Sunday, July 31, 2011

Magpie #76 Nelly the Windmill

Clack Clack clicky Clack
Now that I'm back on the farm
I can still hear her
clear as a bell
perpetual as motion
ingrained as sand
The Country Living I love
Listen up with ears of corn

clearly heard the
sound in my sweet sleep
Down on the Farm
fattened by daydreams

In a Grass grown hour I'd watch forever
The old windmill sunrise til sunset
as I remained tied to her oft changing winds
the seasoned by seasonal motion
the rhythm of life unleashed; wild and free
the peaceful corn stalking us
bobbing with the breezes this wall of green
writhing with energy into the elephant sky

the crickets, grasshoppers and frogs sing
even the rooster crows at odd hours
belieing his need for too much regulation
it's summer hours!
but never is the wind a sure thing
always so unpredictable
until Nelly sounded off her early wandering sounds
Clik Clak come back
you forgotten to batten down the hatches!

yet she
with her rickety old warning system
awaken me to these permanent changes
the snap of sudden storms
the run to uncover summer rain
the ducking every time she looks like she'll cut my fool head off

she's always on solid ground now
she's ground herself in deep
rooted like a tree; a place of permanence
she spins for me, and for the sky too
the elements made her rust
oxizidized through and through
a patch by any other name
makes her play on

which gets me to thinking
about her constant churning and turning
playing like an actress in an Ohio summerstock theatre
snake rattle and roll around
i hear the decades roll call
I'm better than those snake mounds anyday
come watch me play

her constant motion; uninterupted
legendary at times
now halted to a slow stop
until the next breeze blows
when will that be?
the kids always ask
go for a swim in the creek!

Nelly is to us
the world's first pioneer windmill
a huge fan of ours yet a far cry from those newfangled devices
that loom like a scene from War of the Worlds
take a holiday Nelly everyoone does or should
every once in awhile
during this brutal midsummer's midday heat
bask in the Sun, read a book

who's to blame Nelly for being stuck on herself
on a coquettish silent mode
on a dreary doldrum-like stillness
on a permanent work stoppage?

Yes, her creaking ceased but so very rarely
just as Summer has broken her promise
of staying well into October
Nelly's midday sweaty silence?
a reminder of the permanant-impermanance of Summer
fading away into memory's background
and life turning another page of the book
keep it open-ended this bookmark please!

Ah, the circle of life!
Nelly has really got that thing happening!
sure, she's lost some orange paint
yet still, she can outrun any wild horse
and skip through the lightest breezes to play with gale force winds
like a seasoned trooper she takes it
like a prairie gopher she hops to it
like a belle of the ball's her swirling skirt

Today the sun glints sideways
I pull away daisies from her caged mesh
her steely eye looks at me with anger
she sends sundagger arrays to my retinas
What is it Nelly?
you were made of the same metal they use to tin the roof last year
So What's your problem?
I narrow my eyes to see her in the midday sun
there she'll always remain, of this I am sure
as what remains is the past, born yesterday, revisited today
right now, for me in this instance, this instant time
the past finds the future ready to merge with right now
emerge as something slightly changed by the winds of time
by winds that always keep things moving
in a perpetual sort of way

my straw hat is dusty and dirty
my crows feet are itchy and an inch deeper today
etched or tattooed; a reminder
of a summer permanently afixed
focused on the vanishing line in that cornfield
and to the right, always right there, stood Nelly
it us this little line in here
where Nelly lives
years of summer sun and fun
maybe there's no cure for having
"the summertime blues"
or thus being branded

by time, by memories, by dreams
all fades to black sweep of turn out the lights
the farmers turn in early all is pitchfork dark
silent, or is it a breeze
Nelly? Waking up for the night?
like the crazy rooster?
for in my fields of lucid dreaming
I'm always planting something
bent over, weeding, raking, picking
pricking my finger on that enormous weed
bleeding my heart into the soil

no water from Nelly today
No wind to bid her dance another dance for me
still now
she stays
"mopping her face like a shoe"
with her orange hankerchief

I can still hear that constant racket
Old Nelly again!
clickity clack she must always stay intact
To continue on
AS Nature's Order of Sound
Our MidSummer Symphony plays again
drone of cicada
buzz of bee
crick of cricket
Make it last Make it last Make it Last
Coming in close to a second
Summer's gone before she starts!

Summer never to lack for luster
keeping alive the sounds
Yet Summer does summon
every ounce of recall
bouncing off the walls
only to reappear and
very last but not least
to slowly fade away

as each generation
please make last the great
familiar sounds
long past due of expiration date


Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for the very prompt prompt this week (Sunday night?). Well I got up early with the birds this evening! Get back to the farm here;

Monday, July 25, 2011

Magpie #75 Riding Circles 'Round Sirius

A ride to Remember
shiny star shine brightly
a star setting never
opens with barker barking; Dog Star Reel
"Welcome to the non-stop Summer Now Showing"
muse is waiting Sirius soon wayning
Take advantage before the Vantage Point vanishes!

hold on; when to go on?
Must go On with the show!
action it; play it up play it forward
timing is always everything
the time for go is so now!

it's time to ride your bicycle
Cycle Round Sirius
stars please come out and play tonight
over the moon we feel reborn
fireflies light the way; illuminate future glimpses
Awakened past memories draw near
heatflashes the heart quickens
then just as quickly fades to a moonless night
remininescent of those endless gray days and nights
we totally forget about during summer

as the past passes away just so suddenly
as flashing Perseides smudges out meteors
extinguished before our eyes; before memory can capture
burnt into synaptic gaps for gaglions of time
cartwheels across the arched sky

drink up the Milky way
ready to get set and go; on and on with the
endless of it all
"It's showtime; wake up star shine Cyclegirl Circe"

voice-overs intimates
Just do it and don't ask questions
particularly not so particular as to the why of why not
who started this verbatim ad infinitum?
linkedin or lockedout do lookup
Whoever said you have to signed in?
when already in a state of perpetual albiet perturbing bliss?
followed your heart to thrive and please your spirited soul
create this new come together magic on the carpet green

