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Missing From the Social Registry: Fences

This is how it all goes down
Where you belong and suppose to be
but are not due to no consequence of
your own bidding wars

you didnt start it
(dont get me start it)
the day you lost face
became less
became this mess
that use to be
so much greater
than the sum of all your parts

When the rug upon which
your big feet stood
so securely held down
by the force of gravity
you stood your ground
until the push came to pull
and like Humpty Dumpty
fell of the wall
maybe it was a line
drawn in the sand
an artibrary place
delineated by authors of reality's game
not to gainful
when on top
set to spin
gyroscopes out new energies
back and forth banter
at cocktail clubs
ensure opposites attract
to make work
work for us
as we can continue
this electron dance

Now punched a hole
through which leaks
Dr. Leaky's Lucy
and maybe gamma radiation too
from the other side
behind the mirror
ad infinitum occuring
energy switching

A cause
to cause
rifts in rafts
drifts in ships
dips in chips
tears in walls
and dents in space
could it be too late?
for fence mending ways?

for these old fences
were not to keep you out
but me in
keen that i cant
handle the truth
or way too much
out there
on some distance place
and you wanna go to space?
are you kidding?

yes these concrete walls
these preconstruct thought restraints
hold us back from freedom
although it is said
good fences make good neighbours
i'd prefer no one feared
crossing lines
into new territory
and inlets sound
sound the whales
ring the bell
the liberty bell rings true
for all
and Ms Liberty's gifts
bestowed upon all
We the People
should mean
we support each other
carry each's burden
lean upon each other
and share a spot o' tea
at the corral fence
a thing of Beauty
never ugly or profane
the fence a house really
meant for separating too much space
not keeping in
hate and prejudices
those juices
that unjustly percolate

Try not to hold back
the flood waves
when they come
no walls left standing
no toppled fences
no roofbeams left
to clean up our deluded
deluged mess

pass it on child
pass it on

31 10 09

Jane On the Pursuit of Happiness

Thought struck me today; the Pursuit of Happiness. What is happiness and how is it pursued? Don't get the wrong idea. That kind of happiness doesnt last long, unless it is of the lasting variety; soulful happiness. Soulful happiness brings forth more soul, and this is greatly pleasing to the nostrils of the Creator. Our happiness is very important to the Creator. Our happiness brings forth more soulful and true meaningful happiness from the Creator. Happiness is a state of matter and mind. Happiness is what our souls seek, and it is, or should be through time linked in with more than just material happiness. Soulful happiness is the road to wisdom. jj 31 10 09

Swine Flu Deaths attribute staphylococcus aureus co-occurring infection NEWS

Common Links in Swine Flu Deaths...
Posted by: Dr. Mercola
October 31 2009 | 18,474 views

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that of the 36 children who died from H1N1 from April to August, six had no chronic health conditions. But all of them had a co-occurring bacterial infection.

The most common co-occurring infection that causes flu-related deaths is staphylococcus aureus. A third of the population carries it, most in their nose or on their skin.

The flu causes upper respiratory damage, which allows the staph to make its way into the lungs.


Star Tribune October 5, 2009

Dr. Mercola's Comments:

This is exactly what I was referring to in Wednesday’s special swine flu alert. If you missed it, I urge you to take a moment to review it now. It received over 80,000 views within hours of being published.

In it, I discussed the prevailing propaganda being streamed through popularTV programslike 60-Minutes.

60-Minutes’ Story Also Highlighted Bacterial Infection as Flu Tragedy

Their segment, which aired last Sunday, did ask some hard questions to the Assistant Surgeon General. But they didn't ask why CDC officials persist in telling the public that this H1N1 strain of influenza is quite dangerous when the experience of those in the southern hemisphere (which just finished their flu season) is in direct conflict with what the CDC is telling the American people.

And, just like most of the mainstream media, 60-Minutes did not ask some of the most essential questions that need to be answered if you are to understand what is really going on with this "pandemic."

The issue of coexisting bacterial infections is one of those questions that need to be looked at more closely.

Their segment followed the story of a young high school football player who was infected with the H1N1 virus, received some form of medication for his flu symptoms, and then quickly developed a life-threatening staph infection in his lungs.

However, no questions were asked about what type of medication he received, even though it was clear that, after recovering slightly, he then quickly deteriorated after receiving the medication.

There was also no mention of whether the teen had already been vaccinated for seasonal or H1N1 influenza, either recently or in the past years.

A Canadian preliminary study is provocative in that it suggests that those who have gotten seasonal influenza vaccine in the past may be at greater risk for getting H1N1 and having complications.

The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is calling for a comparison of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated individuals for all health outcomes, and I believe it would be prudent to do so.

After all, in order for anyone to make an informed decision about vaccines, you need to have certain facts at hand, not conjecture stating that something is "believed to be safe" even though it has never been studied!

Why Aren’t These Important Questions Being Asked?

So far 81 children have died from H1N1 in the US. The death of any child is tragic. However, using these deaths to potentially harm countless others who are not naturally at risk may be even worse.

Here are some of the questions that need honest answers, as they may paint an entirely different picture than what we are currently told by health officials and the media.

How many pediatric deaths occurred in children who:

Were positively lab confirmed as H1N1?

Had underlying chronic immune and brain dysfunction?

Were fully vaccinated according to CDC recommendations?

Had received influenza vaccine this year?

Had received seasonal influenza vaccine in previous years?

Received Tamiflu or another anti-viral prior to death?

Had a coinciding bacterial infection with H1N1?

Were never vaccinated - totally unvaccinated?

With only 81 sets of medical records to review, someone ought to be able to compile these statistics.

So far we know that, of the 36 children who died from H1N1 between April and August of this year, 30 had some form of chronic health condition, and all of them had a co-occurring bacterial infection.

Clearly, having a robust, well-functioning immune system is the best way to ensure your body’s innate ability to fight off this mild flu virus, and not succumb to secondary infections such as staphylococcus aureus.

I’d also like to know how many flu deaths might be attributed to antibiotic-resistant staph infections.

According to the Star Tribune, the most common co-occurring infection that causes flu-related deaths is staphylococcus aureus, which is commonly found on your skin and in your nose. About a third of the population carries it.

Unfortunately, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA, has become a serious public health problem, one that is getting progressively worse and actually exacts a greater death toll than "modern plagues" like AIDS.

Needless to say, we already know the reason for the ever increasing threat of MRSA – over use of antibiotics, both in medicine and conventional farming practices. It’s an entirely man-made problem, the answer to which is exercising RESTRAINT in the use of antibiotics, so that they can actually work when someone’s life is really on the line…

It could be of great value to have more facts about each of these H1N1 flu deaths.

But the fact still remains that flu vaccines will nearly always decrease your overall immune function, not enhance it!

Obese at Six Times Higher Risk from H1N1 Complications

Most authorities agree that the H1N1 variant virus is quite mild. The vast majority of people (99.99%) are having very brief and mild illnesses from this virus. And yet, some people do die from it -- some die each and every flu season. But who, and why?

Unfortunately, the media is not giving you the answers to these questions.

I will publish an excellent review, and a two-hour audio interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock on this issue on Tuesday, so please stay tuned! Because as he will explain in greater detail, 100 percent of those who have died had underlying health problems before they were infected.

In addition, one of the more powerful risk factors for being admitted to the ICU and of dying is obesity.

Turns out obese people are admitted 6x more often than those of normal weight. And obesity plays a significant role in the risk to children and pregnant women as well, something that has never been discussed by the media, the CDC or the public health officials.

According to Dr. Blaylock, one study found that 32.7% of those admitted to the ICU had asthma or other chronic pulmonary disease, far higher than the general population. Obesity is also associated with a high incidence of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, both of which would increase your risk of having a serious infection, even to mild viruses.

BEWARE: Taking Tylenol with the Flu Shot May Actually Make You Worse

According to two Czechoslovakian studies, published in the journal Lancet on October 17, giving your child an analgesic to prevent fever when getting a vaccine could make things worse.

Their studies showed that after vaccination, the immune response was lower among babies who were given acetaminophen (such as Tylenol), right after they received the shot.

The vaccines used in the study were for pneumococcal disease, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, polio and rotavirus. No flu vaccines were included. However, it’s likely the effect would still be the same. quotes infectious disease expert Dr. Marc Siegel as saying that:

"…the conclusion that Tylenol not only suppresses fever, but also decreases immune response is plausible. After all, what is an immune response? It's an inflammatory response."

The researchers also found that although fewer infants developed a fever after getting acetaminophen, they also developed significantly fewer antibodies against the disease they were vaccinated against. They believe the acetaminophen’s anti-inflammatory activity might interfere with your body’s immune system antibody response, which could explain why the vaccine was rendered less effective.

However, what is not mentioned by either MSN, or, who also ran an article on these findings, is that a lowered immune response also means you're more susceptible to develop other infections. And, as we now know, it is secondary infections such as bacterial staph infections that turn out to be deadly -- not the flu virus in and of itself.

You Take Your Chances Either Way…

I also want to stress that you must remember that you are taking your chances either way, whether you get the flu shot or take your chances with the flu.

This year, flu deaths are trumpeted across the world, and yet people are also dying and suffering life-altering disabilities shortly after receiving the flu vaccine, whether it be the seasonal- or the H1N1 vaccine. (They’re claimed to be nearly identical anyway, so why would it matter which it is?)

For example, here are just a few recent stories that receive nowhere near the same amount of attention. In fact, most if not all, are being portrayed as unfortunate coincidences that have nothing to do with the fact they just received a flu shot, and no further investigations are made:

Five people recently died after getting flu shots in Korea

The New York Times mentions an 8-year-old boy from Long Island who died roughly a week after receiving a seasonal flu vaccine

Twenty-five year old woman suffers irreversible disability after receiving the flu shot

Last year, a 6-year-old girl from Colorado died after getting the FluMist vaccine

Remember, the medical industry ACCEPTS these occasional deaths as collateral damage during mass vaccinations and other drug interventions.

The question is, do you?

