Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mag #111 "JUST SIT ON IT!"

Did you take leave of you senses?
Finally decided to go on Paternity Leave?
It's not unnatural
It's Mother Nature
Telling You
You are doing a great job Dad
and a great service
to avians everywhere
so keep up the good work~!
To the Red Red Robin who Came
Bob Bob Bobbing along
nine months ago
You know it would take time
To hatch a plan, or a nest for that matter
So please Settle down...take a break
become a stay-at-home Dad
Hatch that nest of future's potential wings
Take up and rally for the cause
Relinquish yourself to your fatherly duties
You can do it
Just sit on it~!
Did you make enough wiggle room Robin?
for all those wormy wigglers later
will be squirming underneath you
and you will feed each one's subtle movement
once the eggs start to break open
And when all those hungry mouths
are open and waiting wanting
you're hoping
wish they'd all fly the coup soon
cause you feel you have more important work to do
so we stuff and fluff them never ruffle them
as we do want to make them feel full of themselves
make them proud of who they are
fed by Mama and Papa in turn
each act of regurgitation loaded with love
Papa, did you create a hotspot
a circle of love to cradle and to incubate
those vulnerable fledglings
Gently you glide your feather duster
gilded downy feathery tuffs derriere
but do not ruffle the sleeping grouses
who want to make birdhouses of their own
one day
tactically you must sit but not squash
the eggs underneath you
like a flat of eggs underneath a steamroller
so just sit still now, hold your breath if you have to
folds of feathery softness you must incorporate
hot spots to warm the nest and the test
and keep the half-dozen or so a consistent temperature
a steady warmth of love
from the top of your beak to the bottom of your claws
as you create this temperate body heat of 98.1F
and hum a happy tune in your heart
never squawk
You've now found brooding to be an art
And when all those hungry mouths
are wide open and chirping "aw"
and there will seem to be too many
all wanting to be fed at the same time
with peckish fashion
the early bird gets the worm
so time to create a downy nest
you had one too, remember?
kick of your shoes
you are going to stay a spell
I will help you
to raise your fledglings
in the way they should go
we will give them roots and wings
and all kinds of good things
and after that
then you can go back to work
Thanks for hatching this really good egg of a prompt Tess Kincaid of The Mag...go here for further


  1. WOW! This is an epic Magpie .. lucky little birdies.

  2. I am certain these chicks will be expertly raised!

    Anna :o]

  3. Bold vistas of the future unfolding before me in your words, Chicca!
    Sitting withouT squashing, such a delicate balance!