Saturday, October 24, 2009

DISCLAIMER AND COPYRIGHT: Remarks on the Works by Ms Jane Jones

All forms of fiction, prose poetry, etc., on this blog are for entertainment purposes only. Any reference to person(s) living or deceased is purely coincidental and not intentional. If anyone would like to comment on any of the works here please feel free to use the coment in the section provided on my blog

You may have noticed that many of the short stories are incomplete. This is intentional. Many short stories are works in progress. As in life, things take time to fuse and to turn into what they are to become. This is the organic part of writing.

Some of you in the reading audience may wonder where I get the ideas for my short sotries. Using a method which I term "submarining" I wake up in the a.m. totally blank without thought at all. This does not take long since I have been referred to as "blonde". However, after I let the feelings flow; and from immersion of this state; and the much applauded latent kundalini snake dancers, the most primitate, raw and pivotal concepts arrive and take animation.

Please sit back and enjoy the works in progress. Note: errors in editing, etc are to be left until final draft in 2121.

All internet works by Jane Jones etc are the sole propriety and ownership of Jane Jones and ChipnLogs, etc. These works and all others on the Internet are copyrighted by Jane Jone Christian King-Roi Teahen-Jones circa 2001-2121. The use of all Jane Jones work is under expressed permission by the Jane Jones HD (Hard-Drive) circa 1999-2121.

Thanks for your participation. Have a wonderful Odyssey!

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