Flu Mortality, Unrelated to Vaccines, Has Been Down for Years

Also remember that the mortality rate of the swine flu is extremely low.

Dr. Ronald Whitmont, M.D. reports in a recent article of The Epoch Times:

"So far, H1N1 is much less severe than the regular flu. The calculated mortality rate for H1N1 in 2009 is only 0.5 percent.

In 2006, the death rate for influenza was 0.77 percent, and in 2005 it was 0.79 percent.

Of course, the CDC and the pharmaceutical industries claim credit for this reduction in death rate, but statistical analysis shows that this trend predated the introduction of the vaccine and is not correlated with either vaccine or antiviral medication use." [Emphasis mine.]

Unfortunately, no one knows what the mortality rate is within, say, two weeks of receiving a flu vaccine, because there’s no tracking method in place tracing each and every person who is vaccinated.

These are the kind of statistics that are sorely needed.

How to Prevent Flu the Natural Way

Please understand that there are effective ways to reduce your chances of ever getting the flu in the first place, without ever going near a vaccine.

H1N1 is a milder than normal flu bug, and it is the state of your immune system – not the virus itself – that determines whether or not you will get sick, even if you come in contact with the virus.

Following these simple guidelines can go a long way to help keep your immune system in optimal working order:

Optimize your vitamin D levels. This may be one of your most important strategies for maintaining optimal immune function against all disease, not just the flu. Vitamin D has been well documented to increase the production of over 200 antimicrobial peptides that fight infection.

Avoid Sugar. Sugar decreases the function of your immune system almost immediately, and as you likely know, a strong immune system is key to fighting off viruses and other illness. Be aware that sugar is present in foods you may not suspect, like ketchup and fruit juice.

Get Enough Rest. Just like it becomes harder for you to get your daily tasks done if you're tired, if your body is overly fatigued it will be harder for it to fight the flu. Be sure to check out my article Guide to a Good Night's Sleep for some great tips to help you get quality rest.

Don't Let Stress Become Overwhelming. We all face some stress everyday, but if stress becomes overwhelming then your body will be less able to fight off the flu and other illness.

If you feel that stress is taking a toll on your health, consider using an energy psychology tool such as the Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT), which is remarkably effective in relieving stress associated with all kinds of events, from work to family to trauma. You can check out my free, 25-page MTT manual for some guidelines on how to perform it on yourself.

Exercise. When you exercise, you increase your circulation and your blood flow throughout your body. The components of your immune system are also better circulated, which means your immune system has a better chance of finding an illness before it spreads.

Take a good source of animal based omega-3 fats like Krill Oil. Increase your intake of healthy and essential fats like the omega-3 found in krill oil, which is crucial for maintaining health.

Wash Your Hands. Washing your hands will decrease your likelihood of spreading a virus to your nose, mouth or other people. Be sure you don't use antibacterial soap for this -- antibacterial soaps are completely unnecessary, and they cause far more harm than good. Instead, identify a simple chemical-free soap that you can switch your family to.

Take appropriate supplements like oil of oregano extract, propolis, olive leaf extract, elder flower extract, acerola, and DMG or effective homeopathic remedies.

However you will need to educate yourself on the particular benefits of each BEFORE you purchase any supplements on that list.

Any company that informs you of the actions of alternative remedies for H1N1 will be in violation of US Federal law. A newly created Swine Flu Task Force has been given the authority to shut the business down and even throw owners in jail.

Violations of these new rules are being prosecuted even more aggressively than alternative cancer treatments! Earlier this week, Dr. Andrew Weil actually received an FDA/FTC warning letter that threatens jail time for failure to comply with the rules.

You Can Make a Difference

Most polls show that we ARE making a difference because more people are becoming educated about influenza and flu vaccines, especially H1N1 swine flu. Recent national polls have revealed that 30 to 50% in many communities are not planning to get a swine flu shot. Those who haven't made up their minds yet have lots of questions. So we have created some posters that you can print and post ALL over your community, your local stores, office and schools.

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Find Out More

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Posted On Oct 15, 2009
It is my opinion that today's kids are less able to cope with common illnesses because they have been vaccinated against so many diseases that their immune systems have not had a chance to learn how to naturally fight disease.

from Dr. Mercola newsletter copyright (not used for commerical purposes but for informational purposes of the EMERGENT KIND...DISEMINATE IMMEDIATELY)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mad Men's World or Cold War Leftovers?

Mock up
Build up
Arms race is on
my arms are weak
like corrugated boxes
like corrugated steel
you stole my heart
cracked the mirror'd code
lit up the night
like a flash in the pan
left me for dead
at the doorway to eternity
in this final hour
the cards come crashing down
girl go to town
ruby dont come home
you got pancake makeup now
mirror, mirror
cracked on the wall
who's afraid of Virginia Wolfe
or Baby Jane?

No truce
no detente
only quiet riots
chaos in the home zone
score: zero
zero is no more

cold war soup
left overs
cold comfort
spanish flu knew
how to cut it on the dance floor
with a curly tail
oink oink oink
in the oinkment
piggy wig gig
with a touch
of mocktails
Memories of l918
the shattered nucleus
held captive
by the crazy glue
unravelling now
for the first time
i felt the truth
you never really loved me
it said on the joke card
i just read today
just opened
from years ago
let it go child
let it go

jj 29 11 09

Mocking Lady Bird Rant

Disaster Relief
Red Cross Helped!
You left me years ago
by the side of the road
the Wayside Inn
the Stork Club
Yesteryear Memories
of Wonderland

the only thing
you're good at
Annie Hill Lation
a destroyed nation
came down like Troy
excepted gifts
thought were fraught with good
not fraught with fought and fend off

A fitting tome
Mocking Bird mock "No more" to quote
no more soothsayers
always now naysayers
where'd ya get that mind
at the revenge counter of kresges?
Woolco, Kmart or Walmart?
Maybe Zellers

Hell bent your heart sinked so low
lower than zink
"Put that in the zink"
Grannie Ryan would say to me
You're bound to that bondsman game
you're hell bent on destruction
you're way not the Holy Grail
not the Holy Tail
not the Holy Crap
Disaster becomes you

Why did you lie to me?
Mock me mercilessly?
Left me for the emotionally dead
(body to follow later)
Lead me on like zink sinking
through the hole in our boat
shipwrecked from the start
no where to go
you lied to me
you did
you have another agenda
for this one time great
Leading Lady

Why the Phoney Greeting Card smile?
why make like
All's Well
That End's Well
At least in my sink
When it doesnt end well
those mock cocktails
you created at the bar
cast dispersions
on the wall
telling me
who am i
without you
towing the party line?
better resurect that Comtempra Phone tm
because that phone meant more to you
than i did
this i knew
from knowing
you didnt collect me
you let me freeze away
like Chia Obama head
frozen faced like Gordon Lightfoot
some bell's palsy set in
now i cant speak my grief or say my peace

now all your wives left you
pretty cockerbelles all in a row
your harem girls
who wear no protection from
games people play
when politics is the dick
sworn not to swear
the invisible clik
this chick flick can attest
you left my life a mess
by never really believing in me
for what purpose
mocking the mock turtle soup
that created concotion
that helped me hang on
as I removed
the invisible bhurkhas
as I removed myself
from the party
glastnos cold war party
moscow pole dancers
looked better to you
than my truthful ked soiled past
understand that silent sneaker
HP Sauce

what will it take to get you back
to my way of thinking
you're not you
who took you
mind soul and sneaker
who took you
to look away
back to a past lagoon
i never knew
(How could I know)
only that old bust
of a friend
in a cold cellar
gave me a clue
you had a life before me
what was I to you?
minced meat or
a plastered bastardo?

kissin cousin
As you mocked me
behind my back
you power players all
you're power house is soon
to fall
held back the pack of lies
evenly built
so it seemed
deceptively so
to come crashing down around
as you removed me from your deck

so the house caved
you wanted an answer
you buzzed my brain
you really wanted
Hans Christian King
or Zeigfeld and Roy
before the cat chew
ne'er knew
dont play with Circe fire
or tigers tales
big conglomerate
constructivists game
good old boys gain
my removal
the first stone
the empire

Not necessarily so
you still have time
to repent and mean it
dont be mean
or snarky
or sharky
but you only know how to do those things
to me
You hate "Madmen"?
Because that show
shows to much of the real you
the you became when you
put the hippy to bed
and became a yes man
for the corporate greed
who wont share a dime
or give to
my charity
"Disaster Relief"
you left me
a disaster
clean up the mess!

H1N1 and Folk Remedies (Mainstream to follow)

Hi Boys and Girls! It has come to my attention that H1N1 that mysterious killer flu which is not a discrimator of persons of high or low brow. So what to do dear earthlings? Take me to your leader. I got the recipe or remedy...i do i do i do!!!

Here is JJ's rx






Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Act I Scene 1

Cafe Brule Anytown USA/CANADA

Enter Amanda Sears(nerdgirl but pretty) and Dougie Fisher (Opie type redhead boy). Following on their heels are the "rents"; Amanda's prying folks who don disguise to follow their daughter around the town to protect her chastity. The rents have dressed in wigs and raincoats, very obviously they are cartoonishly cut-outs, neurotic types determined to protect heir daughter at all costs of life and limb. As chastity extremist go they stand out like a turnpike on a sore thumb in this minimalalist and trendy bistro.

Enter Dr. Hamilton-Bentley, Professor of Anthropology at Oxford University (on exchange during his associate's sabbtical for a year). Dr. Hamilton-Bentley is classically schooled but scandalous in his character.
On his arm is a blonde bombshell, Shelley Armitage, a fresh-faced hollywood ingenue who just happened to be in town to hooked up with her old friend of two weeks. She had met him on a dig in the tarsands in California, just south of Hollywood.

