Thursday, December 4, 2008

Simply Mom: A Poem For Your Birthday Mom, As Promised

Simply Mom: A Poem From Your Daughter On Your Birthday As Promised

Just Mom
Lovely, kind, sweet Mom
Darling Mom
Warm Hugs Mom
Mom My Mom
You are
My Primary Mom Cell
You started it all
for me and
Forever more

Mom, you and me
Mom and Me
We are CNA/RNA entwined
encrypted and tatooed
stamped and etched
in time and space
and space and time
a moment
by God's Design
Thank Jesus!

Dearest Mom
like binder twine
and corrugated make-believe houses
in the basement
of Brampton Road
in Toronto

Mom is the Center of My Universe
Mom is the Champion
Of My Being
Mom is all there is
Save God and Jesus
and Dad
and my Family

Mom is a Hero
When heroes were Nightingale Heroines
Tending the sick
Making Chicken Soup
Like Heaven
Warm Butterscotch Pudding
Macarron Cookies
toasted just so
with Marachino cherry sitting on top

Mom is the Queen
Twin of Elizabeth
It is amazing how much Royalty
My Mom Rules
with gentle chiding
and softly reprimands

Mom your smiles are like summer sunshine
all cosy and warm
reassuring me
things will be alright

Thank-you Mom
For being My Mom
For being My friend
For being My mentor
For marrying Dad

Thank-you Mom
For everything under the Sun
Because you are everything
to me
and always
will be
the Most Beautiful Mom
in the Universe

Love, Jane

Dec 4, 2008

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