Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Protocol 2012

2021 alignment did not come as a surprise to expectant earthlings. Arrival of the new era in formatting was considered a necessary generation like a car shifting gears without knowing exactly which gear or which program would be the likely outcome. It was a waiting game hoping that the newly formulated reboot of the z particle decay by Cern was working. Not to say there was not tremendous speculation, hypotheses and conspiracy theories coming from other than the scientific community. The massive speculation came with the times and the territory, many scientists were now placing their bets; Nature or Nuture; Man against Man, Man against Nature, who'd win? No one knew the heart of that beast, the makeup, the varying nature of our very nature.

The recent launch of The Chandra Observatory had recently given the inhabitants of earth an eyes wide open option as to the future. It was like staring down the barrel of a gun, or looking into a crystal ball, there was no dispute to the catacylsm to come; it was upon us now. The Milky Way Galaxy was opening or closing, and the quickening was speeding up time, time which did not act like time of the past, when time was, at the very least, predictable. The New Physics conveyed truths that were not predictable; like human behaviour, coming from magnetic imbalances, often labelled HDD, Bipolar or some other mental disease. All the illusions, delusions and hallucinations were caused by magnetic fluctation, the same RADON release from the core of it all, creating monsters out of once mild-mannered reporters; observers of the known and unknown Universe. Like a lotus flower opening slowly at first then to swallow whole, turning inside out all old concepts, patterns and theories.

Most held onto the "see no evil" option as the best way of coping with impending doom. Of the remaining time between here and eternity, most were sick of the constant media attention, and all the negative news on tv. Most choose to enjoy their remaining few years with family and friends. The government was giving free credit like candy. All slings and arrows were pointing to the targeted area; humans had the enemy in their sights. Who would win the hotly debated issue.

Joe Brachen created his own individualized, hedonistic me time with his family knowing full well time would be the only arsenal left in his gunny sack. With only 2 years, 8 months, 5.3 hours until alignment now called A Day most citizens were frivolously unaware or choose unawareness of the facts, the ancient writings and now the writings on the wall. As a soldier recently returned from Afghanistan, Joe wanted to enjoy every moment he could, and realized how much luckier he had been than the plus 300 men who did not return home.

As to how one could adequately comprehend the meaning of 2012, one would have to understand the new physics. Since Chandra Observatory had only recently shed light upon the core reactor system of the Milky Way and other galaxies structural dynamics, time was becoming an enemy of the state of homeostasis.

Whether or not one could comprehend being gamma oxidized and repolarized into another hyperpolic switch transformational (HST)form, the most recent theorem by ep Rutgars, of Stockholm University was debatable. As the duty of the information officers headed by Washington's Chief Advisory officer Dwayne C. Newman. Dwayne had the daunting task of discussing these sci-fi like theorems with the blank-faced masses.

The newly decorated officers having just returned from the front lines were now confronted with the obvious; the dent in space was looming and becoming more obvious to regular inhabitants of earth. It would not take long before a keen observer of all things celestial put two and two together. The galaxy was collapsing in odd ways, planets were loosing their orbits, magnetics were no longer holding the fabric of the galaxy together. The Universe held its cards of doom close to its chest, where the heart held many secrets. No one thought solar plasma held the answer, yet the sun was trying to communicate in odd ways.

Nestor C. Phillips new what these magnetic pulses were saying; even if most did not. Nestor having a degree from MIT in Electronics, had been conducting his own experiments for years; without the government having a clue. Nestor felt it was time to bring his unique hypotheses forward. No one would laugh at him now.

Mariner IV had been sending information to earth from its distant locale as far back as the late 80's. This information was used to discern the need for the Cern Laboratory project. Iniatially, NASA did not place prioxity upon what was then concerned with the computized resultant abnomalies. Years of number crunching did not eliminate the facts; the Galaxy, if not the Universe was indeed collapsing. The W5, who what where when and how being more and more a question of impending purpose. NASA and the various government agencies created a secret base for the compliation of all material related to Protocol 2012. Roswell's Area 51 looking tame in comparison to this huge government project.

Cern was a hopeful project, and there was still hope that the generator would have created the bridge to stop up the collapsing molecular structure. This seemingly futile attempt to regenerate the molecular structural soundness of the non-activated molecular homeostatic universe which had only known to exist prior to 1989. Duly noted by NASA was the "disappearing" isotopes. Apparently most once highly radioactive material was turning dormant as if an universal switch or USB was suddenly in the "off" position. Doctors were scrambling to find radium for their MRI's, CAT scanner. The world's military coming together in secretly held symposiums to discuss the nature of radioactive loss. There were many theories proposed, and many were actively pursued. Much more needed to be done to stop, if at all possible the Universal Atrophy (UT) which was threatening man's at one time grip on the Universe and all that is in it.