Enter Pathuria an exotic Amazonia with dark skin and long straight black hair, green eyes. She is at least 6 feet. Tyra Banks clone. Well-toned. Naturally she wears all black assesories mostly. Her manners are catlike and deliberate. Long nails. She is a dna cloned archeological dna find found deep in the Amazonia jungle. Her corpse found in l966 she is a secret government project, circa majestic type, ultra secret. Her powers are unearthly. Mesmerizing shapeshifter Panthuria's amazing powers are ultra-extraordinary. Her gifts are uncontainable and changing the world dynamics as once known. Pathuria is the new Pantegonia.

Enter Sammy Dean the local multi-media dj in the small town.
Early 20's he is loaded to bear with anything techy or media related, cameras of all kinds, knapsacks, a political science major he always gets the "scoop" and hopefully for Sammy, a woman, at least for a night of passion.

Dougie: Oh, it's good to get in out of the rain! Brrr it's getting cold out there. Let's sit in the middle Mandy, near the woodstove.

Amanda: Ok Dougie, whatever you'd like. Do you mind if I use my cellphone, it is time to call the rents to tell them I am ok.

Dougie: Don't look know Amanda but I think we are being followed!

Amanda: Why'd ya say that? You dont think I'm being followed by the rents again? I'm soooo embarassed Dougie, really, I'm really sorry. Just ignore them ok? What are they going to do? Spray you with a water cannon?

Dougie: Don't look know but I think I just saw your Dad and Mom walk by the street.

Amanda: Ah, Sammy, my spidey sense says there are at table 15.

Dougie: There's no way Amanda. You're hallucinating!

Amanda: No way Dougie, I think I recognize my parents in schlocky wigs and Colombo trench coats. If you are going to switch tables on me again, do the old bait and switch I'll rat on you and say that it's you who is hallucinating! I know that odd looking couple are my rents! Look at their ridiculous costumes! Come on! They are amature dicks. They are just bored. Please excuse my really wierd family. We're not normal, yah know. Stop playing mind games!

Dougie and Amanda sit down near the potbelly stove of this retro early colonial/fr. canadian barebones retro bohemian style trendy type establishment.

Dougie: Ok don't believe me. You're parents really creep me out Mandy! Don't they have anything better to do than to stalk us?

Amanda: You need help for this Dougie. What do you want to do. I dont care. I am going to eat; if that's alright by you!

Dougie: Do you want to have the colon special? It looks pretty good.

The waitress came over to the table. Chewing gum. Ditzy type.

Waitress: (said with thick Jersey accent) What'll ya have?

Dougie: 2 specials please and two double doubles.

Waitress: We don't do double doubles here bud.

Dougie: Ok then. Two creme two sugars. You got that sweet-cakes?

Waitress Lizzy: Ya, ok, I got it, two specials for the special people! How were your special classes today, special?

Amanda: Don't mind him, he thinks my parents are stalking him!

Waitress: That explains everything! I had a boyfriend like that and then I noticed something, he really liked rubber a bit too much. Lady, ditch him. You can do better!

camera/lighting switches to another section of the cafe.

Panthuria smoothly like silk moves cat-like through the frozen paparazzi of this minimal high-end establishment like a calm breeze before a tsznami. Mouths drop. All aghast. Silence. Panthuria has captivating powers which dazzle the most beign of humanity.
Suddenly all eyes are to the front door of the bistro. The only distraction; the chiming bell announces this superhero. Suddenly, from out of the woodwork other patrons are trying to clamour into the cafe for a Panthuria glimpse. As the people peer through the ceiling to floor windows hoping for a quick look at the most mysterious woman they have ever seen and the world has ever known. Some try to appear not too obvious. All are mezmerized by this woman. Pathuria invites all into the Club with a come-hither wink and wave of her hand to follow her; if they dare. Panthuria's entourage follows their mistress of the highheeled leather boots as if worshippers from an ancient temple. As Panthuria cooly scopes out a place to sit, she notices the Professor and his mistress sitting in the lover's booth, Panthuria nods in recognition to the Professor. Near the dance floor section n the jukebox mysteriously starts to play LaBamba. The waitress quickly arrives at Pantheria's table.

Sammy Dean: (nonchalantly sits at table beside Panthuria)Hi Pathuria!

Pathuria: Purrrrrrrrr! Grrrrrowwwlll.

Sammy: Oh I love it when you do that!

Sammy Dean takes out his camera and quickly Panthuria's rather large looking Mr. T like bodyguard blocks his moves.

Sammy: Oh come on, Panthuria, just one?

Pantheria's Bodyguard: I dont think so Sammy. Not today.

Sammy: Ok. Ok. I get it. Sammy smiles sheepishly as the huge bodyguard looms over Sammy's table.

Sammy: Thanks anyway, maybe latter?

Panthuria's bodyguard stands still with hands behind his back and nods slowly.

Panthuria purrs in a whisper to Sammy: After the show dear.

Camera/spot goes to the Professor's quiet booth where the Professor and Shelley are having a deep conversation;

Shelly Armitage: Oh Hammy darhhhhling...I have this most ABSOLUTELY wonderful nautical accesssory for you. It is a perfectly nauty bag to match your perfectly nauty ways.

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Oh you shouldnt have smidgeons. You really are too much! Give daddy a kiss (the couple kiss a smoochy-type Marilyn Monroe-type kiss)

Shelly: Did you see that woman at the front of Brule's? Do you know her?

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Well yes, indeed I do Shelly. I had met the Panthuria whilst studying Mayan archaelogy in Guatemalan. You do know she is from that region.

Shelly: Oh I thought she was from Brazil, or the Amazon.

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Shelly, dear the Amazon is in Brazil.

Shelly: Oh, yeah, I forgot! How well do you know her?

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Let's just say we've shared a bottle or two of the finest Guatemalan wine this side of California. Shelly, don't get jealous, we're just friends!

Shelly: I dont like it when my poopsie thinks I'm not the goddess anymore.

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Oh don't be silly Shelly, you still win in the blonde bombshell category!

Shelly: Oh that's better, a goil has to worry if she starts slipping soon she's barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen getting fat. You know that's not what BB likes, daddycakes.

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Dahling you have absolutely nothing to worry about, Panthuria and yourself have special places in my heart.

Shelly: Prove it doc.

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Shelly, never test the tester. I will tell you this though, Panthuria and my relationship is purely professional and platonic.

Shelly: Go on..

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Panthuria is just a subject of interest for me in a way. A textbook case come to life. Panthuria holds one of my major tenets to my thesis. She is proof of a successful experiment in living technicolor.

Shelly: What do you mean Hammy?

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Well, you see Shelly, Panthuria is, well she is the very first Amazonian princess ever cloned to date in the Amazonia 66 Project. A project which had met much success.

Shelly: You're confusing me doctor; what do you mean?

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: You see dear Shelly, Panthuria is not like you or I. Her hybridization and isolated rna antibodies produced something akind to a superbeing, she has these gifts that are rare you know.

Shelly: I know, and they don't come out of a bottle of peroxide, either. Suddenly Shelly gets up out of her chair abruptly grabs her fake fur coat and quickly exits stage right. From the offstage her crying can be heard.

As the professor looks around the floor for Shelly's purse, he looks up to see the luscious Panthuria sitting beside him.

Dr. Hamilton-Bentley: Oh hello Panthuria. I didnt think we'd meet this way. Do you have the time for your procedure?

Panthuria: Prrrrrrr...yes Dr. Hamilton-Bentley..mmmmm John.

Panthuria grabs the doctor by the scruf of the neck in her teeth and walks out of the cafe this way. All patrons are stunned. Panthuria places the doctor into the back of her White Rolls Royce.

tires squeal in the background

lights fade to dim

Act I Scene 2

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jane on H1N1: Booster for Pandemic

