Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy Mountain Soul Energies and Our Dualistic Soul

The long forgotten mountain remember her bearing lines; her luminous body.

As the clouds today moved to surround the mountain and taking form, resembled the mountain by reassembling her in all her glory.

And as the clouds remembered her once massive form, with the crystal memory still rooted to the mother cell soul core of the earth.

This magnetic attraction to the past was wearing thin, but on certain days of the year you could see the lines rising from the expanse of sky splayed out in an array from the central vanishing point of the place where these vortex energies collected themselves.

So the ancient mountain that once existed had memory of itself and still imbued the sky with the magnetic storm energy which form storm cloud cells.

This ancient mountain was very regal. I call it Turtle Mountain. It perhaps was taller than the tallest Mountain on earth, and contained such a magnetic presence as to still be felt today eons or perhaps multiple verses after it is dissolved from our material realm.

The straited clouds that formed today drew clouds from the distal parts of the sky to collect here at this pinpoint spot.

These powerful ancient energies would take an alignment of ancient and new celestial events, universal energies and star patterned energy and their movements, energetic molecules and their movements, magnetic poles from deep within the sun and the sun's negative polarity as seen as continual momentum shift, and other elements to combine in such a way as to produce this phenomenal event.

These ancient lines recall those times when and if (then (past)and then (future)and now combine forces into a glimpse of that powerful forming or reforming or remembering.

All that energy from the ancient past or far flung future to co-exist in this exacting time of now.

as the axiom of storm clouds gather the straited rays of light from the ancient lost sun, or from our sun many eons ago but which solar-collected within the bowels of the earth.

As this energy resembles; a very tall mountain presents itself to me.

Long ago these energy-lines create a pattern of once-was or wants-to be or is not fully formed in a vast array of telescoping multiverses intersecting.

As luminous as these lines are, they have a luminosity which is difficult to measure or see, and can only be glimpsed with spirit-eyes.

That which is given to those who imbibe in the spirit of the earth energies to gather understanding of the complexity of our existence.

Those who are so attached to the mountain's soul centre, past, present and future as well as multiversed in transposed translucsent luminosities from whence is yet to establish.

That energy, those energies, or non-energies or unknown energies(which could be charged from the core of the universe or charged by or towards the core of the earth).

Likewise, the body has two souls. One soul stays with the deceased

body for one month after death.

The other soul immediately flashes like lightening leaving quickly the body behind as the soul imbibes with spirit to fast to contemplate or record by material/physical standards today.

As quick as the quicken of soul to spirit is, it is in angel's blinking, a fast sweeping away of soul to a higher vibrational level, be it heaven, or a holding pattern underneath the altar.

And so it goes that these energy fields of high frequency occur to both man and mountain.

The second soul that stays strapped to the body like a straight-jacket is the memory-soul.

It is with this body that soul stays glued with the deceased cadaver for one month in accordance with Biblical tradition as per the Old Testament( please read the interesting article re; Witch of Endor)

Witch of Endor (Sam/Saul).

A necromancer consulted by Saul in his extremity when

forsaken by Yhwh, and whose ordinary oracles (dreams, urim,

and prophets) had failed him. The story is found in I Sam.

xxviii. 4-25. After Samuel's death and burial with due

mourning ceremonies in Ramah, Saul had driven all

necromancers and adepts at witchcraft from the land. But

the Philistines gathered their forces and encamped in

Shunem, and to meet them Saul mustered his army on Gilboa.

The Israelitish king, terrified at the sight of the enemy's

numbers, inquired of Yhwh, but received no answer. In this

strait the monarch inquires for a woman , "who possesses a

talisman" (Smith, "Samuel," p. 240) wherewith to invoke the

dead, and is informed that one is staying at Endor.

Disguised, Saul repairs to the woman's lodgings at night

and bids her summon for him the one whom he will name. The

witch suspects a snare, and refuses to comply in view of

the fate meted out to her class by royal command. Assured,

however, of immunity, she summons Samuel at Saul's request.

At the sight of Samuel she cries out with a loud voice, and

charges the king, whom she immediately recognizes, with

having deceived her. Saul allays her fears and makes her

tell him what she has seen. She saw "a god ["elohim"]

coming up out of the earth"; "an old man . . . wrapped in a

cloak." Before the spirit (unseen) Saul prostrates himself.

Samuel complains at being disturbed, but Saul pleads the

extremity of his danger and his abandonment by Yhwh.

Samuel, however, refuses to give any counsel, but announces

the impending downfall of the king and his dynasty. Saul

faints, partly from physical exhaustion due to lack of

food. The witch attempts to comfort him, and invites him to

partake of her hospitality. Saul at first refuses, but is

finally prevailed upon by the combined entreaties of the

woman and his servants. He eats and departs to his fate.

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