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MOON AND THE SUN'S TWINS each had two of each at one time!

(John William 1864 First moon "shot" photo EVER! Doesn Copernicus look a tad tilted due to the moon's wobble (wonder to what degree the moon has changed since then...)

Every once in awhile I am accidently treated to, and by proxy or privy, or by sheer

unmitigated coincidence or synchronicity, information of which, I have been

searching for years.

Two days ago I found this article while looking for another article on Google.

It did appear to strike my fancy (Ja-Len's Fancy has got that right!).

Yes, I admit it; I'm an Indiana Jones fan from eons ago.

Remembering that nothing is new "under the sun" or is it?

So I guess, in hindsight, now, the information here is what I call a

significant "keeper".

All of this ancient knowledge does seem to be somewhat saturated in places less

travelled and "holed up" in long-forgotten and archiac, musty-scented ebayance


No doubt to be found in a crypt with the apocryphal crypt-keeper a-chilling-out and

on a permanent vacation or all-day liquid lunch.

Perhaps we may chance to discover, by the very same proxy, and in some foreign

land, this mysterious niche of a cloche found deep in the heart of a very

mysterious and remote and sometimes arid, location.

"The Undisclosed" facts (just the facts, m'am)of life.

Vital facts of life that may, just may be the very one thing that we need to know

now on a priority first need to know basis how to continue life on this planet.

Therefore and hitherto we listen the hissing of snakes in the grass ready to strike this asp always unbeknownst by myself and to the locale lords and ladies who frequent the region of the local gentry.

To this I cry "foul" and "unfair"!

Is it not time to shake the roof to the rafters to let loose the tiled floors of Oceana where the salt of the earth still lays in tiles so nicely? It is indeed time for us to discover our own brine and briny ways!

Our matriarchial lineage is the mitochondrial dna as well as the long known patriarchial dna.

To touch the divine feminine and the sacred masculine locked deep in the depths of the human soul are the annals of known and unknown space and time in the now of eternity; thus far.

For those who need to know on more than a "need to know basis" there is this drive to commit oneself to the awareness of hidden knowledge no matter what, myself included, and to find out what exactly happened in prehistory to make us the way we "are"..

My motto: To verify the unverifable no matter what.

To all who hold this very same truth;

In Veritas!

(In Truth!)

Raise Your Glass! (Thanks Pink!)


The Moon and Its Significance in the Horoscope

By: Tracy Porter

Copyright 2000

While mainstream pop astrologers have done well to promote the field of Astrology by publishing weekly, monthly and daily horoscopes, and thereby making it readily available to the masses, they can at best only provide general forecasts based upon the Sun sign, which must be suitable for approximate 1/12 of the population.

The placement of the Sun in the horoscope gives an indication of our true nature, while the placement of the Moon at the time of birth gives an indication of our emotions and reactions, and can at times even takes dominance over the Sun.

The Moon is the closest celestial body to the Earth and therefore has a physical and well as esoteric effect on us, as evidenced by the fact that the highs and lows of the oceanic tides are affected by the cycle of the Moon.

The word ‘lunatic’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Luna’, which is used to associate a person’s odd behaviour during the Full Moon. The word ‘month’ is derived form the word ‘Moon’ which is indicative of the fact that in ancient times the calendar was based upon the phases and cycles of this body. Monday, coincidentally, was named after the Moon.

The Celts and Native Americans are two cultures that based their calendar of events on the lunar influences. Both cultures used 13 months, which correspond to the lunar month of 28 days.

In astrology, the Moon relates to the emotive impulses that push us to react the way we do. In many instances, a person’s Moon sign will have such an impact that it can actually overshadow the solar influences from time to time. This, therefore, helps to explain why some people behave in manners uncharacteristic of their Sun sign.

The Great Star Debate

About ten to twelve thousand years ago a disaster of a major proportion occurred on Earth, which Christianity portrays as the great flood. Ancient texts speak of a Golden Age where man suffered no disease and lived for up to a thousand years. Some believe that our present solar system at one time existed of a binary pair instead of our single star, that gave illumination to our Earth twenty-four hours a day. This theory is justified by the fact that the word ‘disaster’ actually means ‘no star’, and the word ‘catastrophe’ means ‘fall of a star’. This great celestial explosion is said to have taken place at 19 degrees Scorpio, hence the reason that this constellation was been named Via Combusta, or ‘The Burning Way’.

The Earth had an atmosphere similar to Venus, which kept many of the degenerative diseases we know today at bay. It is believed that at this time the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria were in their prime. It is believed that the second star, called Phaeton, exploded, leaving behind our single Sun called So, which means one. This explosion is said to have dislodged Lilith, the Earth’s first Moon, which consequently was shoved into the Earth, destroyed the civilisations of Atlantis and Lemuria, and forced the Earth to tilt on its axis.

In addition to the Double Star Theory, some believe in times past the Earth had two visible Moons. Legend has it that our first Moon, Lilith, was much smaller than our present Moon, Luna. Even the Old Testament in the Bible suggest that there was originally one Moon, then two, then one again.

At present we have only one major satellite that orbits our Earth. Myth, however, tells of a time when another smaller planet, Lilith, orbited our Earth. Ancient Hebrew texts speak of Adam’s first wife being Lilith, and when he tired of her because she would not be subservient to him, he cast her aside in favour of Eve. Although many perceive biblical characters as persons, it is not unreasonable to suggest that because these stories arise from deep antiquity, the characters could represent planetary events.