In a groggy blur the frogs belted out
let 'er "Rib-it" "Rib-it" "Rib-it"!!!
whilst bicycling across the cosmic highway
Circe sang so swimmingly
she sung so singingly
her many fairy love songs along the way
as those rapturous vultures lusted for her sweetmeat

Anything goes when bigbang is on
and turn off your nightlights
you can see far beyond the light and into the night
welcome to inner visions inner-sight;
a night visions' lucid play

grab hold by the handlebars and hold tight
it is your very life to find and have and hold
never, say never and no, never let go
Let us go together to find and seek our truth;
the password is love and love is the word!

chalk-up your hands to cast upon the waters
sea-sky umbra
Cycles on a Bike
Cycles Continue On and on, and on and with all of these
Cycles of Life
Wheelie Wheelie Wheelie

iF life is a bumpy ride
Smooth it out get a Sirian Cycle
round out the imperfect circles
though round the earth-go-round
being a most pleasant circle
who does cycles so well can do everything and anything
as everything inner-city-cycles, the outer-city-cyclers
balance all this
churns of returning to home automatically
pay no attention to the mechanism of come-round again
of churn and turn slightly off-wobble
hear not nor listen to the grinding of metal-on-mental
as earth creaks like a ship
tossed by the carefree sea
as creak tree tree talks of the past in the frozen tundra
eons ago now was winter

held high in highest esteem
she could hold her own weight
but Sirius wanted to hold onto her too
as he had a thing called love for her;
who wouldn't love Circe de Cycles and Sirius Cycles?
A finer couple not to be found anywhere around

as he held her tight, she closed in on him
bringing in her own mighty power
with each pounding of the surf
would be swaying spinning turning
felt the fallen rope slip away
felt her faint for a moment under the sway

watched as the mixed company of acrobats
noticed her tattered taffeta gown; fallen away
caught up between here, there and once-was stardust
but the now she found out that the show must go on
facing the facts; Fate face-to-face; time is almost gone

Sirius' light muted to imbue her space
surround her with flashy harmonics light-show
illuminate her milky luminousity
revel in her soft liquidity
What a Flesh pot of Lust and desire!
stellar magnitude of off-the-scale brightness
Circe de Cycles had it all

wave after wave of passion
momentously stole her away
from her Act in three parts
the dualism dulled her knife
blinking and blinding lights
would soon subdue her
as Sirius penetrating energies
transformed his "star" Circe
into his muse

seduced by the star
she remaining on her recumbent bicycle
Cycling ever so slowly
pedalling backwards
stopping time that showstopper
nakedness or nudity soon forgotten

outing her own firmament
fierceness this growling lioness
pierced the radiance with her arching athleticism
gymnastics on a bike while gyrating on a dime
tracing figure-eight informally the infinite's foundations

as the circles of the dog star widen
with Sirius star pupil
alighted on her heavenly body
to have and to hold; his to behold

and on and on it keeps going on
change it up to a closer star
Circe de Soliel
our very own sunny sunshine star
where circadian rhythms abound
strattled whe rode side-saddle
while from her pursed lips she blew
a blast of a scorching hot gathering tempest

centrifugal force
flying off the handle
playing for keeps
alighting riding
dizzying speeding
sending spraying strewing
pieces across the sky way

Flash point finding Sirius
undulating her steady transmission
as his glowing spoke of her passion
riding high across the Summer's Night Sky

only serious riders need apply
those who are named Sirius and Circe
those permanently etched-more-than-sketched
those owners of the multi-'verses penned
hitchhikers want a ride to the nearest star so far away
now riding on this shiny new stellar bike-for-two

A Midsummer's Dream for Circe
to ride the dog star nightly


Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy Mountain Soul Energies and Our Dualistic Soul

The long forgotten mountain remember her bearing lines; her luminous body.

As the clouds today moved to surround the mountain and taking form, resembled the mountain by reassembling her in all her glory.

And as the clouds remembered her once massive form, with the crystal memory still rooted to the mother cell soul core of the earth.

This magnetic attraction to the past was wearing thin, but on certain days of the year you could see the lines rising from the expanse of sky splayed out in an array from the central vanishing point of the place where these vortex energies collected themselves.

So the ancient mountain that once existed had memory of itself and still imbued the sky with the magnetic storm energy which form storm cloud cells.

This ancient mountain was very regal. I call it Turtle Mountain. It perhaps was taller than the tallest Mountain on earth, and contained such a magnetic presence as to still be felt today eons or perhaps multiple verses after it is dissolved from our material realm.

The straited clouds that formed today drew clouds from the distal parts of the sky to collect here at this pinpoint spot.

These powerful ancient energies would take an alignment of ancient and new celestial events, universal energies and star patterned energy and their movements, energetic molecules and their movements, magnetic poles from deep within the sun and the sun's negative polarity as seen as continual momentum shift, and other elements to combine in such a way as to produce this phenomenal event.

These ancient lines recall those times when and if (then (past)and then (future)and now combine forces into a glimpse of that powerful forming or reforming or remembering.

All that energy from the ancient past or far flung future to co-exist in this exacting time of now.

as the axiom of storm clouds gather the straited rays of light from the ancient lost sun, or from our sun many eons ago but which solar-collected within the bowels of the earth.

