Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank-you Canadian Soldiers on Thanksgiving and Everyday

To all Candian Soldiers serving in Afghanistan, at home and abroad, to all support staff; a big hug and thank-you thank-you thank-you! Today we have the enjoyment of spending time with family and friends because we have Canadian soldiers serving us day and night 24-7 in lands far, far away. We are always being protected by Canadian soldiers, a daunting task, and performed nonstop by the best of the best!.Could you imagine if we did not have anyone defending our freedoms right now, what thanksgiving would we have then?

How lucky are we to be Canadians! We have to be so thankful for all we have, especially the important values defended today and everyday by our Canadian soldiers, heroes all. With the many blessings we are given, we need to be more thankful and count our blessings each and everyday.

Yes I am so very thankful that we have someone watching our back when we sleep. That this vigilant duty is performed over and over so flawlessly, and we dont even know the blood sweat and tears of our fellow Canadian soldiers. We can only guess at the many hardships they must face each day. What can I do? I can thank them, that's a start!

We here in Canada are all allowed as citizens to express ourselves without censorship, freedom to congregage, freedom to be truly free. As Canadians we are so free compared to other nations, many with a dictator who only cares about their self-interest and power. Here we share the wealth and all that is good, that is why we are Canadians. This makes me very thankful too. And in Canada we are free to be whomever, and do whatever (within reason of course, being unlawful brings chaos, believe me, nobody wants Chaos, even though those anarchy hats are supposedly "in" right now. The idea is like this; once you live in a chaotic state, where there is no food, water, essentials, it isnt long before one yearns for order and peace. Peace must be real, and lasting. Democracy works, and will always require tweaking to make it that much more of a good thing.

We believe in what we want to believe, nobody says you cannot have this religion or that belief. We honour our differences. We are multicultural. We enjoy learning new things and take the best a culture has to offer and incorporate these new found gems into an assimilated democratic recombination of potential and possibilities. Our positive way of seeing how to make lemonaide out of lemons as well as creating the positive push for all persons towards bettering the world for all.

In many countries these basic freedoms we as Canadians take for granted would mean certain death. Not that we would ever think to lower our standards or ourselves as to our ideals as a democratic nation. We will not be moved from pursuing our goals; freedom for all. The bhurkha'd women who cannot attend school and are treated like third class citizens, legally brutalized by the "stronger sex".

This to most Canadians minds is inconceivable "wrong" and must be righted. As well, the dictates that use any form of terrorism to brutalize persons to get their agenda will never win. Canadians never will never let freedom's banner fall. Each and everyone of the Canadian soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice, or who have been injured, etc, or who stand on guard; you will never be forgotten. You're mission will never be a lost cause. You died, were injured or suffer for our freedoms and we will always love you eternally for this; you are the soul of a true Canadian.

So to any of the terrorist-type countries standards, we do not. We stand proud. We are Canadian.

Canadian soldiers, the men and women in uniform who serve us as a democracy, who defend our liberties, who put their lives on the line so we can go on sleeping in on this cool Monday Thanksgiving day and enjoy life with our family and friends. Thank-you, ad infinitum.

As a Canadian I owe you a debt of gratitude. You are my friend, my family and my fellow Canadian and I want to invite you for a dinner if you do not get a turkey dinner. Hopefully you'll be home soon to enjoy all the fixings as well. We miss you! As someone's kid and grandkid, someone's dad or mom or friend, my friend, my Canadian soldier friend, you deserve the best life has to offer. This is your right. We wholly deserve the very best. We want our Canadian soldiers to be able to fully enjoy what we are enjoying now; Thanksgiving back home soon, we pray for this each day..I don't know the outcome of the war. It seems so massive a problem.

Yes, I have a burden for the soldiers, always have, always will. Until each soldier is safely home, I worry and pray for their safe return. Good to see some soldiers are back on leave this Thanksgiving. It sure is more than well deserved. The hours in the hot sun, the sand and grit everywhere. What would really bug me are those scorpions and other nasty desert critters. Ugh.

Not to mention all the other stuff that would seem to us civis just way-too-difficult-to-believe job description. How tough a life it is for our GI's in khaki (or camo). Each and everyday up so early, hardly any relaxation down time, constantly on the move. Very unsettling for even the most viligante. Close to sainthood if not, knighthood, or both. Many heroes. I have read the accounts, and stand in awe at their selfless sacrifice. It is heart-rendering.

Being that I am so proud to call myself Canadian because of people like you, serving all of us all of the time. I am a Canadian too and hold my head high because of you. Thank-you!

The thing that impresses me the most about the Canadian soldier is their humility and their humanity. Strong, and powerfully free, like a beacon in the darkest hour, lighting the pathway to our future world, securing peace and freedom; keeping Canadians free from harm.

As we head to bed this evening to close our eyes and sleep peacefully on turkey and veggie-filled bellies, knowing full well how very well protected we are from the many injustices by terrorist dictators. We are safe because there is a Canadian man or woman standing guard for thee, for you and me, for this I am truly thankful and feel very fortunate.

Our many thankful thoughts go out today to the soldiers serving in the warzone. What a daunting task, but not impossible if the correct tactics are enlisted along with the soldiers. As 40 k troops more to send in from USA, we feel overwhelmed with the possibility of this war getting too big.

However, whatever it takes, and if it means we must put more Canadians in harms way for a short time, most can understand this concept. Certainly we need a good plan to end all wars and hostilities. An ideal world does "war no more".

As I pray for our soldiers to return home soon I also pray for world peace as well. To be truly thankful means everyone is thankful knowing their children are safe from harm as well. Families, Moms and Dads and children have the most difficult of times. When all is well in the world and we can all be safe once and for all, this will be a riotous Thanksgiving and a goal we should attain as human beings on this village, earth.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and to project this good and positive feeling. As we put "protect" onto the future so we may all continue to enjoy and be very thankful. For each and everyday given to me I thank sincerely the Canadian soldier fighting each day for my life. For all I am given with this hard won heart of freedom, the protectors over their and here defending our honour and our lives I say a most sincere and constant thank-you dear Canadian soldier; you are so very loved!

Jane Jones Canada 12/10/2009

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