Sunday, October 18, 2009

Glitch Catchers

Aimee: It's not what I really wanted to do with my life, you know.
Bob: How so Aimee?
Aimee: I wanted to be an astro-physicist when I was 10. The damn mercury and viral load made that impossible. So know I am an iddy who records dreams visions. And I am not bad at it. I do hit the target. Just that...
Bob: What Aimee?
Aimee: It is just that...I wanted something other than this, something different, something..but hey, too late to cry as the saying goes.
Bob: Maybe not Aimee.
Aimee: No?
Bob: No.
Aimee: How so Bob?
Bob: Do you remember why you wanted this so badly.
Aimee: You mean was it really something within me or within what I thought should be required of me?
Bob: Yes and yes.
Aimee: Not really Bob. It was so long ago now it feels like a different world. I still have the dreams. One was to find the acceptable brain and the train vehicle. NOthing was mentored for me. I was on my own. Grasping at straws. I found I greatly lacked. There was nothing I could do without a brain.
Bob: Was it a brain or the patience or the comprehension?
Aimee: Bob, you will never understand this until what happened to me happened to you. Really my base of understanding was base. I dont think I was streamed in 64 for this kind of mission.
Bob: Surely Aimee you must know by now that you had every opportunity to prove yourself. You just did not or could not or were not able to get past those lines of scrimage, cribbage or chess. It wasnt your game this time. You came up "double crossed".
Aimee: Suitable for a martyer, a throw away throw back to another age in time.
Bob: Depends where your brain wants to live really. You know that. Intrinsically, I mean.
Aimee: I do.
Bob: And you remember what you call "La Grande Jette"?
Aimee: How could I forget. Except I dont want to remember 1888. Didn't big old blue eyes with stark red rooster hair (what exact red was Van Gogh's hair anyway?). I keep trying to delete all forms of negativity from my brain immediately. So if Van gogh killed himself in a cornfield in 1888 I think I would try to forget 1888.
Bob: But Aimee, dear child, there are some really good things that happened that year. Lots of things. It was a key clatch moment in time, it was pivotal.
Aimee: Indeed it was. I know all that happened at once, like a kaliedescope of events turning, or the roulette wheel stopping with all the magic balls in one slot. Like they were meant to be in that slot at that time. Even the chaos of the Cosmos likes to stop for a logic resizing every once in a while. Things just all of a sudden added up and made sense. And you think the Fin D'Siecle or 2012 will be like that?
Bob: Dear Aimee you weren't meant to think like us. We need more sensitives who can use other than directional computation skills.
Aimee: Ok, I guess, but I would have liked to have both the intelligent mind and the intuitive mind.
Bob: Some do, but they are not as creative even though. It is the brain's internal dialogue. It keeps talking. The intuitive brain is usually outmoded by a diamond mind.
Aimee: Oh, I see...
Bob: Yah, it's been like that awhile. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking "since the universe is somewhat determinable on these rare "key clatch" moments, like 1888 or other pivotal moments in time when chaos reeks oddities, when chaos uses logic to induce a new form of chaos, than, yes, I tend to agree. The pathways to the nonchaotic form should be studied post haste.
Aimee: Too true.
Bob: We are having a heck of time with the reactors lately.
Aimee: I have heard.
Bob: Can you help us Aimee?
Aimee: So this is the Gleaning program?
Bob: Yes.
Aimee: Let me intuitively think about it since this IT way of doing things really is a better way of being inclusive and big picture view.
Bob: Ok Aimee. Think about it.
Aimee: I'll give you my answer in the morning.
Bob: No problem.
Aimee: Ok, I do it.
Bob: Welcome to Alpha Omega Aimee.
Aimee: Thanks, Bob. Glad to be here. Maybe we can glitch the catch. Or catch the glitch before it walks off with the entire progrram.
Bob: Great idea. Starters. We're working on it
Aimee: With the first step...
Bob: Welcome to NASA Aimee.
Aimee: I feel like I am stepping into some pretty big shoes.
Bob: Yes, your Uncle did have big feet for a small man.

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