We have a new virus for our ever-expanding list of pandora box-like list of new and emerging viruses. Maybe Dr. Lennie Horowitz was right. Ditto: Dr. Mercola. Am I worried? Yes. I had H1N1 2 springs ago. It is a neuro-toxin. Nobody is saying this.
When I got sick about two springs ago (funny how viruses like Spring and Fall mainly - I have posted theories about this as well..check out Nitrogen Spring poem posted by chiccoreal prior to the H1N1 issued pandemic. Note; Do not take this "virus" lightly. It is a very EM friendly virus which is a new term I have coined. An EM virus is operates at a higher electomagnetic pulse. The sun's activity switches "on" the virus. To switch it off, do this. EM on/0ff in a CAT or MRI. or use any high impedence EM recepticle you may have hanging around the house. Apparently all living things (so called viruses included) ASOULUTELY HATE being turned on and off this way. Remember: EM pulsing is the basis of Universal Trophy (as opposed to Universal Atrophism: another topic coined by Jane (yes the Nobel Prize is waiting for me in Switzerland but I have to pick up the Princeton chair and I put out my back). So even if Chipnlogs isnt solving major world problems IT IS TRYING TO, so be patient; we are working on the problem(s) as we speak (type?). Be everso patient; proving the universe works in the way I thinks it may is a lot of trial and error at this point; but hey; be nice to get a "handle" on the "so-called" "unhandled" issues; Issues that are not even recognized as issues yet. This is the beauty of living in 2121. Move over John Titor; Am I sitting on you...oops sorry Invisible Men are so darn hard to see. I wasnt really thinking I was lapdancing; just tapdancing on the computer keys. What do I look like a 51 year old stripper? Don't answer that. I am a good girl. Always have been. There have been many jealous rumour mills out there to discredit me. I know why. They want to lap dance with John Titor. ps I hear he is also good at pole dancing. I mean he has gone to both poles simultaneously. I guess that means John Titor goes both ways. All the best to him. Just wish he had let me know prior to my close encounter!
Anyhooot: back to the Gamers File; listen up. We got not much time see. So if you understand one thing about the albiet briefly (mentioned once) subject of "additives" (and what the heck they are) in the new H1N1 virus shot. Please let me know. I am sure it is the Red Pill from the matrix. Hope it is not that mercury-based Thimersol which absoulutely reduced me to non doctoral server/sweepertude.
Ok, back to board on! Really, this techy world is getting either more free or less free what is it? Is it unAmerican yet? What, not UNAMERICAN! not to mention every other FREE democracy country out there! You know who you are; lovers of freedoms ya be.
Back to the future; not yet John Titor, you'll have your executive chair dance in a minute. Look...I really feel that I am being hook, line and sinkered here. Not that I dont deserve it. Maybe because I have become lazy and sheepled. I never cried freedom before; what does it feel like. My old age is making me forget those drives that once drove me crazy and now placed me on chronic surveillance of tanker trucks!
The overflow. It is getting back to me. I think I am paying for it now. All those missed pivotal moments of the multiple kind are now coming back to haunt me in heat-flash moments. I knew I should have taken advantage of love when I could have; if only i could have, that's the thing. Shame and guilt complexes problem drove them insidiously underground. We are working on that recouped economy but not sure it is really going to pay great dividends. The chasm (formerly referred to as the mote in god's eye)has caused, not only the holes in the fabric of the universe, but entire multiplicities of replicating nucleic acid. I am still wondering how Crick thought of dna on acid. How? Vision quest. Most likely. How cool is that and ultimately; wierd.
Program resteer; look I am not really trying lately. I feel odd. Like this midlife crisis (is that what it is)has created not only a chasm of my prince of velvet knights but also a tear in the silken sheets of penelope's girdle. Look it isnt funny having a mommy tummy. And I was sure I had that gluten allergy; which certainly whose name has evaded capture of my synapses this moment. That's another thing. Important yes. But back to
H1N1. dONT YOU LOVE HARRY CONNICK JR? and Buble? Oh my god I love old jazz. Anyhooooot you probably dont and that's why we dont date anymore. I just never really got into that heavy metal stuff you like with those (I call them) chauv guys. Talk about chauv guys; commercials. Dove commericials empower young ladies with "I am ok You're ok" mentality? Makes me think that the girls, bombarded by sexist ads are really sitting ducks waiting for pancake development to turn tart. Makes me sick! I think the proliferation of sexist ad compaigns on tv ARE NOT COINCIDENTAL. They are not. They are deliberate and insidious. Like Barney through overplay Subversively converting our sheepled brainwashed brains. Check out my ETOWME group I started a few years ago. Ethical Treatment of Women Everywhere. An awareness of the subtlties of how commercials can be counter-productive for women's image of self and sisterhood. A sad sad thing these hidden burkhas are in our backyard and nobody ABSOLUTELY NOBODY NOTICES THEM. the brain wash programming from these subliminals IS WORKING. we are sheeple. completely.
What bugs me lately are two commercials in particular. They are the repeat (and boy do I mean repeating maybe 20 times an hour commercial of the "You dont drive like her) ad for "...."
This ad is not only offensive but it enforces the old stereotype that women "cant drive' THEY CAN!!! AND DO!!! what really bugs it is over and over again and grammatically incorrect as well. I MUST turn the channel when I hear it. It make me BARF!
Also, I really dislike a commerical which reinforces any sterotype, no matter which sex, race, religion, etc. For example the sweeper commercials. IT IS ALWAYS A FRIGGIN' WOMAN SWEEPING. DON'T MEN EVER EVER SWEEP in all those chronic ads that reinforce this sterotype HOW MANY TIMES A DAY? and also the song that plays is ANTI LOVE. "Love stinks"? really? why would they want to reinforce that NEGATIVE? I WONT BUY CHEMS that are toxic to babies and small dogs. Maybe this would be better to redo P&E? Look you cant even COMPLAIN WITHOUT GETTING SUED. This sucks!
Not to mention Icecream has a chemical in it that is like ANTIFREEZE. Omg...they take us for IDIOTS..IF NOT COMPLETE IMBICILES...OMG that is to come. We are really being rounded up. AND NOBODY DARES think or speak about this? What the? check out PROTOCOL 2012 FOR a HUXLEY type result of this thought police issue. Farenheit 451 too. Shameful that's what this is!
Back to H1N1. Has any J*J q public figured out what this means? HUMUNO (HUMAN?)N..(NUMBER) PIN? GREAT BOOK...WIERD THOUGH..kinda real creepy too. But look...I think if we are really only just numbers than I guess I am 9 digits..and that sounds pretty good when I'm a 13.
Lucky 13. Halloween? Zombiewalkers. Skinwalkers. DonCarmody. Yep Director. Well, I'd like to act in one of those. I just feel I play a great zombie naturally. Not that I want to. The roles was IMPOSED. much like this virus. Dietrich labs. How rich! Richie Rich. Oh I am hearing that earplug; "if you ever wondered" Yes I do everyday. Look things were wierd. You turned complete AUTOMATON on me man. I had to question why. I approached you. As usual; no friggin answer. I get it. I forgot to take the blue pill or was it the lady jane grey pill i shouldnt have taken if I didnt want to end up like other royalty. Who'd take a grey pill anyway; unless related to Jimmy Jones and purple koolaid or loved her bf so much she take anything. Evil cult. Evil can be swept.
Next; duty. Il consume est. Oh gosh how I love latin lately. And ancient gaelic. It speaks to my souls this knowledge lost. Give me a few years to figure out. Dont kill me with the killer flu just yet. I've got secrets for your cult group. But you wont access them if I dont. Get my drift; parlez?
So from one pirate to another. I never should have gone as Lon Chaney that year. Mummy mommy's just are hot babes unless the total unravel was a turn on reveal. Look I can be just as plastic as the rest of you. I got my polymer recipe and am willing to sell 1/3 price today...if your sheiks are ready to do my bidding. This blue genie has been let out of the I LOVE JENNIE bottle master. I was one of many nuts and bolts on parade. Too bad I didnt see that you werent a monogamous eagle. That I wanted you to be. The polygamy polymer changed you. I want to save you. But it may be too late. I am not sure how. If I can. But you know I never give up hope. Hope never dies in MY books. Listen;
Back to H1N1: sounds a bit like HIV doesnt it. YOu say nononon not related. Are you sure. I have this new theory that all viruses stem from one mother virus...of which all mutate and derive. You think differently at YOUR labs. My labs beg to differ. Vive la difference. Your stalward male bastion of a beast of a company really needs to spend dividends on people and not just the bottom line which seems to be bellyup lately. You got your priorities ALL WRONG.
Up up with People. Please "remove" the tag; "lame" as in "how lame" and also "he's so gay" Or "I'm so gay" or you get my drift. I deplore these tags. They are hurtful. Lets stop being hurtful. It isnt really you. I know that. I will give you a second chance to clean up the mess. If not within 24 hrs. 48 hrs. This is an order. From the blog of chiccoreal. Laugh at this civi and pay the ultimate price; a good belly laugh. Hey; we all got to start somewhere eh proby? Look...I got something for you which you may want back So back to that dreaded
H1N1. I wonder if the chief is related. Good ol' three smokes. (what were they smoking?) really like to figure that out as far as anthro studies goes. Ideally it would be liquid nitro. Smoke isnt too healthy I hear. Is ln i forgot to ask when you so abruptly cut me off from our cherished (by me only) conversation. You are much too big for me now. I feel...little. I kinda like that!
Petite. Yes size 0. Thank god I dont have to prove myself to anywone and become anorexic for attention! I like my curveballs!
H1N1 I go off topic dear virus cause I hardly understand yea, yea make no gosh darn sense. Maybe it is the WWW daisy gun yul brenner shoot your eye out. Is he a Russian prince? How charming!
What can I say about this virus; i really know so little. I mean it is not like trust is placed that anyone could problem solve these disasters at the last minute. It is like "oh shit here is an incoming we're all goners and little joe schmoe had an answer that would have saved our asses." Can I quote myself? Is that legal? I am copyrighted now and think that maybe I am infringing on myself. Yuck. That's gross. Well I hear it is healthy. Listen.
H1N1; the virus to end all viruses. I heard some scientists were digging up the old 1918 victims in an English graveyard. Isnt that just what graverobbers did during JACK THE RIPPER era? Just watched this movie on TCM. Loves old movies!
Hey...If you want to stay on topic you just have to FOCUS! dONT fall asleep! I know your day is busy. But do you know what the heck you are doing each day? It was worth the tradein? I guess. I like Lexus' too. But hey the kids need braces. Dont worry I dont ask for charity. I demand it. Not really. I am not a push freak. Only if you want me to be.
H1N1: The new old virus. The new needle. The list is getting longer than the needles in my arms and the antigens in my blood. (YES i did find out what ANTIGENS are). I have this amazing story to tell. (since story mode is safeist.)...
H1N1...hmmmmmm. worries me, but I dont know if pandemic means PANICDEMIC. seem to go hand in hand ...and you wonder why. When I looked like a zombie 2 springs ago..i mean I looked bad. you remember that pic of that dug up Henry Hudson sailor with the bad leaden mouth. (yes dead from lead poisoning due to not knowing again IGNORANCE)...MORE PPL INVOLVED IN PROBLEM SOLVING WOULD SOLVE OR AT LEAST INCREASE OUR DISASTER PENDING ODDS. odd isnt it that it works like this, but again JOE SMOE is just sitting on his keister and he should be put to good use. WHY ISNT HE? unless...this is DELIBERATE WWW plan...a plan..lets make a plan. because of overpopulation killing us? killing the planet? This is odd..because....
we were suppose tohave 0 pop growth by 2000 i remember those old ads on tv in the 70's. by the way the pics of the dead corp sailor is in Nat Geo circa...70's. Loved to see Amelia Earhardts hands they WERE amazing and looked rather marfanish? hmmmmm....
