Monday, December 8, 2008

Rubbie Dub Dubbie Three Executives in a Tubbie

quite an infrastructure
the way things work
out there
in the corporate cubbie world

Rubbie Dub Dub
Three Executives In a Tubbie
Getting Drunk as skunkies
lighting paper ciggies
Oh the money
They stole from you
Friggy Piggy, Oink Oink
Run to the bank to save your bacon

rub my back and I'll rub yours
10 fold if you do
minus 10 plus if you don't
You better wash my back
Cause I'm watching yours

more likely you will
it is like this
if you dont rub me
the right way
i'll wipe you out
You let me stay on
Top of the Game now

Yet in our midst
there is a stealthy gorilla
backtracking fear's fury in
Central Park's early morning mists

like the proverbial
elephant in the too small walk-in closet
He takes you in, squeezes you tight
You know
You're not coming out anytime soon

it is getting harder by the ton
to close the door of this eluded preception
these ancient monster mysteries a masterpiece theatre
of the absurd
10,000 year old history
Pillage, Sack and Burn away the calories
and the
books at Farheinheit 451

the door will flung open soon
and the truth will be unfailingly revealed
our fiery lustful secrets
all witnesses once concealed

Our secret we'd like to share
a penny for your thoughts
We'll keep this all confidential
before we derail you on your tracks
We've known you since your youth
The understudy taught

Now unbridled veil of deception
We seek reality's glare
This Enemy's scheme produces
Ourselves as Our own
Worst Nightmare

Priviledge and Cohesiveness
Working hand in hand
creating a stronghold
our face in the sand

a thousand clones
we beget
the same intent
an evil purpose
in the wake of our new found

Dumbing down the public
we want to stay on top
we are really on the bottom
looking up

this elephant is quite obvious now
weaving on the spider's loom
watching for the opening door
Ruby Gloom tip toeing through the tulips
Bring back the years of our Youth Forgot

Is this the State of the Nation?
The Bullying cry is heard around the block
Urging Heart felt nations surrender
by Brutus' determination
a stab in the back
When we weren't looking?

In this predetermination
You have three great kids
Wonderfully great kids
sorry that
the third to be used
for insurance purposes

Mr Big needs the cash
Mr Big is strapped for cash
and there's nowhere left
to do the laundry
Mr Big will wear dirty clothes another day

Parlay to the ambassador to not go sour
on this plan
Kesters hitting the road
faster than a locomotive
Did you get their motives?

All looks sunshine and bright
by the light of day
but something underneath us is urging us
to go the other way

These troubles keep
mounting horrible swell
deep wells of despair
we keep running out of luck
head first into the fray spraying
on our dna covered

its the snake's lair
waiting to take us in
well planned for fifty friggin' years
the final kill
to fattenen the slime pit hoard
with more
of our dead soldier's severed heads
our young one's blood

Someone will tell you to do this
or do that
or else...

who's doing the wiping
who's doing the swiping
who's doing the wiping out
who's just doing
to anyone they can

the infrastructure
is beneath us and that which lies
on the polished surface
unknown by most of us

when you pooled your resplendint resources
did the others let you know
end up eating
from your dirty old garbage cans
food for thought for yesterday's sin

Jane Jones June 28, 2008

Dear Wings: So you are an all or nothing type of paramour?

no black paint on
> the toe-nails unless you are goth.

You do think women are "slave class"?

when she gets up to make my cup of tea

However, Wings does saves the day for chivalry

Bare feet and pearls sounds perfect

Basically he redeemed himself with the forementioned

and could be quite a catch

If you have a large enough net ladies (if you know what I mean?)

All For Laughs,

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