The Bible suggests that in former times there was one Moon (Lilith), then two (Lilith and Luna), then one again (Luna). This quite likely relates to the great cataclysm that occurred about twelve thousand years ago. While stories and tales can be rather vague, some great event caused Luna to be pushed into the Earth’s orbit for a short time. It is believed that the gravitational effects of this event pushed the much smaller satellite into the Earth’s atmosphere to dramatically create what is now known as the Pacific Ocean. Theories abound, but this premise is justified by the fact that this grand event destroyed the civilisations of both Lemuria and Atlantis, which are said to have been highly advanced cultures, and gave us the seasonal changes that we now know today.

In astrology the Moon rules Cancer. The Sun passes through the zodiacal sign of Cancer from late June until the latter part of July. When the Moon is posited in the sign of Cancer it tends to operate with the greatest amount of ease, and feels most at home in this placement. Therefore, when the Moon is posited in Cancer, the native will exhibit many nurturing and caring qualities and will tend to feel a great sense of affection towards woman and family members.

The Moon is exalted in the sign of Taurus where it operates with the greatest strength. Therefore, those whose natal Moon is posited in Taurus will exhibit much emotional stability, and will tend to get great joy from the sensual pleasure of life. They will likely need a great deal of money and other possessions in order to feel secure.

The Moon is in its fall in the sign of Scorpio, which indicates that it works with the least amount of strength. Persons who have their natal Moon posited in this sign find it difficult to trust others and can be quite cutting in their emotional reactions. If a person within the natal placement feels wronged, his first reaction will be to get revenge.

The Moon is in detriment in the sign of Capricorn where it works with the least amount of strength. Those with this natal placement may become ill at ease, showing any kind of emotion, and therefore will tend to repress a lot of issues which, if resolved, could actually lead to greater fulfilment in life.

The Yearly Lunar Path

While it takes the Moon 28 days to orbit the Earth and pas through the twelve signs of the zodiac, it will take the Moon approximately a year for the Full and New Moons to pass through the twelve signs.

The Full and New Moons are important times that can give us increased awareness. They are so powerful, however, that is we are feeling emotionally unbalanced, we should not attempt to meditate during the Full and New Moon. Any wrong moves can cause some rather turbulent experiences.

During the New Moon, the Sun and Moon are in one place in the sky, so a massive concentration of energy is brought forth. This is a good time to initiate new projects and ventures. The period between the New Moon and Full Moon, or waxing phase, is an excellent time for gathering information and making contacts. During the Full Moon the Sun and Moon are at opposite points in the sky. This is a time of peak emotional responsiveness and many things are culminated. From the Full Moon until the next New Moon will be a time of winding things up and retrospection on what has transpired during the past month.

The Lunation Cycle of the Moon

Those born during the New Moon will have their Sun and Moon conjunct, or in the same sign. Because there is a tremendous amount of energy between the Sun and Moon, these people can accomplish a great deal.

Those born during the Waxing Crescent will find that their Moon is one or two signs after their Sun, forming a semisexitle or sextile. These people will find that they have many opportunities for growth, with a great deal of freshness and vitality.

Those born during the First Quarter will find that their Moon is two signs after their Sun, forming a square. These people are likely to find that they have an inner conflict that pushes them into action.

Those born under the Gibbous Moon will find that their Moon is four to five signs after their Sun, forming a trine or quincunx. When the Moon is four signs away, they will likely feel harmony, but when the Moon is five signs away they may feel ill at ease. These people have a desire to contribute to society and can give their all to a cause.

Those born during a Full Moon will have their Moon six signs ahead of the Sun, forming an opposition. These people generally find that everyone around them goes bonkers during the Full Moon. They can have some very serious emotional conflicts that they must work through, but because of this lunar placement, can accomplish a great deal in their lives.

Those born during the Disseminating Moon will find that their Moon is four to five signs behind their Sun. During the disseminating phase, people like to teach others the wisdom they have accumulated during their search for understanding.

Those born during the Third Quarter will have their Moon three signs behind their Sun. While these people must undergo internal conflicts, they have a tendency to internalise the stress they experience.

Those born during the Waning Crescent will have their lunar placement two signs behind their Sun in a complementary element, and are therefore usually in harmony with their basic self.

Those born during the Dark Moon will have a lunar placement one sign behind their Sun. These people tend to be prophetic, visionary types, tuned into the future, but considering themselves to be products of the past. They may be aware of an era in which something greater than themselves is taking place.


A Solar Eclipse occurs approximately every six months, and is very significant when predicting events. The effects of the eclipse last for about six months, and a lot of activity will occur concerning the sign and house of the event until the next one. A Solar Eclipse is a special type of New Moon, so new things will transpire during that time.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs either two weeks before or two weeks after a Solar Eclipse, and is a special type of Full Moon. With a Lunar Eclipse, events concerning the partner will be paramount.

The Prenatal Eclipse is of special significance, and will play an important part in the life of the person. It is the last Solar Eclipse that occurs before our entrance into the Earth plane, or birth, and tells us what areas of our life will be prominent.

Full Moon Magic Days Jul 13-15



  1. Wow. Pretty cool. I've learned that there was a Lillith. Thanks for the very interesting write.

  2. Interesting stuff, Chiccoreal. (When I was in high school half a century ago,. I toyed with the idea of changing my name to Lilith or to Deirdre...)