Since just you and me see this now it is ok right? I put on conf just for you. I dont knead to share anything with outher than you cause i trust YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF THIS STAT.
Look back to H1N1:
If this is private I can do all the bitchin corner I want to do wtithout repercussions in a FREE WORLD right? I am sure this is a darn good thing for humanity. Anyone who can solve anything is better than nobody solving nothing I suppose. Which gets me to thinking
h1n1. Hmmmmmm.....
those why why why...moments.
What's up doc?
Any beans?
Need answer not receiving. Hey do you know a Kirby...
back to
remember "Just because It is very very small doesnt mean it isnt important" MIB. Yes that lil' pug certainly knew how to coin the phrase. the phaseal MAN HAVE I GOT OBSERVATIONS FOR YOU. you may find them in particular intrest. Please keep me alive I NEED THE ANTIDOTE.
BY THE WAY...are we doomed?
Fear not the day I will date him. I can wait. Why? I have much to do. and I think I am better used here than on the gamma reversed world. If we only knew...yes we do..yes we do...i can get us back on track again. yes i can, yes i can. I do believe this.
HN1; what a perfectly Halloween type durge of a viru. a perfect virus for halloween. noticed not much decorator junk ads for haloween in the local stores i guess not due to the recesson...who wants to worship a virus; satan's seed? Why would we? Yes I heard the words to "good bye mary good bye jane" some reference to satan there as well as "stairway to heaven" (sure this isnt new)
back to h1n1....did you know timothy L? oh my gosh i thought the kid looked like you. i mean the ppl you the biz and all...gosh. How can i get some of that connecting bling...not that i am talented or anyting..i am not crick...well maybe jimeny...
talk about your toon world, eh? WB bugs bunny. and that small hamlet of antler river. Amazing to think i just guess it was all in the family
H1n1;;;; wonder if he ever ever loved me or some kind of a play or plotimus or whatever to get back three smokes power ring? I dont know. this witch doc has some cures you might take not. dr. bouch really has no clue. he thinks he can use that freak out hat to label all the way he wants to. you cant label a pers a gorilla if they are a gazelle can you? i guess you can if you dr. bouch
bad science in my opinion.
well....hope the mussels are liking MIT.
really miss the old gang that's all. no need to worry or freak. its just that... just knew i'd write one day...just that..i'd wish it were during better times, when you were still your own independent brain trust. you've been a bit usurped off the shelf. carbon copied. many duplicates who is the real you.
h1n1 i am not a virus. I am a host for a virus. I wont let it make waves in my perimeter. i sense how this works. nucleating process. It premeates like swiss cheese. it is really cosmic radiation isnt it?
rememer those cattle scoopers I was selling this spring? did you employ them yet? you have no mo for renumer...laliberte. me and the brazillian wife. No i am not aware of him. Just his father; "Luke I am your father"...Luke? How's dad anyway.
H1n1 is engineered in a lab right? they spilled it in a car accident that's what I heard, didnt you? you didnt this is an urban legend. love that show. it is so goofy funny.
hey...if you got any leads for me, great. I am under computer viral attack for my liberal rants. Although i go both ways but dont know it yet. not that i act out. i guess i have the catholic guilt thing. i dont act out. i never cheated on you. not once. did someone say i did or you just didnt care. you grew out of me like dryer lint. i get it. odd synchronicities i wanted to discuss with you concerning you and me. As "the way we were" before the beasts of the apolycapse got to you. and you left me an emotionally vacant doormat on the pathway to time travel..that's when i hooked up with john titor. not like he thinks believe me. men from glad are just too into older bags.
h1n1....i am scared shitless. help me oh great jedi knight. sos. i know you can do it i always knew you had the right stuff. (hey i am pleading here and not for pleiades return (and wormwood) just yet...and yet..the yedi knew muchly
h1b1,,is dr ho any good? I wouldnt mind trying it...i need some really big help with my patient dr. i am forced this position and quite unfairly. without power base for my renumeration i am lost. i need to gain a power base which i thought the mda would be more than happy to help the individual on these rights. however i find the system is not acting on the behalf of the individual as it is suppose to do. i have tested this many times. I think we have gang mentality which is a very negative thing for all the top three percent. Remember what happened to the big three? it canhappen to anyone. NO ONE IS IMMUNE.
yes...yes..i am a deep thinker which is a bit different position then yours. I wanted to have you mind. (you're mine) pun. not really i was a 70's chick...remember Desiderata and If you set something free...poster..hangin there baby that sort of thing. your thinking is crystaline. and never a snapse gap moment and you have this ability i admire if you'd just try to stepinto my shoe for one day. Cinderella fella
look...i had this happen to me...i was sucking my thumb right i had sucked off (most likely accidently) the stuff and well my brain went whack. not my fault got it? i would have been stellar. i am a bit still yet...this is it babes;;;;i also had a bad viral load..the 50's belief system get your kid to be exposed to as many childhood diseases as rethought a bit. anyhooo i had this really bad..fever at 5. dr called in. First time i remember hallucinating on laundry piles on my! like dante's inferno! the old priest and the young priest were called in. The doctor with the lil black bag was there too, and the tinman and the lion and dorothy. But really...Baumann wrote a lot more than just Wizard of Oz. I remember prior to 5 reading med journals Apparently my great grandad was a thoratic surgeon who succumbed (love that word) to the disease at 33. Apparently he was THE smartest Detroit Dr. if not AMERICA. anyway...i went wierd my doctoral career thus never launched. no mentor for a whack job. but it was not my fault..not really. i stll have the Uncle at Groom lake..but that's another story i'd like to discuss.
h1n1..spill the beans..out of the bag come on...we're not naive. remember. i remember you when you were but a mote in god's eye
have a happy samhedin...and remember no more sacrifical lambs; i am tired of baaahhhhaaa-ing all night long! I dont do "scapegoat" well either. Crossed or uncrossed? Hoping I can open and free until the shoe drops and
h1n1 claims yet another unwilling and unwitting victim.
Definitely i will be checking on patterns of all kinds on this one; this isnt going unnoticed. nope. not at all.
I guess i had a sterotyped image of you too. Maybe that was it. The image didnt fit with the actuality. Actually I really always dug you. Because you were kind. I tried to be until that time when i got skunked. I really think i need to (i finally do) and respect limits unless those limits are limiting me to the back of the bus. Remember I like lexus'?
Never the less. this goes to prove we can all dream. Each one of us are all important to the placement. We have to believe we are more than those labels placed upon us. Do you really want to be cutout emotionally? What if emotionality is removed for intelligent purposes and we go off on this tangent which is robotronic in nature and there is no spoon?
I'll have to talk to Uri about this one.
Free flow...let it go child...let it go...
Hans Christian King...I wonder if he is related? hmmmm....and John Edwards...look...let me know what is happening; i feel like the world is going through a warp or something. It just feels you think this could be created by the mind only, manufactured like all products? Oooohhhhman thats so wierd!
h1n1...gosh..oh my gosh i just dont get it...back to the drawing board but that folded on me too, along with half of the solar system now what will i do? can you send another mentor? I needed the mote in god's eye and now that he is real ticked with me and threating lawsuits and criminal action; i guess...well i never will get to the bottom of the problem. Unsolved case. It would be perfect for Scully and Mulder. I wonder....hmmmm... there any future forecasts about this i dont hear this muchly. not-ta. whaaaahhhhh. Yes chief of the 3 smokes...we're we arranged thusly in the sky?
There is no such thing as coincidence (Coincidental Company)
There is no spoon. (Matrix...Uri Geller)everything one day will be tagged a lot easier. Look I dont want a thing. I have come here to SOS. You dont mind if I do, do you? Maybe? Tell me. Or do I have to get out Christian's magic ball again? Look...
H1N1; ear buzzing? swollen around eye sockets, low grade fever, dizziness, tackycardia, sinusitis, muscle wasting in shoulders, itchy eyes, excessive mold growth, ok if that is the case that this wet weather causes the molds, etc, then this means that the sun may be at the epogee which allows for these to overtake unbalanced states; new remedy; baking soda test by accident. made pancakes with this substance whereby i used too much and..cured the patient. Zinc also amazing. Worry about....i think the zinc makes the errant cosmic emp's bump off the bod. i find it works well. observation only. test level 1. next..
i miss you.
I love you.
Does this hurt?
It shouldnt dr. feelgood.
Love is good as you are dr. feelgood
Like that you Love.
It makes my world work, it makes allthings work. Love works. Isnt that cool?
Sending much love and blessings
keep thinking about a solution to all these problems; put it out there. We may not have time to solve this on our own Will Friday.
Billy Mumy? Well...did you (this may be rumour) that June (oh gosh last name)from the rivered antler place. I wonder what kind of warp made this happen? Slightly same, slightly changed like a frame away from the one before in the fan array of the fabric of known matter. and then there is that bolt of dense midnight velvet paintings by the lavalight and then i think of all those dayglo well just lets say you had to be were so was I time traveller. I am glad we had this Odyssey, it was odd, yet, and still i wonder...the game from the game of isnt a game is is ...what again? carbon based that def isnt really cutting it for me..yet...i think i need to fill in more holes that arent there.
the rabbit hole
anymore help i can be in your position, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks remote AI. It has been REAL.reel to reel...really? really!
h1n1...i'll dream about a cure for this one too. if it isnt already antidoted. Me spidey sense senses it is..."when things do not follow logical progression, they usually dont" Confused Confusious do you want the puppet and jade back? I forgot to mention. ps. I am sorry. This wasnt mymandate...something else was Avon calling on this one, but yes, i did want to know how youve been lost time traveller.
titor, get the heck off the executive butternut Ikea chair. I dont do travellers with swelled heads. You were the initiate. you started it all now time to fly away home. got to touch base. thanks for the feelgood dr. It was much more than was surreal with a touch of ants. Dali and me have the same degenerate disease. So you wont get in trouble with any boss you may or may not have. We all gotta serve somebody. Who is it? It is never to late to change the road you're on...even though you think so...hope this jumpstarted your innerman..the soul. I am ready for a new adventure. Just tying up a few here...threads...lost threads...lost worlds of which i have you a part in quadrant 19. that's when you left me. whenyou distanced yourself. this isnt the first time men have emotionally vacated the vacation. at 8 (gpa died that year) at wellmost guys. what is wrong..i dont know...something not right...well..maybe it was the mercury. It isnt easy being mercurial or toxic brained. please excuse. you had every right not to stay unless like plotimus..i was a contrived convenience for the 3 smoke dispersal of power. Another novel stay tuned. Thanks for being my muse. Love the marble sculpture in the louvre. lots of wow moments pivotal. unearthing truths held long ago. could you call Marty Zimmerman...i have questions to ask but like the Tiereseas he problem wont anwser them either. where the key it live or is it dead?
h1n1 i mean the vaccine? is it alive or killed?
h1n1...all these things...God help us SOS~~adios senor master

