Friday, December 26, 2008

You Have A Right To Be Happy

Evil? No individual rights...thats NOT what the Constitution says;
> > when it states clearly "The right to life and liberty and the
> pursuit
> > of happiness (I like this one) for ALL!!! If we have these laws
> > entrenched in the Constitution to protect life and liberty than
> there
> > is a huge DISCONNECT when it comes to POLICING these inherent (via
> > Constitutional Rights) this not Right? Where, oh WHERE is the
> > disconnect happening? FIND it you will find your problem (AS A
> > PROGRAMMER wannabe)...YOU KNOW THAT!!!ps how does this relate to
> the
> > Hitler name-sake child? You mean that kind had NO RIGHTS when he
> was
> > saddled with the name? NO KIDDING!!! Poor Hitler-child! He can
> always
> > change his name once he reaches the AGE OF MAJORITY and can die at
> > war before he legally gets his first "high" on beer. AMAZING
> > DISCONNECT going on ladies and gents...BUT WHY???WHY???WHY???Answer
> > please! :) jajo

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