Monday, December 8, 2008

Proud Mary Day when Sandy met Clay

So here is some roll in the hay type fun!

She Strapped On Her Bass Guitar
by the surging rivers swells
Her Man wet after swimming
with the thought
of her unbridled love song

Weeping secret joyous tears
They Laughed and Sang Together
Through the Years
They knew each other very well
Today they would find love
at the Cajun go go

Dark haired man, passions fire
Woman's strength his loves desire
Honeysuckle sweet taste of the tongue
He glides through her skin
One on One

Legs and arms holding back the tide
awash with pleasure
the dome decrees
all hail dome
kingdom come
we are one

They knew each other
on the banks of the river
that day when
earthy Clay Met sandy Sally
two Cajun sweethearts
sweaty and mustily drenched
naked in the sun
clear crisp river mud

D.H. Lawrence I am not!

(i suck at erotica sorry)OMG my love life is a deodorant commercial?

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