Friday, July 8, 2011

A SHAMAN’S SACRED CORNER by Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar



by Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldivar


Currently, there are just very few people who know how to use their mental attributes with the gifts of the altruistic emotions being born from Universal Love; It is this harmonious blending responsible for self-healings.

Modern medicine has always proclaimed that our damaged organs for whatever reasons cannot be regenerated at all! However for centuries spiritual healers have demonstrated otherwise. Regarding personal experiences I’ve been blessed several times being witness of many so called miracle healings. A few of them performed by me; from a spiritual perspective it was God who gave each one of us this am, please allow me to share with you some vital information: each one of our cells has its own private consciousness besides the well known fact that they perform their functions as team work. This same principle applies to our tissues and organs. Our organs use their telepathic attributes to send to our subconscious mind the images, smells, symbols and even musical notes in order to send this information from our subconscious mind into our physical consciousness. Unluckily very few human beings have discovered this fact.

Let me use a simple example of the above explanation. If we wish to find out how well our left kidney is working, then let’s talk to it by asking it some useful questions: dear left kidney I wish to know if you want me to do something to improve your condition. Do you want me to drink much more water? What kind of fruit and what type of vegetables should I eat more often?

My own experience regarding my two kidneys; I suffered from only a 29% instructed the doctors that I should be under dialysis made me angry, so I had to use each piece of vital information to avoid being under dialysis .For six long months I used several approaches; mystical prayers; prayers being born from your inner voice, small speakers at a place where my kidneys were, both hands placed on this particular area, guided relaxation and concentration techniques and so forth. Later on I learned to use ea different day for each step; on day one I visualized my kidneys being awakened; on the second day being gently stimulated by my spiritual hands; on the third day to use our planet negative polarity energy plus the energies from our Universe. I usually finished by imagining that both kidneys assumed the performance of Jesus Chris’s Kidneys!

Ja-Len Jones The hormones need to be stimulated to stay active and alive. I think the HGH (human growth hormone) from the pituitary is vital. And we dont need to take supplements; we have enough JUST NEEDS TO BE ACTIVATED!. As our organs have personifie...d souls within being created entities FROM LONG AGO. Remember Adam's rib? And so we have this separtation in unity. Most divine...thank-you for gracing me with this fine information. Love is always able to perform as this energy is the creative divine energy. ps how did you get the pic so BIG?! wOW! cOOL!


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