Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today I am configuring the new Blogger format. I am trying to figure out all the unique features of the new template. So far, so good~!

Not sure why I cannot  space between paragraphs, however.
I may like the old format better.
I am still abit concerned about only being able to upload downloaded into my computer instead of directly interfacing with Youtube (for example).
I have, as yet, to make a dime with the monetary features, but then I am not drawing the crowds as I am not  caving under the banner of "mass-appeal".  My art is eclectic and I'd like to remain this way. Unless  everyone all of a sudden thinks I am the "shiznit" I suppose I will remain, Chiccoreal the Obscure; I am fine with this. Who know...I may have a breakthrough idea that will take off like the proverbial sliced bread.
Until that time, I will keep on keeping on, doing the same thing I have always done, improving with each keystroke. (Yeah, right...)
I do believe  we are in for an exciting ride; especially the new "in-your-face-interface" when virtual reality is virtually where you are, and you have no other option but one. Interface or be permanently "iggied".
Please continue to remain my blogger buddies, as I have no other option than to go with what is being proposed today; and since I am not getting any offers; I take what I can, and you will have to do the same.
This may seem harsh; you may want to quit being by best BB, but I don't care. I had to state  my truth today; which is.....(stayed tuned to find out...the best is yet to come...).


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mag 114 Earth's Mule-Kicking Mother; Joan D'Ache

image by Alex Stoddard
Earth's Mule-Kicking Mother; Joan D'Ache
You've got me covered girl
in your vast array
of gin-rummy games
what's up doc?
thought you could drown me
catch as catch can
take a ride on my seesaw bike
bribe me with attention; divert your eyes
this multi-national psuedo- multi-dimensional diversion
so diverse as to store tons of manure there
as well as all of this heresy of meaning unknown
but mean as shit were the times to keep you locked up
for praising the name
well-stocked earthen vessel
we will ride for free
she countered
sense how already-mixed up
the upside down cake
adipose tissue setting in by sunset is creepy
when smacking of facts
these lied were soaking like a log for this long
Soap Mummy~!
Limp as a rag doll
Playing dead to live
she, an ancient art form survivor
took her position to the play of favourites
had she the notion to play house too
she said
she would have
she gave up on that
locked in this cage of dreams
she called her gaelor monster
Come See Me in The
The Chinese Water Torture Cell
An Act in Two Parts
Part One: Life
Part Two: Death
I'll be loosed by summer
which is only in a minute to this world
I'm a snake woman goddess
stuck in a snakepit life
the forest provided diversion
her clouded eyes smiled from her watery grave
she would cry
stillborn by watery sac
same backbone
some missing teeth
slinking slithering
she so sure almost surly
she snaked 'round
she kissed keys in Algiers
hidden treasure
until found by serendipity
she had slipped the knot of her locks
surly she'd been since birth
of all that bound her like a bird
angered her
and like sinew, she eschewed her sorry lot
around her neck she keyed-in her data entry
suddenly a automatic mule kick
her status left from oblivion
thinking it was he all along
thoroughly disguisted and through with him
the glass ceiling suddenly broke
gave way to the girls in pink
those haves and have-nots
she always could pick any lock
by and by
she always did
maybe he mistook her for a drunken doctor's daughter
and she thought it took
a master heart disaster decoder
a slight of hand magician's trick
to slowly flow the stop watch
she was transfixed by his transfiguration
eyes on him once more
now that she's finally freed
she wears a killer smile
a mile wide hole
they said
as the adipose reposes awhile
stayed clenched-fisted
beneath the cedars lined walls of your Titanic
radar informed me you made it in the nick of time
come home child
you were just missing never missed
she said
too soon to
come back to life
Happy Earth Day Mother Earth Gaia...Respect Earth: We are her children and she, our Mule Kicking Mother~
Please visit the place to be here were it all happens in amazing synchronicity; and sometimes not...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How To Raise Your Vibration: What Is A Dark Night Of The Soul?

How To Raise Your Vibration: What Is A Dark Night Of The Soul?: The "Dark Night Of The Soul" is very common for people during the process  of soul transmutation or alchemy where all the stored darkness...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mag #113 Hot Chocolate From Our Other Lands