As this energy resembles; a very tall mountain presents itself to me.

Long ago these energy-lines create a pattern of once-was or wants-to be or is not fully formed in a vast array of telescoping multiverses intersecting.

As luminous as these lines are, they have a luminosity which is difficult to measure or see, and can only be glimpsed with spirit-eyes.

That which is given to those who imbibe in the spirit of the earth energies to gather understanding of the complexity of our existence.

Those who are so attached to the mountain's soul centre, past, present and future as well as multiversed in transposed translucsent luminosities from whence is yet to establish.

That energy, those energies, or non-energies or unknown energies(which could be charged from the core of the universe or charged by or towards the core of the earth).

Likewise, the body has two souls. One soul stays with the deceased

body for one month after death.

The other soul immediately flashes like lightening leaving quickly the body behind as the soul imbibes with spirit to fast to contemplate or record by material/physical standards today.

As quick as the quicken of soul to spirit is, it is in angel's blinking, a fast sweeping away of soul to a higher vibrational level, be it heaven, or a holding pattern underneath the altar.

And so it goes that these energy fields of high frequency occur to both man and mountain.

The second soul that stays strapped to the body like a straight-jacket is the memory-soul.

It is with this body that soul stays glued with the deceased cadaver for one month in accordance with Biblical tradition as per the Old Testament( please read the interesting article re; Witch of Endor)

Witch of Endor (Sam/Saul).

A necromancer consulted by Saul in his extremity when

forsaken by Yhwh, and whose ordinary oracles (dreams, urim,

and prophets) had failed him. The story is found in I Sam.

xxviii. 4-25. After Samuel's death and burial with due

mourning ceremonies in Ramah, Saul had driven all

necromancers and adepts at witchcraft from the land. But

the Philistines gathered their forces and encamped in

Shunem, and to meet them Saul mustered his army on Gilboa.

The Israelitish king, terrified at the sight of the enemy's

numbers, inquired of Yhwh, but received no answer. In this

strait the monarch inquires for a woman , "who possesses a

talisman" (Smith, "Samuel," p. 240) wherewith to invoke the

dead, and is informed that one is staying at Endor.

Disguised, Saul repairs to the woman's lodgings at night

and bids her summon for him the one whom he will name. The

witch suspects a snare, and refuses to comply in view of

the fate meted out to her class by royal command. Assured,

however, of immunity, she summons Samuel at Saul's request.

At the sight of Samuel she cries out with a loud voice, and

charges the king, whom she immediately recognizes, with

having deceived her. Saul allays her fears and makes her

tell him what she has seen. She saw "a god ["elohim"]

coming up out of the earth"; "an old man . . . wrapped in a

cloak." Before the spirit (unseen) Saul prostrates himself.

Samuel complains at being disturbed, but Saul pleads the

extremity of his danger and his abandonment by Yhwh.

Samuel, however, refuses to give any counsel, but announces

the impending downfall of the king and his dynasty. Saul

faints, partly from physical exhaustion due to lack of

food. The witch attempts to comfort him, and invites him to

partake of her hospitality. Saul at first refuses, but is

finally prevailed upon by the combined entreaties of the

woman and his servants. He eats and departs to his fate.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Magpie #74 Don We Now Our New Skin

Don this mask and Become Someone
As Yonder Portals Calls
Beckons One to Inhabit
Its claustrophobic space
Its catastrophic place
Its catatonic zombietization of mind
Masks will do that

These Powers
Once worn
Are Here to stay
and Persuade away
all those who's very
the Forces Inherent in Nature
Cry Foul no wonder
there's still that matter of
the Increment
of rotting fish
as Death the toll-keeper
keeps sharpening

Don we now
to forfeit and don't forget Beget
A thousand years of frocked spirits
swirling in the clammy atmosphere
of New Orleans
These spirits imbibe
These spirits invoke
These spirits provoke
Angry, Reticent and Malevolent Mobs
of Seething under clenched teeth
The Fourth has Yet to come forth
and make an appearance

Don and Juan
Twin Spirits
now Appearing nightly
on Display daily
at the Whitney

Don the Cap and Gown
those who sensed
many many evil eyes peering
through cloaks and cloches
that horny head known to many
rotates and spins
like Linda Blair
too radically for my taste
Fate turns to Luck
We Discover
File an Information
have a hearing
the Incoherent babble demon
the many lies and Inconsistencies
the trepidations!
on a platter the gavel
fell hard
smack dab in the sweet spot

Dawn Refuse to Rise
Laying like death
strewn all over the floor
this congealed mess
of Sin and Shame and Death
did recall our years covered
now this unholy blood
splattered lust on our dust
corruptible flesh rots
now remade into incorruptible flash

A New Dawn Arises!
flesh no longer hanging from the bone
as those who await the hanging
the Fated One
paces the floor
retraces the door
recalls whats in store
to hang permanently
one day
upon this atrophied Wall
This Trophy of A Man


Please take of your mask and create a new one; aristically; creatively! Right Here:

Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for the photo prompt each week...I love Don who is a very dashing fellow!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

MOON AND THE SUN'S TWINS each had two of each at one time!

(John William 1864 First moon "shot" photo EVER! Doesn Copernicus look a tad tilted due to the moon's wobble (wonder to what degree the moon has changed since then...)

Every once in awhile I am accidently treated to, and by proxy or privy, or by sheer

unmitigated coincidence or synchronicity, information of which, I have been

searching for years.

Two days ago I found this article while looking for another article on Google.

It did appear to strike my fancy (Ja-Len's Fancy has got that right!).

