Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magpie #72 His Eyes Cried Colours

His eyes cried colours
dripping from phalo sockets
Brightest blue in the box

His hair screamed crimson red
while his palette afire paled
in comparison; the man to the art

His freckled skin spoke human
Along with the one lopped-ear missing
A more heart-felt man then he; never found

His dream unfolded too
into this undulating unity
under his foot the earth touched the spiral skies

His Twirling energy swirling
his musk a fragrance in the field
into a world unknown to become; the dream

His art; His craft; His life raft
this shaman-priest mish~mash~maker
Alchemy's well-oiled magician

His Life; our gift
after death after post impressionism
lives this artist as dream~wish~maker

Please find him alive again
under the corn fields where he laid
down his brushes to take up the cross


Thank-you Tess Kincaid for the artistic prompt for the greatest painter that ever lived; Vincent Van Gogh!

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  1. n.b. For some reason; perhaps for today only, I cannot d/l any images! Until that time, please refer to Magpie 72 for the prompt reference! Ok?Ok! Thank-you very much!

  2. Oh wow I love this I was completely consumed with the first paragraph

  3. You have painted such a brilliant image of the man, there is no need to see the prompt. This is truly beautiful, chiccoreal.

  4. Actually it is ok now! I re-edited and I got it working...YEAH! THANKS GOOGLE TECHY CREW..NOW to get the video without having to d/l on my mainframe comp...a YOUTUBE share would be nice...I dont like wasting RAM on the "Ol' Clunker"! :)

  5. I love-love "his eyes cried colors". Amazing opening line. Beautiful piece, Chicco, my friend.