Red Roofs, Marc Chagall, 1954
I feel like I am in way too deep
while away on vacation too
this partial sleep opened up fully
to reveille in your reveal
Hot chocolate heaven scent you
I sense you are here
as I cup my hands around your brew
having swum so close to you
feeling your every move
you are sleeping too
your shallow breath
awakens memories of us
having swung by your way
on the way to the forum
to hover over you
my lover-friend
and by the way
the pleasure is all mine
dancing so merrily along,
til dawn draws the lines
never too late for all night openers
sipping the sweet nectar of ma' honey's dreams
the essential acquiescence of your essence rare
slurping the last the tiniest droplets
love is Adam's dew
Sitting here watching you watch the sunset
slowly a bright solar rouge
the brightest carnelian red in the box
setting sun
the colour of the west highlights
your high cheekbones
your blue black hair darker than the damp night air
while in the east the night's lush curtain crashes
adding lightening and thunder cymbals
the finale swan song
sung full arpeggio in low hush tones 4/4
it is the forties swing time
the bright red night alights
the orbiting disc does ignites
cover us like a tablecloth
a flicking ember of remembrance
Les heures we spent in Our Parisian cafe
where you always ordered
hot chocolate I called you on the phone
you melted in my mouth
powerful pinwheels of light
twinkle like Tinkerbell's wand
whoosh; do you feel it?
Peter Pan's magic begins
afloat into the street
eyes enlarge reading
saucy leaves in saucers
you were perfume suspended
atomized by the evening news
frozen forms waved from the rooftops
and I at the top of my lungs screamed
"I am so in LOVE"
the pleasure is all mine
you cried
your tears ran down the drainage pipes
and I captured the flotilla of your emerging essence
so mote it be; it is mine as well
these swirl of undulating energies
captured in our cocoon room
lift up up the curtain higher and higher
float to my will my darling
we feel this fullness impregnate us
surround sound LOVE vibrations
528 MHz
Chopin, to our chagrin
still tinkles the ivories
making us swoon and coil like tender tendrils
so in love
the moonlight at the midnight velvet hour
blankets us all in with a nuptial kiss n' bliss
so tantalizingly our read in bed book of Kama sutra
adorns us avatars gods and goddesses of the affable light.
savouring the night's many flavours
saving all this exotic eternity
from our other lands to repeat
in lingerie we linger sipping
imbibe as we do, in delight, in these sweet things
petting our French poodle
we have no substance
this tantalizing nectar of our dreams
our only sustenance is LOVE
Thanks for the memories Tess Kincaid...Join us here for a taste of fine painting;

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mag #112 Porridge Worlds

image: djajakarta
little bits
alerting colour
flies in the face of fear
of banished beauty
a blistering banality
as eyes scan
stormy skies
the action
lulled to sleep
dulled by an uneasiness
no nonsense senses
refresh a new place
walla walla site
even after freed
to return
sea to sea very deep
this is the big sleep
bottom of the dream
when merging seems
splice and dice
blending homogeneous
porridge worlds
Thanks Tess Kincaid for the above dreamy Art prompt. Please dream on over here;

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mag #111 "JUST SIT ON IT!"

Did you take leave of you senses?
Finally decided to go on Paternity Leave?
It's not unnatural
It's Mother Nature
Telling You
You are doing a great job Dad
and a great service
to avians everywhere
so keep up the good work~!
To the Red Red Robin who Came
Bob Bob Bobbing along
nine months ago
You know it would take time
To hatch a plan, or a nest for that matter
So please Settle down...take a break
become a stay-at-home Dad
Hatch that nest of future's potential wings
Take up and rally for the cause
Relinquish yourself to your fatherly duties
You can do it
Just sit on it~!
Did you make enough wiggle room Robin?
for all those wormy wigglers later
will be squirming underneath you
and you will feed each one's subtle movement
once the eggs start to break open
And when all those hungry mouths
are open and waiting wanting
you're hoping
wish they'd all fly the coup soon
cause you feel you have more important work to do
so we stuff and fluff them never ruffle them
as we do want to make them feel full of themselves
make them proud of who they are
fed by Mama and Papa in turn
each act of regurgitation loaded with love
Papa, did you create a hotspot
a circle of love to cradle and to incubate
those vulnerable fledglings
Gently you glide your feather duster
gilded downy feathery tuffs derriere
but do not ruffle the sleeping grouses
who want to make birdhouses of their own
one day
tactically you must sit but not squash
the eggs underneath you
like a flat of eggs underneath a steamroller
so just sit still now, hold your breath if you have to
folds of feathery softness you must incorporate
hot spots to warm the nest and the test
and keep the half-dozen or so a consistent temperature
a steady warmth of love
from the top of your beak to the bottom of your claws
as you create this temperate body heat of 98.1F
and hum a happy tune in your heart
never squawk
You've now found brooding to be an art
And when all those hungry mouths
are wide open and chirping "aw"
and there will seem to be too many
all wanting to be fed at the same time
with peckish fashion
the early bird gets the worm
so time to create a downy nest
you had one too, remember?
kick of your shoes
you are going to stay a spell
I will help you
to raise your fledglings
in the way they should go
we will give them roots and wings
and all kinds of good things
and after that
then you can go back to work
Thanks for hatching this really good egg of a prompt Tess Kincaid of The Mag...go here for further