized if we allow for the oil cartels control over our existence and livelihood. Comments more than welcome!

Corruption seems to be the order of the day when we look at the Illinois Governor situation. Mr. B. (short for Mr. Big Boss) really had too much power. Plain and simple. At this point the monied people are really victimized as well by a few who want to "Lord it over" the rest of us citizens. And we allow it? Or do we? Are the laws being manipulated for the few? Yes! How to stop this?

Corruption can be stopped by allowing a complete transparency of all government operations. Right now this is nearly impossible. However, it may not be if the correct technology is employed. The citizens must hold the key to the government or else it is not democracy. How do we open wide these files to see the rats hiding beneath the layers of red tape? We need a special agency overseer who is arms length and scrutinized by many organizations that do not know one another so that collusion of corruption does not take place. It is not difficult to see how corruption operates, it is as simple as the terrorist network itself.

Terrorism works in this way; anarchy. Overthrow the state and set up an agenda of the terrorist brand; fascism. Some people claim that Anarchy will allow for the overthrow of a corrupt state. However, the tenets of democracy are not corrupt by nature. It is the interference of the democratic process that allows the terrorist network (of any known entity) to prevail. This must be stopped. How? Overseers, armslength and legion. Anarchy only works as a last ditch effort to SOS. It should not be used as a platform in anf by itself. It is inherently evil as the evil the Anarchists are fighting. It comes down to this; what values do we place in high esteem in our country? If the bottom line is MONEY, we are doomed. Money is not a quality. It is a tool for quality to exist. Period.

When we let ourselves fall prey to the excesses of the rich and powerful, and we notice our basic human rights slowly (or quickly) eroding, action needs to take place. There could or should be a forum of complaint system that is not rerouted or destroyed or falsely reported and stashed in some ebayance drawer in some "swivel servants" office. These complaints should be read by ALL citizens of a free state and should be studied. People do not complain for no good reason. Those who are there to foul the system should be recognized and tagged. Regular citizens have been complaining for years about government impropriety and injustice at various areas and levels and nothing was done. Why? What was stopping this essential democratic process of individual (and group) report from happening? We know the answer to this question, the corruptors!

Maybe the only way out of our predicament, which unfortunately is dire, is to become more truthful. You'd think that the computer would be an excellent way for people to report these injustices and destruction of our democratic principles. Yet time and time again we find that reporting is not active enough a process. If there are enough complaints, a class action could be filed. Sure, this will clog up the judiciary system. However, a seperate branch of the judiciary could be employed for this purpose, called the Reporting of Abuse of the System. In this way, we would be able to recoginize, once and for all, where all this started and how to stop it and get back on the right track again.

In conclusions, corruption will kill us all. We need to find ways to stop it permanently. No quick fixes, we need a system that works for all. We need fair play for all. We need government not to cow down to big business and big businesses greed festering ways. We need the bottom line on the government agenda to truly read and be, "of the people, by the people, for the people". May the spirit of democracy win this insidious war against corruption!


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