Having had the experience to explain complex physics theorems to John and Jane Q. Public, Stratton T. Packart, Phd candidate IT Systems. Known simply as Tom to his friends, the Silicon valley raised softy relied upon the mostly untested, however undeniably verifiable results collect since 89 by NASA's research community. His experience in the information field was extensive, having worked for various government agencies and a couple of corporate computer contractors in his 60 some years. Tom knew everyone and he especially knew the score and understood the necessary qualifications and experience for this new mission. Tom was as precious as gold to NASA and his salary was just as astronomical.

For all intents and purposes Tom knew this new mission would be the most challenging of his career. He had to coordinate all efforts between key scientists and global information officers, "the think tank". As well as read through all option papers, consider all consequences of all subsequent decreed policy and government protocol and necessant actions. Even linear-thinking Tom hope beyond hope that there would be some saving grace stop the inevitable Universal Collapse which could save mankind. However widely predicted the negative outcome, Tom's faith sustained him. His only thoughts on the immediate future, his only focus; a positive outcome. He was trained for this, this was his mandate, motto and creed.

The event horizon did not appear since '89; today's weather showed its usual gloom; more rain forecast. The dawn was only slightly red today. The full moon was beginning to wayne and recently show the first sign of the predicted Hopi prophesy. The red ring of fire. The sun, too, was also showing signs of predictable change as the Mayan Calendar had foretold 2100 years ago. The sun had a white ring on the outermost corona. NOAAH scientists had sent their recent rockets to investigate. The findings were confirmed. The sun was going through the first phase of regenesis. Only understood five years ago, the solar scientists were stunned at the results of their findings. The sun was not dying as previously thought. It was metamorphosizing into an entity with intelligence and comprehension known to few Indian mystics. The gurus had predicted these transformations of the sun. There was much more happening, on all levels of earthly endeavours.

A young girl in North Bay noticed a blueish mist coming from the moon's south pole. Russian astronauts aboard the ISS observed two red and white rings connecting two separate cultures in time and space. All it would take now to complete the predictions of the ancient cultural geographers was another observable ring; Saturn. Galileo's beauty was to complete the earliest known Chinese predictions. "When the rings of the Dragon become like a slithering snake the world is in for one big shake" Those were Tom's loosely translated version of the ancient Chinese astronomer's diciphered visions.

Gail Lethbridge had always enjoyed reading articles on astronomy since she was eight years old. Her keen interest in gathering key critical calculations (KCC) led to her recent position at the University from a discovery which shook the scientific elite. Gail was onto something fantastic, and she was excited but at the same time worried about her recent findings.

Gail had found the lunar ring, an unusual luminosity around the outer edges of many celestial object, like the Sun and Saturn were changing. She was not sure what was the causing these rings to form; but the lunar ring had displayed some very unusal pattern which she was investigating. From her understanding of the changing nature of the universe and from her recent Physics reading on the New Physics and other findings, Gail and her team of astrophysists were working overtime trying to understand as quickly as possible the very urgent nature of her studies. Gail recruited early in the first selection group of Protocol 2012 had much work to complete. She was solely reliant on her own observations until she arrived on Base. Soon the reason and inherent meaning to these vexing observations would be realized. Gail sighed a collective sigh of relief when she met her team at White Sands. She had a feeling she was meant to be exactly where she was located miles below ground zero.

Tom had just slugged back a couple of cold beer which did relax him after a hard day's work. The government was clearly pulling out all stops to coordinate the efforts of all scientists worldwide. There was no time to mince thorough the tough weeding process of hiring scientists. The proposal was out there. Anyone who could come up with the hypothesis to an understanding of these recent observations was being selected for the group. As the team leader heading Protocol 2012 Tom needed to quickly sort through all proposed theory, hypotheses, indices, computer tables of all sorts and kinds. Tom was overwhelmed with the response to his advertizement in the Universitys' student papers. The ad was increasing the odds against not understanding, of being kept ignorant, of reminding unaware of these unusual celestial observations. Tom could relax now because he felt that his proposal to have an open white paper would open the door to humanities understanding of these celestial changes. Like earth changes what was happening in the sky was unsettling to say the least. Tom could kick back now, his hard-won efforts finally paying dividends.

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