Yes, I admit it; I'm an Indiana Jones fan from eons ago.

Remembering that nothing is new "under the sun" or is it?

So I guess, in hindsight, now, the information here is what I call a

significant "keeper".

All of this ancient knowledge does seem to be somewhat saturated in places less

travelled and "holed up" in long-forgotten and archiac, musty-scented ebayance


No doubt to be found in a crypt with the apocryphal crypt-keeper a-chilling-out and

on a permanent vacation or all-day liquid lunch.

Perhaps we may chance to discover, by the very same proxy, and in some foreign

land, this mysterious niche of a cloche found deep in the heart of a very

mysterious and remote and sometimes arid, location.

"The Undisclosed" facts (just the facts, m'am)of life.

Vital facts of life that may, just may be the very one thing that we need to know

now on a priority first need to know basis how to continue life on this planet.

Therefore and hitherto we listen the hissing of snakes in the grass ready to strike this asp always unbeknownst by myself and to the locale lords and ladies who frequent the region of the local gentry.

To this I cry "foul" and "unfair"!

Is it not time to shake the roof to the rafters to let loose the tiled floors of Oceana where the salt of the earth still lays in tiles so nicely? It is indeed time for us to discover our own brine and briny ways!

Our matriarchial lineage is the mitochondrial dna as well as the long known patriarchial dna.

To touch the divine feminine and the sacred masculine locked deep in the depths of the human soul are the annals of known and unknown space and time in the now of eternity; thus far.

For those who need to know on more than a "need to know basis" there is this drive to commit oneself to the awareness of hidden knowledge no matter what, myself included, and to find out what exactly happened in prehistory to make us the way we "are"..

My motto: To verify the unverifable no matter what.

To all who hold this very same truth;

In Veritas!

(In Truth!)

Raise Your Glass! (Thanks Pink!)


The Moon and Its Significance in the Horoscope

By: Tracy Porter

Copyright 2000

While mainstream pop astrologers have done well to promote the field of Astrology by publishing weekly, monthly and daily horoscopes, and thereby making it readily available to the masses, they can at best only provide general forecasts based upon the Sun sign, which must be suitable for approximate 1/12 of the population.

The placement of the Sun in the horoscope gives an indication of our true nature, while the placement of the Moon at the time of birth gives an indication of our emotions and reactions, and can at times even takes dominance over the Sun.

The Moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth and therefore has a physical and well as esoteric effect on us, as evidenced by the fact that the highs and lows of the oceanic tides are affected by the cycle of the Moon.

The word ‘lunatic’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Luna’, which is used to associate a person’s odd behaviour during the Full Moon. The word ‘month’ is derived form the word ‘Moon’ which is indicative of the fact that in ancient times the calendar was based upon the phases and cycles of this body. Monday, coincidentally, was named after the Moon.

The Celts and Native Americans are two cultures that based their calendar of events on the lunar influences. Both cultures used 13 months, which correspond to the lunar month of 28 days.

In astrology, the Moon relates to the emotive impulses that push us to react the way we do. In many instances, a person’s Moon sign will have such an impact that it can actually overshadow the solar influences from time to time. This, therefore, helps to explain why some people behave in manners uncharacteristic of their Sun sign.

The Great Star Debate

About ten to twelve thousand years ago a disaster of a major proportion occurred on Earth, which Christianity portrays as the great flood. Ancient texts speak of a Golden Age where man suffered no disease and lived for up to a thousand years. Some believe that our present solar system at one time existed of a binary pair instead of our single star, that gave illumination to our Earth twenty-four hours a day. This theory is justified by the fact that the word ‘disaster’ actually means ‘no star’, and the word ‘catastrophe’ means ‘fall of a star’. This great celestial explosion is said to have taken place at 19 degrees Scorpio, hence the reason that this constellation was been named Via Combusta, or ‘The Burning Way’.

The Earth had an atmosphere similar to Venus, which kept many of the degenerative diseases we know today at bay. It is believed that at this time the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria were in their prime. It is believed that the second star, called Phaeton, exploded, leaving behind our single Sun called So, which means one. This explosion is said to have dislodged Lilith, the Earth’s first Moon, which consequently was shoved into the Earth, destroyed the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria, and forced the Earth to tilt on its axis.

In addition to the Double Star Theory, some believe in times past the Earth had two visible Moons. Legend has it that our first Moon, Lilith, was much smaller than our present Moon, Luna. Even the Old Testament in the Bible suggest that there was originally one Moon, then two, then one again.

At present we have only one major satellite that orbits our Earth. Myth, however, tells of a time when another smaller planet, Lilith, orbited our Earth. Ancient Hebrew texts speak of Adam’s first wife being Lilith, and when he tired of her because she would not be subservient to him, he cast her aside in favour of Eve. Although many perceive biblical characters as persons, it is not unreasonable to suggest that because these stories arise from deep antiquity, the characters could represent planetary events.

The Bible suggests that in former times there was one Moon (Lilith), then two (Lilith and Luna), then one again (Luna). This quite likely relates to the great cataclysm that occurred about twelve thousand years ago. While stories and tales can be rather vague, some great event caused Luna to be pushed into the Earth’s orbit for a short time. It is believed that the gravitational effects of this event pushed the much smaller satellite into the Earth’s atmosphere to dramatically create what is now known as the Pacific Ocean. Theories abound, but this premise is justified by the fact that this grand event destroyed the civilisations of both Lemuria and Atlantis, which are said to have been highly advanced cultures, and gave us the seasonal changes that we now know today.

