Monday, July 25, 2011

Magpie #75 Riding Circles 'Round Sirius

A ride to Remember
shiny star shine brightly
a star setting never
opens with barker barking; Dog Star Reel
"Welcome to the non-stop Summer Now Showing"
muse is waiting Sirius soon wayning
Take advantage before the Vantage Point vanishes!

hold on; when to go on?
Must go On with the show!
action it; play it up play it forward
timing is always everything
the time for go is so now!

it's time to ride your bicycle
Cycle Round Sirius
stars please come out and play tonight
over the moon we feel reborn
fireflies light the way; illuminate future glimpses
Awakened past memories draw near
heatflashes the heart quickens
then just as quickly fades to a moonless night
remininescent of those endless gray days and nights
we totally forget about during summer

as the past passes away just so suddenly
as flashing Perseides smudges out meteors
extinguished before our eyes; before memory can capture
burnt into synaptic gaps for gaglions of time
cartwheels across the arched sky

drink up the Milky way
ready to get set and go; on and on with the
endless of it all
"It's showtime; wake up star shine Cyclegirl Circe"

voice-overs intimates
Just do it and don't ask questions
particularly not so particular as to the why of why not
who started this verbatim ad infinitum?
linkedin or lockedout do lookup
Whoever said you have to signed in?
when already in a state of perpetual albiet perturbing bliss?
followed your heart to thrive and please your spirited soul
create this new come together magic on the carpet green

In a groggy blur the frogs belted out
let 'er "Rib-it" "Rib-it" "Rib-it"!!!
whilst bicycling across the cosmic highway
Circe sang so swimmingly
she sung so singingly
her many fairy love songs along the way
as those rapturous vultures lusted for her sweetmeat

Anything goes when bigbang is on
and turn off your nightlights
you can see far beyond the light and into the night
welcome to inner visions inner-sight;
a night visions' lucid play

grab hold by the handlebars and hold tight
it is your very life to find and have and hold
never, say never and no, never let go
Let us go together to find and seek our truth;
the password is love and love is the word!

chalk-up your hands to cast upon the waters
sea-sky umbra
Cycles on a Bike
Cycles Continue On and on, and on and with all of these
Cycles of Life
Wheelie Wheelie Wheelie

iF life is a bumpy ride
Smooth it out get a Sirian Cycle
round out the imperfect circles
though round the earth-go-round
being a most pleasant circle
who does cycles so well can do everything and anything
as everything inner-city-cycles, the outer-city-cyclers
balance all this
churns of returning to home automatically
pay no attention to the mechanism of come-round again
of churn and turn slightly off-wobble
hear not nor listen to the grinding of metal-on-mental
as earth creaks like a ship
tossed by the carefree sea
as creak tree tree talks of the past in the frozen tundra
eons ago now was winter

held high in highest esteem
she could hold her own weight
but Sirius wanted to hold onto her too
as he had a thing called love for her;
who wouldn't love Circe de Cycles and Sirius Cycles?
A finer couple not to be found anywhere around

as he held her tight, she closed in on him
bringing in her own mighty power
with each pounding of the surf
would be swaying spinning turning
felt the fallen rope slip away
felt her faint for a moment under the sway

watched as the mixed company of acrobats
noticed her tattered taffeta gown; fallen away
caught up between here, there and once-was stardust
but the now she found out that the show must go on
facing the facts; Fate face-to-face; time is almost gone

Sirius' light muted to imbue her space
surround her with flashy harmonics light-show
illuminate her milky luminousity
revel in her soft liquidity
What a Flesh pot of Lust and desire!
stellar magnitude of off-the-scale brightness
Circe de Cycles had it all

wave after wave of passion
momentously stole her away
from her Act in three parts
the dualism dulled her knife
blinking and blinding lights
would soon subdue her
as Sirius penetrating energies
transformed his "star" Circe
into his muse

seduced by the star
she remaining on her recumbent bicycle
Cycling ever so slowly
pedalling backwards
stopping time that showstopper
nakedness or nudity soon forgotten

outing her own firmament
fierceness this growling lioness
pierced the radiance with her arching athleticism
gymnastics on a bike while gyrating on a dime
tracing figure-eight informally the infinite's foundations

as the circles of the dog star widen
with Sirius star pupil
alighted on her heavenly body
to have and to hold; his to behold

and on and on it keeps going on
change it up to a closer star
Circe de Soliel
our very own sunny sunshine star
where circadian rhythms abound
strattled whe rode side-saddle
while from her pursed lips she blew
a blast of a scorching hot gathering tempest

centrifugal force
flying off the handle
playing for keeps
alighting riding
dizzying speeding
sending spraying strewing
pieces across the sky way

Flash point finding Sirius
undulating her steady transmission
as his glowing spoke of her passion
riding high across the Summer's Night Sky

only serious riders need apply
those who are named Sirius and Circe
those permanently etched-more-than-sketched
those owners of the multi-'verses penned
hitchhikers want a ride to the nearest star so far away
now riding on this shiny new stellar bike-for-two

A Midsummer's Dream for Circe
to ride the dog star nightly



  1. Cycle over here;

    Thank-you Tess Kincaid of Magpie Tales for the prompt poster prompt~!

  2. ..drink up the Milky way.. ah, i like that.. and wow, what a fascinating dish you cooked today... like the tangible flow..thanks for the read!(:

    Brightest blessings!(:


  3. rich, deep, and dreamy imagery/words.
    well done magpie,

    reach for the stars, smiles.

  4. Wow! What a trip - love the last two lines, particularly.

  5. Wow - I felt like someone should be shouting this out - like at the circus/sideshow/carnival. You know 'come one come all' it just sings.

  6. I really loved both your wordplay and your imagery. Brilliant!!

  7. A perfect performance in words! I do so love the thought of fireflies lighting the way......!