Monday, October 26, 2009

Jane On Bubble Boy and Missed Mississippi Landing

News of today is from last week. The Bubble boy from where? Idaho, Seattle or Oregon, oh I havent been paying that much attention, help me here. Anyway...(dont you hate that)I really realized (dont you hate compound phrases and illiteration me too that's why i use it, to create angst..see how I am using a bit of psych ops myself; you're welcome). Anyhoooo...(is that better? fitting with the (get ready) Halloween themed shortstory later this week to be published HERE. sOON. REAL SOON. unless I am in jail. In that case, oh well I won my freedom the hard way; I EARNED IT) but it depends IF and what constitutes "PRIVATE". I guess. Ooops. I screwed up. But I think i still could get my docorate in the Big HOuse. It would certainly be a holiday!) as far as money from me goes. HA. Joke, right? Good try though. And as far as braces is concerned. Isnt life's breezes bracing? I am glad that is all I need. Yes, you cant do much to someone already down on My Luck the Chinese Ambassador. Yes I have no shame, cause I find shame a big sham and a mechanism for control by the good old conspiracy theorists those ignorant of the truth if it hit them behind the 8 BALLS!) sO a truce is good. It eliminates the need to call another detente. (isnt that the same thing). Patience is the best form of diplomacy. I am learning as my fiery Irish temperment can attest). Where were we, ah yes, the Bubble boy...right...Haha! How do I weigh in here? Well I think a warning would do. They are really not very complicated ppl, although ignorance is not a substitute for innocence it usually is bliss. Maybe, and in the defence of the bubble boys pushy patriarch. Isnt that what we all try to do? Sort of a hillbilly form of Alchemy. Turning gold from junk ideas not thought out very well. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, (as in the case of BB). Well I know that he shouldnt have called authorities. That was really stupid. However, think about to make things seem "real". I guess they'd have to argue reality in the court of law and that would take too long and cost way too much money!

About the argumentative pilots who said they were in this heated debate for over an hour and failed all communication signals from the ground. Clearly this is a case of pilots needing more alarms systems for wakeup. How dangerous is the falling asleep at the wheel for any of us. Extremely. Time to get mechanism to change this, like collars that sense head nod or eyelid dropsy. Maybe, they could also have stewardesses who actually do something like check on them from time to time, or realtime cams etc. In the unlikely event that a plane was ever hijacked by pilots (that would be so stupid) well, they could have automatic pilot systems and knock out spray in the cabin for those errant terrorist pilots (I've never heard of such thing..oh wait a minute..yes I do, wasnt 911 a case of the Errant Terrorist Pilot"?) Seriously, high tech could easily solve this prob in the future no doubt. Well that's all the news on Jane's desk for now. Check out further ideas on how we can improve our lives a bit at a time by employing the means to make better or world not worse. Which reminds me of the hero pilot who landed in the east river Jan or was it Feb) Sully (Sullyberger)...from the John Stewart show (great show John!)...if you're a pilot, have a way of winging it in an emergency cause the system sure is not rigged for these protective measures such as air bags on the outside of planes to make them float. And errant geese on runways or incoming migratory birds...what happened to the radar? Surely these birds were somewhere in the vicinity prior to take off. Why weren't they noticed. Oh yes Sully, the invitation to tea still stnnds. "I need a hero"Bonnie's an 80s thing. jj

CRY Freedom TRY Love

inducted individuals incorporate

lovers dont discriminate
never eliminate once found
those they hold close to love
nor fired engines stalward bound
to do so
would have
dire consequences
for earth's inertia
needing constance momentum
portia's second cousin once removed
placement established circa
before known time

makes me proud to say today
you're hired
part of the King's Court
subjects newly desired
New Physica's Crown
Earth's new Sun King
wings waxed and waiting
flapping on honey suckled breezes
to ascents descent

Transducer's sly sedative seduction
Mechanism for complete control
All blend chem
one energy formula
heaped to the rafters
love craft's art
copious amounts of
fiery wind
updraft to the sky corp
which cools like a pool of
minted wintergreen
refreshingly pleasing
to god's scented nostrils

make a welcomed suggestion
free flow or stop gag
choose wisdom
not arrogant
not ignorant
not contrived for education's premium
to host the most bravura
as like toast we become
another pleasing scent
rather like roast beef

Choose the Moose
whose loose'd pajama's
are a telling tale
Nanabush Noah country comedy
all about flow
of romance
of love
of songs
lover's bring to the table
an overflow of love
no need to hold back
the rush of flush
at that Holy feast day
the prerequisite to life
our old souls
knowing no bounds
when nature recaptures
the captive
rather than enslavement
Know yea, know yea
from my hole in the ground
to stop the fray
of decay
and purpulent boils
of Universal atrophy
the rememdy?
Bring forth more
multiply the love
tenfold or more
fold in a few more
shake it down
the overflow
spread around
and let it go
let it go child
let it go

jj 26 10 09

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Quote of the Day (warning; usually capital "L"iberal unless I get a nostalgic feeling for the past)

It's Lonely At The Top

The Big Top Keeps Getting Bigger and Bigger
As the World below keeps getting smaller and smaller
As the Sky above keeps hearts locked in there
forever shores to my mote
oh moted one!
hanging around
appearing closer than the cloaked velvet night
to come one day
for us all
we must share
community of one
time one space
on your dime
my quarter i gave to you
the least i'd expect
from you
an answer
one day
who sent you to me?

It's been so long since
memories of remoteness
played into the fray
come back mote
the apple rotten in my eye
that place of no return
that torn piece of celestial fabric
clothe that clothed me once
now in sad decay

Remember dear
who says
those who choose to guessimate
the time of
arrivals and departures
the living in the middle
seems endless to a degree
for either way
they are as right as rain
if the train arrives on time

so love caught hold of you
the struggle was grim
like Jacob wrestling with the angel
who could succeed?
(Angels always win)
the trapped heart caught in a loveslide
rolling down
muddy water's hills
wont let me in for a minute of sin and sunshine
no possibilities
no is to endless for me
no makes me say "why not yes"
in an endlessly negative universe
where no seems a curse
when hearts not crushed by
worldly matters i know not what
i meant to say
now that your intent is registered
i can burn away in hell

like you were remote from the beginning
of time
you played a part
and everyone plays a part
at the very least one
was saved for me
to relish in my humility
for erring when believing
you'd never
trade me for a car

For my heart to get back on track
i'd have to look where it's been and
to start the endless process
all over again
hearts tiniest pieces have questioned
every waking moment apart
as only the heart can do
recounts those feelings that seemed real
for the moment only to be
sealed, concealed and congealed
from the heart's open wound

As the heart cries
why did not love this being enough
to value the core of my being
as i thought you did
and then the turn of the knife
as my heart returned to
cupid's hopeful quiver?

the heart
whose pieces now scattered
lost forever by the winds of change
swept away
never to be again
only leftover sadness remains
in the heart stopper jar
where once stood a proud thing
a brave heart an intelligent mind
a fufilled destiny whose soul once
knew no bound
the heart
like a fragmented photograph
ripped out of it's place
it beats for hopeful recovery
of such sad missing fate
on the hearth's dying fire
from a mine's missing silver locket
so long ago now
so long ago the fire expired
only the memory stays
in each cell the heart
leaving the pitted stone cold
as this November day

as the ocean hits the rocks
cling to forever
he's not coming back
more and more a remote place
space further distances us
from healing gaps left
by the hollow promises
of eternity's connecting dots
and the need to find
those pieces of the heart all over again

As the heart descends
to the depths of despair
it finds peace
knowing it can never die
even if
lost to deception,
and/or many disappointments
soon all
and love amazingly
to set right the course of all folly
to make a fool those who volley
with the tenderhearted lover
the keeper of love's honour
the pleiades descend closer to earth
for a chance encounter
to reexamine
or to reinstate
a state when why is replaced with "is"
no with yes
love never dies
this you cannot lie
soon the sun shine through the heart of the lonely
and all is as it should be knowing
all is love
and love was never really lost
it was misplaced
not disguised
not lied
not hidden
this is a hope anyway
the light saved our souls

Love needs
to understand why
lies made more sense
when so many were piled high
love could not see over the top

view the embattled rampart
of trampled hearts
the battle now below us
over before it starts
the heart never wages others wars
for profit or gain
love was lost then
paradise regained now
once love pours its healing balm
all stand clear
some make for the door

love so doomed
from the start
never had anywhere to go

once love's sting
quelled the sea's flotsam and jetsam
the last wave of smashing crashing touching
veiled vestiges of control in a busy world
seemingly for me now full of poisoned pill realities
lies and broken dreams to much to take
lying down in lilies waking up in hades
concealed half-truths, scandalous sham
(much worse than shame, but not at the time)
phoney smiles and half-baked schemes
off with her head
time to be resized
dont worry it'll be better soon
to make it all better
once known how bitter
the hate snakes around the hearts of lovers
paid cash
to cash in their souls
not here
not here
not here
way past gone

as the remote man
removes the shadows from my eyes
i awake from the heart's unconscious past
down far, billowy wind blows me back to
that moment in time
through those long
long corridors of my mind
past hollow sounding echoes
of hello, greeting
earthling lover
your nonsuch name, no name really
i give myself as many as seven
to recount all lost
on redemption's altar
no one to face shame's game
of control and motivation
to make me love's slave
once lost to defeat
Don Juanita
how to tame the game
that breaks hearts
and dashes dreams
how all's fair
in love and war
not really
but it really is
like comparing apples to oranges
not the same thing
c'est la meme choice!