In astrology the Moon rules Cancer. The Sun passes through the zodiacal sign of Cancer from late June until the latter part of July. When the Moon is posited in the sign of Cancer it tends to operate with the greatest amount of ease, and feels most at home in this placement. Therefore, when the Moon is posited in Cancer, the native will exhibit many nurturing and caring qualities and will tend to feel a great sense of affection towards woman and family members.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus where it operates with the greatest strength. Therefore, those whose natal Moon is posited in Taurus will exhibit much emotional stability, and will tend to get great joy from the sensual pleasure of life. They will likely need a great deal of money and other possessions in order to feel secure.

The Moon is in its fall in the sign of Scorpio, which indicates that it works with the least amount of strength. Persons who have their natal Moon posited in this sign find it difficult to trust others and can be quite cutting in their emotional reactions. If a person within the natal placement feels wronged, his first reaction will be to get revenge.

The Moon is in detriment in the sign of Capricorn where it works with the least amount of strength. Those with this natal placement may become ill at ease, showing any kind of emotion, and therefore will tend to repress a lot of issues which, if resolved, could actually lead to greater fulfilment in life.

The Yearly Lunar Path

While it takes the Moon 28 days to orbit the Earth and pas through the twelve signs of the zodiac, it will take the Moon approximately a year for the Full and New Moons to pass through the twelve signs.

The Full and New Moons are important times that can give us increased awareness. They are so powerful, however, that is we are feeling emotionally unbalanced, we should not attempt to meditate during the Full and New Moon. Any wrong moves can cause some rather turbulent experiences.

During the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are in one place in the sky, so a massive concentration of energy is brought forth. This is a good time to initiate new projects and ventures. The period between the New Moon and Full Moon, or waxing phase, is an excellent time for gathering information and making contacts. During the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are at opposite points in the sky. This is a time of peak emotional responsiveness and many things are culminated. From the Full Moon until the next New Moon will be a time of winding things up and retrospection on what has transpired during the past month.

The Lunation Cycle of the Moon

Those born during the New Moon will have their Sun and Moon conjunct, or in the same sign. Because there is a tremendous amount of energy between the Sun and Moon, these people can accomplish a great deal.

Those born during the Waxing Crescent will find that their Moon is one or two signs after their Sun, forming a semisexitle or sextile. These people will find that they have many opportunities for growth, with a great deal of freshness and vitality.

Those born during the First Quarter will find that their Moon is two signs after their Sun, forming a square. These people are likely to find that they have an inner conflict that pushes them into action.

Those born under the Gibbous Moon will find that their Moon is four to five signs after their Sun, forming a trine or quincunx. When the Moon is four signs away, they will likely feel harmony, but when the Moon is five signs away they may feel ill at ease. These people have a desire to contribute to society and can give their all to a cause.

Those born during a Full Moon will have their Moon six signs ahead of the Sun, forming an opposition. These people generally find that everyone around them goes bonkers during the Full Moon. They can have some very serious emotional conflicts that they must work through, but because of this lunar placement, can accomplish a great deal in their lives.

Those born during the Disseminating Moon will find that their Moon is four to five signs behind their Sun. During the disseminating phase, people like to teach others the wisdom they have accumulated during their search for understanding.

Those born during the Third Quarter will have their Moon three signs behind their Sun. While these people must undergo internal conflicts, they have a tendency to internalise the stress they experience.

Those born during the Waning Crescent will have their lunar placement two signs behind their Sun in a complementary element, and are therefore usually in harmony with their basic self.

Those born during the Dark Moon will have a lunar placement one sign behind their Sun. These people tend to be prophetic, visionary types, tuned into the future, but considering themselves to be products of the past. They may be aware of an era in which something greater than themselves is taking place.


A Solar Eclipse occurs approximately every six months, and is very significant when predicting events. The effects of the eclipse last for about six months, and a lot of activity will occur concerning the sign and house of the event until the next one. A Solar Eclipse is a special type of New Moon, so new things will transpire during that time.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs either two weeks before or two weeks after a Solar Eclipse, and is a special type of Full Moon. With a Lunar Eclipse, events concerning the partner will be paramount.

The Prenatal Eclipse is of special significance, and will play an important part in the life of the person. It is the last Solar Eclipse that occurs before our entrance into the Earth plane, or birth, and tells us what areas of our life will be prominent.

Full Moon Magic Days Jul 13-15


Magpie #73 "When It All Goes So Wrong in a Good Way"

People of Chilmark, Thomas Hart Benton, 1920

Captain: Even the load, adjust the ballast; don't sink the boat! We're listing to the port starboard... for crying out loud! try to balance the daggum load!

First Mate: Oh my Goodness... We're going to sink!

Second Mate: Watch that jib! It just hit me in the head!

Bosun: I got to warsh the decks! Maybe I'll go below deck and scrub there first!

Admiral: Oh good Goodness; not now Bosun!...Captain; remember to keep her two degrees nor-west! Do you need my assistance?

Captain: Yes Sir, but please remember; I am in control of this ship. I am in full command during this blasted Nor-eastern of a perfect storm!

Admiral: That's very Admirable of you Captain! Of course you are! (smiles smuggly)

Captain: Excuse me Sir if I sounded at all harsh back there; it is just that...

Admiral: It's only water under the bridge're doing a fine job! And congratulations on your solo, Captain! You'll receive your second strip soon...of this I am certain! Just keep her...(shouting to the crew Holy Jehosaphat...STEADY AS SHE GOES!(mumbles under his breath)

3rd mate: Would you mind taking you hand off my deck or I'll deck you!If you're not more careful next time; I am going to claim sexism when we get to the next port!

First Engineer: You've got to pull in a little tighter! Make an arabesque which
looks like an inverted golden triangle. That's kinda sexy!

