Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today I am configuring the new Blogger format. I am trying to figure out all the unique features of the new template. So far, so good~!

Not sure why I cannot  space between paragraphs, however.
I may like the old format better.
I am still abit concerned about only being able to upload downloaded into my computer instead of directly interfacing with Youtube (for example).
I have, as yet, to make a dime with the monetary features, but then I am not drawing the crowds as I am not  caving under the banner of "mass-appeal".  My art is eclectic and I'd like to remain this way. Unless  everyone all of a sudden thinks I am the "shiznit" I suppose I will remain, Chiccoreal the Obscure; I am fine with this. Who know...I may have a breakthrough idea that will take off like the proverbial sliced bread.
Until that time, I will keep on keeping on, doing the same thing I have always done, improving with each keystroke. (Yeah, right...)
I do believe  we are in for an exciting ride; especially the new "in-your-face-interface" when virtual reality is virtually where you are, and you have no other option but one. Interface or be permanently "iggied".
Please continue to remain my blogger buddies, as I have no other option than to go with what is being proposed today; and since I am not getting any offers; I take what I can, and you will have to do the same.
This may seem harsh; you may want to quit being by best BB, but I don't care. I had to state  my truth today; which is.....(stayed tuned to find out...the best is yet to come...).



  1. i am always a fan of yours my friend... keep going on...


  2. It took me a week to convert to a new layout and template ect and I'm trying to get my other blog refaced soon, too! I had to just keep plodding away. Still confuses me at times. Why fix something that isn't broken, eh?

  3. Yes, it is difficult, particularly finding tabs that were right there and now aren't, and with no 'here's how it's done!'
    Mine still looks about the same, but now I can see my stats even when I don't want to know! :-)