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.by Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 12:28pm.TWO BLESSINGS; OUR KNOWLEDGE AND OUR WISDOM


We spiritual beings having human experiences must be always thankful for counting with two useful tools; our knowledge and our wisdom. Our knowledge is stored in our brain; specifically in our many brain areas. Our brain’s main helpers are our memory and our reasoning powers. Regarding our wisdom it is easily reachable in our mind. On the other hand, our wisdom is active in nature; it’s elastic. It can be projected anywhere in our planet and beyond. The silver thread of our imagination makes it to travel forwards and backwards. .It is located mainly in our spiritual beings. Its main helpers are our imagination and our intuition.

Our knowledge has only one key. It's the key that opens all accumulated man's knowledge. Our wisdom has a key holder with many keys. The main key opens the vaults of the Universal Intelligence, the Universal Love and its soul personality's very interesting biography. Once we start waking on the spiritual path, several insights are experienced about the use of the rest of the keys.

Step by step they will be unveiled as it is required. Here I'm going to change a famous quotation made by our late president John F. Kennedy with his permission.

“Don’t ask what you can do for your soul personality. Ask yourself what your soul personality can do for you"

Cold hard facts have shown us many times that it is when our knowledge is able to find practical applications of it. It changes like a caterpillar into a butterfly. IT BECOMES OUR WISDOM.

So an interesting definition of wisdom would be the following:

“Wisdom is the practical application of our knowledge which benefits many people!”

Our always useful mental processes; memory, reasoning powers, imagination and our reliable intuition under the guidance of a loving mind-heart-soul will always be our magnificent working instruments to be used during our productive loving lives.

Sharing experiences with people involved in spirituality for over thirty years showed a common factor: Possessing a strong desire of self-improvement, which was born from our urgent inner need, when we will find the ways, means and correct inspirations to carry out successfully our main goals. Many years ago to accelerate my self-improvement I came across by the scent of freshly scratched lemon peel blending it with affirmations. Affirmations carried out during my moon in the sign Cancer were repeated each one of them three times and leaving a four second pause as an interval and with a soft musical background made my subconscious mind be easily reached, so the affirmations did their work very effectively.

Let's recall that our subconscious mind doesn't ask questions at all. It is like an obedient genie at the mercy of our commands. This mind is linked to our subjective mind and this mind is responsible for the correct functioning of our memory files, our habits, will power, reasoning powers and creative imagination. The mind being nearer to our inner self is our subconscious mind, in other words it uses our intuition because it is closer to God's messages. So, what kind of actions would be a good idea to follow in order to be successful? It's highly recommended that step by step we try to eliminate most of our bad habits, and as they are removed we will enjoy placing new good habits. I insist my humble discovery regarding using our moon sign to accomplish difficult achievements is indeed an excellent solution.
Ezequiel Rodríguez Saldívar

like this..
Ja-Len Jones pracical application of using behavioural science; (bf skinner) so that the mind is encouraged by a pleasant experience (the lemon) to promote the positive affirmations (what are these) on the moon that best fits with your own particular lunar sign. Bad habits must be rid first via a similar process; except no reward, rather a negatve charge; like tapping? or distracting the habit that is imprinted..could be negative thoughts, or actions or both. Yes I get this! TSee More
17 minutes ago · Like.Ja-Len Jones excellent three-tiered approach!


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