Captain: First Engineer; mind your nuts and bolts!

Bosun: Did you say we're in the Bermuda Triangle...where's that? Pass that ball over here for awhile, would yah?

2nd Mate: No way am I giving up this ball...I'm in a contest to see how long I can hold it!

Admiral: Go back to cabin Bosun...I want to have a word with you! What's that monsterous thing between your legs? Oh never mind! It's one of the waterlogged sea nymphs!

Bosun: Am I the cabin boy for the day today Sir? Yes, Sir!May I serve tea today Sir?

Admiral: And take that blessed ball with you!

Third Mate: Hey! That's MY ball!

Captain: I don't really know where we are Bosun...first mate, what's our bearings?

Admiral: I'm going to tell you what I think of that annoying ball! (kicks the ball like a soccer ball over the starboard side). Oh yes, one more thing; everyone and Jim thinking that they'd rather play ball than bail water during a perfect storm will walk that plank. (points to plank that is now missing)

Captain: Who's Jim?

First mate: I think the sextant went overboard, Sir.

Captain; PwShaw! Use the northstar!

Second mate: I can confirm that we are sailing Southwest by South by 3 degrees, Sir.

Captain: How'd you figure that out?

Second mate: The northstar like you told us to Sir!

Captain: Sounds good to me! Do you feel something swirling? I think we are in a whirlpool, darn the torpedoes and the quirky navigational equipment...

Second Engineer: Did you say "quirky navigational equipment" Captain?

Captain: Yes, I did. What do you want to do about it now number two?

Second Engineer: I could try to repair it, Sir?

Captain: (starts laughing hysterically) Go ahead, be my guest!

2nd Engineer: (smirks)

Chief Officer: What's going on here? (rubs eyes, is still in his pj's)

Captain: You haven't noticed the storm?

Chief Officer: No Sir. I apologize; I did have WAY too much rum last evening. I don't...feel...very...well.(starts to dry-heave)

Captain: Are you sure you don't want to be relieved of your duty? Quarters! Report to the nursing station immediately!

Chief Officer: Sir, (looking at Bosun; aside) What did he say...I think I must have hit my head on the head. (to the Captain)I thought the storm was part of my landlubber rubbery sealegs! I haven't been to sea in six months, Sir!

Captain: I do feel for you, Junior Officer, but that's no excuse. I am afraid we cannot use you right now! You are relieved of your duties. Shape up or Ship out!

Third Officer: (appears from the lower decks his head peeking around the corner at the action) Sir, I hope you don't mind if I don't come up right now...(starts to barf)

Captain: Someone drag that dagnabit Third Officer here immediately! Change of plan; (directly to Third Officer) and I don't care if you look like a little green banshee in diapers...get up here, now! You are taking over my position!

Third Officer: (sheepishly) yes Sir?

Captain: You two; quit your bellyaching...we need all hands on deck! I am going below decks to see if there's anymore demon rum left!

Chief Officer: (straightening up but appearing sterling green) Yes Sir! Right away, Sir!

Third Officer: I don't feel very good...(upchucks over the Captain)

Captain: In that case, I suppose all have to stay on my shift for another few minutes or so. (said to himself) The seaspray should warsh this off!

Chip: Sir, you wanted me to fix the mast?

Captain: (angrily) Forget the damn conflagnabit %$#@* mast! She's laying in davy jones locker now...what's the use?!

Chip: Perhaps I could sand the wheel(with nerdish earnestness)

Captain: (wild-eyed look)...For the last time Chipper...Get away from my dang flippin' wheel! And stay far away from me! Take off! (pushes the carpenter out of his way) (Carpenter scrambles below deck).

Admiral: Oh wonderful! Looky what I found! I can see land ho! Wait a moment; I believe it is's...(dazed look)...Chilmark? Missouri? What the?

Captain: I guess we overshot the mark, Admiral...(smiles sheepishly).

Admiral: Fine job, Capn! Fine job!


All hands on deck! Get onboard the unsinkable Molly Brown here:

Saturday, July 9, 2011


kiwi 1
July/06 /'11
by Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar

We are currently very few modern human beings that we use

our mental powers with altruistic emotions effectively and

attaining a self successful cure.
Modern medicine always proclaimed our damaged bodies cannot

regenerate it. Our spiritual healers of the past and the

present, however questioned this assertion of science. In

my particular case I have witnessed the so-called

miraculous healings several times. God was the fact that we

gave to each of their children this gift. To regenerate any

body damaged firstly there must exist a stimulation of the

same, then a toning to finally achieves its regeneration.
The Mystics of all parts of the world and all eras always

have known that each organ has own consciousness and group

consciousness. Let's start at the cellular level. Each of

our cells have this dual consciousness: own and group.

Later this same principle applies to our various tissues.

Our auto healing must start by having body consciousness.

Each of our bodies has telepathic functions to be able to

tell us your needs. Yes, this is in fact we must learn to

listen to each of our bodies. It would be a great idea

start today. We will use our left kidney as an example. We

use any illustration of the. And let's go slowly feeling

its outer surface, little by little. Then let's go

travelling inside layer by layer. Let's imagine that our

loving spiritual right hand touches him gently and we are

able to "feel" their telepathic communication. Sometimes we

will see in our consciousness colors, symbols and even

musical notes sometimes sometimes.



jA-lEN jONES~ Somos los buques de la divinidad.

Sí, creo que es un notable está de cuerpo a través de

métodos mediante el sistema de Trinidad; Estimulante,

tonificante, regeneración

Kiwi 6


Friday, July 8, 2011

A SHAMAN’S SACRED CORNER by Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar



by Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar


Currently, there are just very few people who know how to use their mental attributes with the gifts of the altruistic emotions being born from Universal Love; It is this harmonious blending responsible for self-healings.