flashback lately
why i dont know why
matrix coined that
today i dream of you
in disguise
a thousand yous
a thousand beers too
and I found you
where time left you
in your life
where you really always belonged
or you'd be here with me
so I cant change this
it is more than coincidence
but the door closed
and the lock did not open up
there is really
nothing I could do
to make a dream come true
when earth makes leaves fly like they do
and always ever has been
one unique you shoe
that you left on
me doormat
this i cherish
as much as the cooking sherry
and little girl dreams
classic tales
please dont make all my knights go to gaele
i've got a new prince now

as i am now subdued
you can mess with me no more
(if that in fact is what it was)
as i wither away to dust
and sometimes collect dithering smithers
of recounted past
let me keep lizards
but i'd rather
have kept you
(but you didnt want to be the lizard king that post was already taken)
(this part is blank)

as those who knew
me those knew something
so big
it was kept silent for so long
what was it you're not telling me
from the distance hills near the
moore where the boars roamed
and we'd find puffballs
were larger than life
because they grew from quiet areas
subdued you
remote as ever

Hear me hear ye
let me know
if you're alive
how you are
do you sound the same
are you ok
did you have lapse
when you emotionally ditched me
that's ok
look i'm so over you
i wasnt really that into you
(does this make it better?)

if you're ever allowed to
please let me know
if you care or dare
and step out of your safe net
let me know
the truth
was it me, memorex or a calling
that's all
and i wont say no more to no one no how
finding the groove channel
the place where i can belong
longingly loved

as for thee and me i thought you adored something
about my individuality about the me behind
the nuts and bolts
why then did thee so long go beneath to a place
it must be so much better than me something other than
a plain place where things were certain
the place where i stood wanted fable too
(to make the earth shine a little more)

nonstatic plea
a request with flare
a reasonable need
to not conceal
the truth any longer
masked like
the two louies
you chose the ladder
i chose the snake
you're high brow
i'm now too low browto talk with you
with friz and fraz and whacked out hair
i'm too low to know now
with earthen feet
i no longer soar
gravity set down
rules from above
like the gravel
still is being picked
out of my
how i once felt
when crashing
down around
a feeling that
3 percent creme
must taste mighty fine
the trippin' lights
got ripped
from the nascent ones
those finished first
whose to last when
you're already out
the door due to a case of
creaking cliques and one man rule
orange crates piled high
for all those locked in
looking out
from the other side
3 percent need us
like the rain that feeds
the tears that stain
the mitred mighty
septred sway
dictator's diplomat
a tip of the hat
the pain never really
went away
dont fret i'm working on
and understanding of all
that is so wretched
hoping that i could
make a bit of porridge
from the overflow i once knew
you had
i was doomed from the start
the first day
the day we met
you knew
exactly what
you needed to do
how to
break a heart
in a thousand pieces
like rod's stewart
of me ladies garden
earthly delights await
by the ruins
rip torn shaft of light
from the beacon of hope
we all are shipwreck
this lonely day's night

jj 24 10 09

DISCLAIMER AND COPYRIGHT: Remarks on the Works by Ms Jane Jones

All forms of fiction, prose poetry, etc., on this blog are for entertainment purposes only. Any reference to person(s) living or deceased is purely coincidental and not intentional. If anyone would like to comment on any of the works here please feel free to use the coment in the section provided on my blog

You may have noticed that many of the short stories are incomplete. This is intentional. Many short stories are works in progress. As in life, things take time to fuse and to turn into what they are to become. This is the organic part of writing.

Some of you in the reading audience may wonder where I get the ideas for my short sotries. Using a method which I term "submarining" I wake up in the a.m. totally blank without thought at all. This does not take long since I have been referred to as "blonde". However, after I let the feelings flow; and from immersion of this state; and the much applauded latent kundalini snake dancers, the most primitate, raw and pivotal concepts arrive and take animation.

Please sit back and enjoy the works in progress. Note: errors in editing, etc are to be left until final draft in 2121.

All internet works by Jane Jones etc are the sole propriety and ownership of Jane Jones and ChipnLogs, etc. These works and all others on the Internet are copyrighted by Jane Jone Christian King-Roi Teahen-Jones circa 2001-2121. The use of all Jane Jones work is under expressed permission by the Jane Jones HD (Hard-Drive) circa 1999-2121.

Thanks for your participation. Have a wonderful Odyssey!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Shuck Away

Terence had had enough of her antics; her childish demands on his time and spirit. "Daphne, you really shouldn't prescribe to that medicine, you know it does all kinds of odd things to you". Daphne moaned sardonically; "Oh I suppose you're right Terry. I just can't help myself sometimes. Daphne had just married Dr. Ashford last September in a wonderful candlelight ceremony at the small chapel in Jersey. It was her dream storybook wedding, everything exactly as she had planned since a child came true. She married her longtime friend, now her husband , a top ranking doctor for a major Boston neurological clinic. With the announcement of their marriage Dr. and Mrs. Terrence Wentworth Ashford became the most celebrated couple and neurosurgeon in Boston MA.

Daphne certainly realized how everything had neatly fallen into place in her life, she felt lucky in love and life.
Life was a whirlwind of social registry events; always a new fund raising event to attend, elegant meals, theatre, quaint bistros, latest gossip with other doctors and their wives.

Lately, Daphne became overwhelmed with her new life in Boston, and really was overwhelmed with the many quick changes that were taking place. It was not long ago when Daphne had a much different life living off Campus with Lance Defoe her boyfriend of four years. Now times were radically different, with many expectations normally associated with a doctor's wife.

The many drudgingly long hours of her husband's absence at the hospital in downtown Boston was really no surprise; "Just a daily grind I will have to adjust to, I suppose, thought delusioned Daphne. Although the wedding and honeymoon were nearly as perfect as she could imagine, the two honeymooning for a week in Tuscany; Daphne was missing the freedom she used to know when you could kick back and do nothing all day if she wished. Now there were schedules, people to meet, appearances to display. She felt obligated to be the best, the perfect wife she could possibly be, for she did love Terrence and wanted to prove it to him. Often he was too busy to acknowledge any effort on her behalf to make his world better.

Terrence really was in his own world, thinking all the time, about this new procedure or that. Daphne said "I know why doctors only marry doctors, only they can truly understand each other, their world; the hospital 24-7". It was true, Lance did seem different since beginning his term at Boston, and he knew this would be difficult. His life had been always so busy, and having had left a relationship not long ago as well, a bit confusing. Luckily, Mary was an understanding person accepting tearfully Terrence's rejection of their five year relationship. Mary took it in stride as she had most unfortunate incidents in her life, realizing how difficult it was to say goodbye forever because he wanted it that way. Rejection may have not have been as easy for Mary as Terrence had hoped, even though he cushioned the blow with many "but I'll love you forevers and you know you really are beautiful inside". Terry had laughingly thought of matchmaking the two jilted lovers. "Wouldn't it be funny if Mary and Lance got together?" Daphne did not find the humour in Terrence's remarks "You do take serious things lightly, don't you?" smiling a mock sideways grin at her boyish husband.

As Daphne tried to fill in the countless droll hours of Terrence's work schedule she thought she was beginning to accept his empty place at the dining room table each evening. As usual, Daphne waited patiently for her husband's return from late nights in the OR. Daphne could not wait to embrace him and really get to know him. They were new at this game. After a hard day and night in scrubs, Terrence would come home and find his newlywed with an empty bottle of Merlot, sprawled asleep on the dinnerroom table, awaiting her prince's return."How sweet she looks" thought the bedraggled doctor.

New England in the fall was a scenic carpet of brillant colour; leaves of scarlet, crimson, ocre, burnt sienna maple, oak and birch. Endless country roads beckoned Daphne who loved taking art photographs with her digital cam of nature's majestic rolling hills and many fabulous vistas. Graduating from Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts Harvard University, Daphne and Terry graduated the same year becoming reaquainted with one another at the graduation dinner and dance.

Renewing their longtime friendship both Daphne and Terry had to dispense with longterm and malingering relationships. Although Daphne knew that her relationship with Lance was not going anywhere fast. Lance had once been the promising up-and-coming sculptor in New York. As he was already recognized as a great sculptor, and in fact he did at one time produce a great deal of fine art pieces. Unfortunately the style now preferred in the galleries was much more of an edgy energy saved for the much younger denizen of flavour-of-the-month artists.

For Lance, commissions or sales were far and few between. Times were lean and mean. Rejection after rejection, Lance became despondent and turned to smoking weed all day and falling asleep, crashing on the couch of their apartment beer bottles and chip bags strewn around him in disarray. Soon Lance exhausted his attempts to secure adequate income for their livelihood. Daphne said "he just gave up".

Although Lance Defoe truly loved Daphne, he knew that he did not own her. Daphne was her own woman never owned, she had told him she would never marry. She did not like the idea of becoming what she termed "chattel cow" or another invisible bhurka wearing "Stepford Wife". Indeed, the plight of modern women had been a major topic in her art history essays at Harvard, and thinking about being married did not attrack her 21st century female sensibilities. Daphne thought "Why be married to men who only used them as stepping stones o something better?" Marriage meant poison in Daphne's eyes until she found the doctor of her dreams, Terrence. "Her mother would be so happy now!" she pondered when she dragged Terrence to her house for a get acquainted fiance meal and roast. Daphne's father, was a religious authoritarian type and always saying "So what are your intentions young man?" Of course when Terrence said he was graduating in the Spring as a Medical doctor, all stops were pulled for the quickening of the marriage proposal.

Lance thought of the possibility of Daphne one day leaving him. They had met in highschool. Lance was a jock with a sketchbook, a rare commodity in most highschools. He loved acting as well. He met Daphne in art class. They were all smiles and giggles and life was wonderfully innocent for them. Lance received training from the academy de beaux arts on a scholarship. He never fell out of love with Daphne and dated her exclusively. Lance knew though that his luck and time with Daphne was ending; "Possessed for a time, like a flower" Lance made the best of their time together.

As a teenager, Daphne bloomed with love for Lance. However, the very real and heady ideal worlds often collided with the two lovers, neither one having a clue as to what to do if the winds of change should come. And the winds came, times changed, old decades were out, and desire and longing for meat and potatoes existence changed to a potpouri of new faces and experiences. The two really had outgrown each other and were bored. Although Lance and Daphne were committed to each another, both could not afford to make any kind of lasting comittment to each other; for many reasons. This did not mean they stopped loving one another, as the two experienced a lifetime of memories that are not forgotten so easily, or willingly.