Modern medicine has always proclaimed that our damaged organs for whatever reasons cannot be regenerated at all! However for centuries spiritual healers have demonstrated otherwise. Regarding personal experiences I’ve been blessed several times being witness of many so called miracle healings. A few of them performed by me; from a spiritual perspective it was God who gave each one of us this am, please allow me to share with you some vital information: each one of our cells has its own private consciousness besides the well known fact that they perform their functions as team work. This same principle applies to our tissues and organs. Our organs use their telepathic attributes to send to our subconscious mind the images, smells, symbols and even musical notes in order to send this information from our subconscious mind into our physical consciousness. Unluckily very few human beings have discovered this fact.

Let me use a simple example of the above explanation. If we wish to find out how well our left kidney is working, then let’s talk to it by asking it some useful questions: dear left kidney I wish to know if you want me to do something to improve your condition. Do you want me to drink much more water? What kind of fruit and what type of vegetables should I eat more often?

My own experience regarding my two kidneys; I suffered from only a 29% instructed the doctors that I should be under dialysis made me angry, so I had to use each piece of vital information to avoid being under dialysis .For six long months I used several approaches; mystical prayers; prayers being born from your inner voice, small speakers at a place where my kidneys were, both hands placed on this particular area, guided relaxation and concentration techniques and so forth. Later on I learned to use ea different day for each step; on day one I visualized my kidneys being awakened; on the second day being gently stimulated by my spiritual hands; on the third day to use our planet negative polarity energy plus the energies from our Universe. I usually finished by imagining that both kidneys assumed the performance of Jesus Chris’s Kidneys!

Ja-Len Jones The hormones need to be stimulated to stay active and alive. I think the HGH (human growth hormone) from the pituitary is vital. And we dont need to take supplements; we have enough JUST NEEDS TO BE ACTIVATED!. As our organs have personifie...d souls within being created entities FROM LONG AGO. Remember Adam's rib? And so we have this separtation in unity. Most divine...thank-you for gracing me with this fine information. Love is always able to perform as this energy is the creative divine energy. ps how did you get the pic so BIG?! wOW! cOOL!



.by Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 12:28pm.TWO BLESSINGS; OUR KNOWLEDGE AND OUR WISDOM


We spiritual beings having human experiences must be always thankful for counting with two useful tools; our knowledge and our wisdom. Our knowledge is stored in our brain; specifically in our many brain areas. Our brain’s main helpers are our memory and our reasoning powers. Regarding our wisdom it is easily reachable in our mind. On the other hand, our wisdom is active in nature; it’s elastic. It can be projected anywhere in our planet and beyond. The silver thread of our imagination makes it to travel forwards and backwards. .It is located mainly in our spiritual beings. Its main helpers are our imagination and our intuition.

Our knowledge has only one key. It's the key that opens all accumulated man's knowledge. Our wisdom has a key holder with many keys. The main key opens the vaults of the Universal Intelligence, the Universal Love and its soul personality's very interesting biography. Once we start waking on the spiritual path, several insights are experienced about the use of the rest of the keys.

Step by step they will be unveiled as it is required. Here I'm going to change a famous quotation made by our late president John F. Kennedy with his permission.

“Don’t ask what you can do for your soul personality. Ask yourself what your soul personality can do for you"

Cold hard facts have shown us many times that it is when our knowledge is able to find practical applications of it. It changes like a caterpillar into a butterfly. IT BECOMES OUR WISDOM.

So an interesting definition of wisdom would be the following:

“Wisdom is the practical application of our knowledge which benefits many people!”

Our always useful mental processes; memory, reasoning powers, imagination and our reliable intuition under the guidance of a loving mind-heart-soul will always be our magnificent working instruments to be used during our productive loving lives.

Sharing experiences with people involved in spirituality for over thirty years showed a common factor: Possessing a strong desire of self-improvement, which was born from our urgent inner need, when we will find the ways, means and correct inspirations to carry out successfully our main goals. Many years ago to accelerate my self-improvement I came across by the scent of freshly scratched lemon peel blending it with affirmations. Affirmations carried out during my moon in the sign Cancer were repeated each one of them three times and leaving a four second pause as an interval and with a soft musical background made my subconscious mind be easily reached, so the affirmations did their work very effectively.

Let's recall that our subconscious mind doesn't ask questions at all. It is like an obedient genie at the mercy of our commands. This mind is linked to our subjective mind and this mind is responsible for the correct functioning of our memory files, our habits, will power, reasoning powers and creative imagination. The mind being nearer to our inner self is our subconscious mind, in other words it uses our intuition because it is closer to God's messages. So, what kind of actions would be a good idea to follow in order to be successful? It's highly recommended that step by step we try to eliminate most of our bad habits, and as they are removed we will enjoy placing new good habits. I insist my humble discovery regarding using our moon sign to accomplish difficult achievements is indeed an excellent solution.
Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar

like this..
Ja-Len Jones pracical application of using behavioural science; (bf skinner) so that the mind is encouraged by a pleasant experience (the lemon) to promote the positive affirmations (what are these) on the moon that best fits with your own particular lunar sign. Bad habits must be rid first via a similar process; except no reward, rather a negatve charge; like tapping? or distracting the habit that is imprinted..could be negative thoughts, or actions or both. Yes I get this! TSee More
17 minutes ago · Like.Ja-Len Jones excellent three-tiered approach!