Daphne had been Lance's model and mentor, she supported him when he was unable to pay the rent or groceries. She did not mind mothering him, and enjoyed switching traditional roles, bringing home the paycheck as a clerk at the art gallery. As Daphne could portrait her professional self well in public, she cut an impression image, and was a head-turner. Lance would get jealous but realized there was nothing he could do, if she wanted to go, he could not or would not stop her. She was, in a way, too much woman for him. She was perfect in everyway. Lance always felt her inferior in every way, as his father had been cruel to him, often cuffing him on the head and calling him "Stupid idiot, you'll never amount to much". As self-fufilled as negative reinforcement gets, Lance was playing into the cards he was dealt with his father's cruel mentorless ways always in the back of his mind. Daphne tried to help him get over the negative attitudes instilled by his long deceased father but she could not shake him of his abhorrent negativity towards life in general. "I am not his doctor" thought Daphne many times when Lance got into one of his "moods".

Daphne on the other hand, could show her business-like self with was aggressive professionalism. She was an amazing business woman learned in part by her professional parents. Daphne's mom and dad doted idolatrously on their only child with lavish gifts. The parents only fault; the gifts were a replacement for their lack of physical presence which to Daphne seemed a callous replacement for love of the physical kind.

When Daphne came back to the apartment she could be the soft-touch Lance needed to make him smile once more. As much as Daphne loved Lance, her parents hated him, always wanting her to marry above her upper middle class upbringing. "Better for Daphne to rise far above her dictated station in life." Mrs. Taft stated dolefully "Hopefully" thought her matchmaker mother, "Daphne will see the light one day".

After four years of living with Lance, Daphne did not match patterns for silverware and crystal patterns with him. "It's over Lance", Daphne stormed out the door and into the waiting cab. Thier relationship ended abruptly. "It had to end this way" thought Daphne with tears in her eyes. "How else could it end? He'd never let go." At the same time she said goodbye to Lance she said hello to her new world, bright with better chances at the game of life. For her, her doctor husband represented security and upward mobility, something missing from Daphne's old relationship.

Daphne had her own one woman photographic show being held in two weeks at the Blue Dauphin Art Gallery opposite of Boston harbour. Soon it would be her time to shine professionally speaking. "What if Lance should show, he is on the list of gallery contributors" Daphne felt her cheeks turning as crimson red like maple leaves swirling in the fall air.

The fresh sea air allowed one to drink in the invigorating sensations of a thousand pleasures in Boston, the fish markets, the Irish district, the upper chancellory. As Daphne, soft auburn hair waved in the gentle seabreezes sounds a jazz ensemble emaniating from nearby grotto cafes. As far as the shopping in the cannery row of exclusive enclave of unique shops, museums, antiques Daphne became lost in the sights and sounds of Boston. "It is so much more than I had imagined it" Daphne sighed with delight.

When Terry and Daphne could slip away they would go to a favourite B&B near Martha's Vineyard and enjoy the best life had to offer. There were she was with him alone, he was hers alone. Her new life with her handsome doctor seemed safe to Daphne, secure; predictable. Daphne traded one life for another. She felt she deserved the best and Lance would never provide the means to her end; to become the famous photographer her mentors told her with effort she would become; if only she believed in herself and new the way of the game. If only she believed the lie.

Finally, Daphne felt fufilled and knowing full well she just as easily could love any man who was kind to her, and could provide her with the means to which she was accustomed. "the world is my oyster, and if I do get enough money, I can give Lance a helping hand, maybe I could help him someway to show him what he did really mean to me." Daphne shucked back another oyster. "If only...". Daphne was soon off to the next spot, doing the town in style forgetting for a moment her urgent need to mother Lance.

Under sedation Daphne could do little but sleep and continue her dreamworld wonderland, "Prescribed treatment dear" as Terrence gently injected the small sedative into his wife's forearm. Terrence handled the needle with expert precision. Terrence was concerned with Daphne's mood lately, her ups and downs were becoming extremely remote in some instances. It had only been a month into their marriage when Terrence noticed that Daphne was presenting with extremes in moods and character. "Maybe I've gotten a throwback; but I'll never throw her back into the sea, this is my mistake; and I am going to fix it." thought the doctor to himself.

Frustrated, Terrence had determined it was necessary for his new wife to attend to a friend at the clinic Dr. Lionel Brown board certified psychiatrist. Dr. Ashmore, Dr. Daphne had only recently come under the treatment of Dr. Brown. "It's the way it is Terry darling. Even the most mundane of us needs a bit of human contact and sleep". Daphne sounded incoherent as she drifted into much needed and peaceful sleep. Terrence was anxious for Dr. Brown's second opinion.

After a couple of hours Daphne awoke from her drug-induced nap. Terry nodded with his fine featured aquilane nose which he had deep into the latest Scientific Journal. "Oh I am glad to see you up Daphne, did you sleep well? Daphne murmured "Yes, dear, just abit drowsy. Give me 10 minutes to wake up and I'll make some coffee or would you like tea?" Terrence calmly stated "Yes, dear we'll talk about something in a few minutes. After Daphne was conscious Terrence asked her "How would you like to get away this weekend? How about Vermont?" Daphe screamed with joy, "Oh I would absolutely love that Terry" and then Daphne looked away out the window at the leaves "You know babes, if I could Ter, I really, really would love to go, I just don't feel very well today. Can you wait til Thursday for my answer; I'll let you know by then for sure? If I feel better by Friday, I'll call the B&B and make reservations for the two of us". Remembering what his doctor friend had told him, Terrence encouraged his young wife "You're the best dear, I hope I can squeeze everything into the convertible". "Can we have the top down Ters?"daphne loved the cool autumn wind blowing through her hair. "We'll see, Daph, we'll see, let me finish this reading and we'll discuss more about the sightseeing whaling boat and the long country roads autumnal viewing, this will be great!". Daphne, "I can't wait!".

As Terrence poked his noise around the piled high of academic journals to be read, when he finished one he would plop another on top of the endtable as he sat legs up on the executive Scandinavian butternut leather chair. "Yes, dear, I'm really looking forward to a mini holiday too. Could you please book the blace that puts the mints on the pillowcase this time?" Terry always had a humourous comment to add, always trying to cheer up his beleagured and now recently diagnosed depressed wife. "You mean the one with the folded towel swans? Daphne enquired. "Yes, that's the one Daphne, that's it!" Both looked at each other lovingly from across the room. "The medicine must be working" thought the doctor.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blurbs: Quik Summaries; How Novel!

Here are some blurbs for new novels (dont forget the Odyssey was a novel). Blurbs must be short, sweet and inpact the potential audience with a grab and go want for a feeding frenzy. Are you up to the task? Good luck! Let me read some of your blurbs (whether or not you have actually completed or even started a novel). This is a good practice in how to attract the public to any potential novel you may make. You do want to get rich quick don't you? :) This reminds me of the Title Generators I came across on a web referral on a writers' chat room I had visited a few years ago. Holding my breathe; here goes!

A young woman with a far away look in her eyes seeks a brighter tomorrow; With her new love and promises of continued blissful happiness; Jessica believes in new beginnings. As bells ring through the corridors of her new life in New York; she is now engaged to Matthew Gardner, one of the richest industrialist in upper New York state. Adjusting to her much refined present; Jessica feels lonely as she tries to forget memories of Jeremy Scott; her childhood soulmate. As she turned her back on the bitter past fate had other things in store. An overflow of emotion causes Jessica an inability to function in her new life, until one bright fall day when her old boyfriend arrives in New York. Would Jessica leave her new life to rejoin her one true love or turn her back on her past?


The Venetian landscape did not appear at all like the recently digitized visual simulations. Nasa's Ben Talone had been trying to understand the unique planet for half of his fifty years. As the planet glowed each morning on the eastern horizon, Ben had been noting serious changes in the planet. Venus' orbit was intersecting earth's orbit. Within the next ten years, Venus would be colliding with the earth. Ben could not understand why other NASA scientists were not publishing this clearly logical computational analysis. The "ban publication" on Ben's theories were not the first. Other astrophysicist who had spoken out were mysteriously dying or disappearing as if they had just dropped from the planet. Could Ben rally an underground group of renegade scientists to save the planet earth on time? Would NASA expose the culprits who's game was holding hostage the earth's citizens?


Tex McGee had all the looks and charms of a postcard cowboy. His passion was horses, doggies and ladies; not necessarily in that order. Tex only wanted a simple life. It wasn't long before Tex met Mattie Renfrew a big city gal with a smile as big as Texas. Tex melted when he met her but realized he have to give up roping to rope in the wild Miss Mattie. Tex McGee had a lot of competition in Dillon LeFavre; the owner of Triple W Ranch; the largest longhorn dude ranch in northwest Texas. Tex had a plan which would make him Mattie's chick magnet. If jealousy didnt work, what else would thought the muscled Tex. The only problem; the trouble with too many women at the wrong time and the wrong place to make his "little" plan work!


The lost Mayan tablets had been located in the back of the Royal Ontario Museum only recently. After professor Reigar died last year, he passed on his lengthy notes to his daughter Tanya. Her doctorate was almost complete when she came across the lost Mayan texts. Publishing too soon, Tanya had unearthed not only the texts but a bitter rivalry from top University brass. Worried that not only her doctorate was in danger of being lost due to university politics, Tanya was worried about the lost earth now unearthed and diciphered by the wonder girl anthropologist. Trips to Guatemala where Tanya was kidnapped and nearly met the same fate as many of her previous Mayan ancestors. Realizing her father had forgot to mention the unique cartiches of the Mayan heiroglyphics Tanya uncovered a new and unique language and story of the earth's earliest beginnings and soon to be universal metamorphoses. Could Tanya make earth's citizens aware of the secret worlds to come in time for graduation and her new thesis publication?