Exploring Reincarnation via Various Methodologies
by Ja-Len Jones on Friday, July 8, 2011 at 10:54am.If you are interested in exploring past life regression; to discover certain past lives, reincarnation, teletransportation, etc. Please read a most interesting mystic's FB page Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar for further information here;.



I spent thirty five years doing research to find the best century to be used as a platform which could be used to appreciate our current century and at the same time help recall some scenes from our past lives. Then it was during one of my mediations when associating Marco Polo and Venice with China and the Mongols. All the above was reinforced when just a couple of years ago reading some World History articles I discovered that scholars had agreed thinking in History not as wars, kings, ruler’s but, History being appreciated as important events, the everyday life of people where spiritual beings having human experiences learned a lot to make this world much better; In other words appreciating History as a milestone to appreciate human efforts seen as an every day life from ordinary people. Ordinary people using house whole utensils, their everyday clothing, their money, usually coins, the use of leather, wood, metals, glass and precious stones. It would be interesting also how the knowledge was transmitted; the dark nights, the sky, the sunspots, the sunrises and sunsets. The professions, daily meals, bakeries, butcher shops, domestic animals, wild animals.

Later on I knew I had to choose only a year from this amazing century, so the year 1,222 A.D was chosen. What I discovered later was that every tiny bit of man’s failures, conquests was recorded, so the trick was to find a place on Earth where it would be like possessing a very reliable Time Machine to travel forwards and backwards from this year. A sudden insight was unexpectedly experienced. It was by choosing our current date to the year 1,222 A.D when we got the best results

Our discoveries would be amazingly productive.

For many years I spent many hours inside the King’s Chamber. Why? As soon as I learned that our Lord Jesus Christ had been there I wanted to feel what He felt. Rock, specially granite rock is able to absorb in its molecular structure a lot of mental-spiritual information, so not only Jesus’ divine vibrations, but the vibrations of many other people and perhaps the vibrations of our eternal soul personality when it was inside and expressing in another body. It was indeed a past life personality with a strong physical body. Man or woman it really doesn’t matter at all. What really matters is the experience, the lessons learned back then. The existing Mystery Schools, the Temples, the alchemy, the Universities, books, manuscripts, libraries and above all the WISDOM OF ANCIENT TIMES.

Today I have Shared on my FB Wall this most amazing FB notes re going to 1222 for a starting point to go backwards or forwards in time. Much interest regarding the King's Chamber where both Jesus and Mystic Ezequiel have become one with the vibrations from the centuries contained in the granite rock which contains the molecular vibrations of thought, feelings, wishes and dreams. Granite is a way of recording events; which when we are sensitive to this, can perceive the truth from history.

Last evening I was listening to Dr. Bruce Goldberg on coast to Coast am radio. Dr. Goldberg is a famous hypnotherapist whom primarily conducts past-life regression therapy.

The discussion dealt with the concept of teletransportation; being able to physically, in the flesh transport to various locales in time and space and the actual evidence of this phenomena. Very enlightening...Please read below from the Coast to Coast program early this a.m. (no wonder I am tired today!)Time Travelling all night; no wonder...phew!

"In the latter half, hypnotherapist Dr. Bruce Goldberg talked about teleportation, other dimensions, and astral travel. Teleportation differs from an OBE (out-of-body experience), he said, explaining that in an OBE, the soul leaves the physical body and goes to the astral plane. But in teleportation, "you're going to see the body actually fade away and disappear slowly; nothing else in the environment will be altered," he said. There's an increased energy vibrating around the physical body, a spiraling upwards, and a pop sound at the top of the head, with your perception like you were looking through a keyhole, he continued. More on the process here:

He shared several case histories. In one incident, a woman was ejected from a car, and laying on a road. She used Goldberg's post hypnotic suggestion to teleport herself safely into her living room, and drivers on the road reportedly said they saw her body disappear. An older case from the early 1900s involved two brothers from Bologna, Italy who were said to be able to teleport themselves to various locations around town. To test the boys, a Bishop locked them in their bedroom, and "even with all these precautions the boys disappeared within a few minutes," Goldberg recounted."



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magpie #72 His Eyes Cried Colours

His eyes cried colours
dripping from phalo sockets
Brightest blue in the box

His hair screamed crimson red
while his palette afire paled
in comparison; the man to the art

His freckled skin spoke human
Along with the one lopped-ear missing
A more heart-felt man then he; never found

His dream unfolded too
into this undulating unity
under his foot the earth touched the spiral skies

His Twirling energy swirling
his musk a fragrance in the field
into a world unknown to become; the dream

His art; His craft; His life raft
this shaman-priest mish~mash~maker
Alchemy's well-oiled magician

His Life; our gift
after death after post impressionism
lives this artist as dream~wish~maker

Please find him alive again
under the corn fields where he laid
down his brushes to take up the cross


Thank-you Tess Kincaid for the artistic prompt for the greatest painter that ever lived; Vincent Van Gogh!

Please join other artists and writers in residence here:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Magpie #71 Fly Free

Endeavor, Lino Tagliapietra, Columbus Museum of Art

What the earth
The sky
Her elemental colours
Her new colourful banner wings

High into the air
She could Fly Free
Gaia's topsy-turvy gyrations
Keep proximity grounded
Gravity soon free fall away
To Capture
distant patterns of the lost echo
of a thousand flapping flags
winging it

all the while
a lone lonely bird
encircled our encampment thrice
then flew wildly past
a fury of frantic frenzy
to the opening to the north

and all those below
whose names were called to come
were bound on this home bound train
to find the Great Beyond
always right here
and now
Fly Free!



Thank-you Tess Kincaid for the most amazing photo prompt from Magpie Tales