Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life with Gino

"Synthetic reality is a SIN: repent now!" the placard read on the forelorn doomsday man greeted the sunny morning with abject negativity. On the otherside of the hobo-geared trog the words "Reality as you know it is a LIE'.
Genieve ran almost half naked in a slip of a summer dresss past the man laughing girlishly as she turned around and grabbed the hands of her paramour of the moment, Anthony Shelby. She swung him quickly around in merry-go-round like fashion. "Oh don't listen to that old trog, he isn't all there!" Gennie chortled and smiled coquettishly.
Anthony was now running to catch up with Gennie, her summer skin glistening like a golden trophy upon the earth. "Gennie, wait up!" Anthony boyishly called to the girl. "Anthony you're too slow!" Gennie grabbed the nearest lamppost swinging around the stage-like prop. Gen all smiles and giggles acting playfully childish, enjoying ever minute with Anthony. Gene was in love..
The human version of the mating game, tag with her new boyfriend excilerated her senses in ways unaware. "Gennie, please...". Anthony played the game, sometimes and somewhat embarrassed by Gennies unrestrained energies.

Soon Gennie was out of breath and breathing quite heavily. Suddenly she laughed uncontrollably when Anthony caught her in his arms and swung her around for a kiss. "Anthony..." Gennie using her most coy baby voice implored Anthony; "Can we stop in for a Danish and coffee right now?" Anthony looked at his silver Tag watch. "Ok, babes, your treat, I left my wallet at the apartment".
Anthony was forced to leave Gen's downtown apartment in a hurry as Gennie had escaped excited with a slam of the apartment door with the words "Bet you can't catch me". Anthony had to scramble to put on his pants and teeshirt. He grabbed his watch on the way out.
Anthony saw that Gennie had her silver disco purse slung across her left shoulder. "Oh good, at least you brought some cash with you, didn't you?" Anthony stated pointing to her petite purse. "Anthony you should know by now that I always come prepared for anything! Suspect the unexpected with Gen, hon, I like to play life up a notch or two." Gen stated matter-of-factly. Anthony was amazed by her energy and wish they had stayed longer at the apartment. He felt she just may be the girl of his dreams.
Calming down she took two deep breaths had bent over and held her midsection from a side-stitch. Gennie could see that she had arrived at her favourite morning barista restaurant; The Fig Danish. Entering the establishment Gennie called out to Sophie her friend from school who was polishing the ancient cappacino machine "Hey, Soph, two regulars darling!" Sophia smiled knowingly towards Gennie. "You got it Gen babes!". Sophia another talented and raving beauty. Sophia was a singer and part-time model at Ford's who just happened to be the best barista in town. As Sophia brought the hot cappucinos and lighter-than-air danishes to the lover's table she enquired to Sophia in her ear "Who's the hottie?", which caused Gennie to laugh uncontrollably. "Oh, I'd to introduce you to Anthony Shelby, isn't he hot?" Gennie slid closer to Anthony nearly sitting on his lap. Sophie shook hands with the new man and then whispered in his ear "Take care of our dear Gennie". Genie said "Hey, it isn't nice to whisper you know, what did she just tell you?" Gennie played the game. "Oh I'll tell you if you tell me what you were whispering" Anthony slyly added. Gennie "You know I can never tell secrets!" Anthony pursed his lips and knowingly nodded his head. "Girls, you are a handful!"
The warmed danishes tasted unusually good as the hot coffee warmed the two lovers. The morning air was crisp and as invigorating as a cold shower. Gennie blurted; "Absolutely I am going to marry Gino Vanelli in Montreal!" Gennie's funny lingo stated out of the blue. The other patron's in the cafe looked at her. She loved attention especially when she was really happy.
Anthony was just beginning to catch on to Gennie's unique style and perspective on life. As free a spirit as could be found after the Morph program, Gennie seemed to epitomize the meaning of Free Love. Gennie embraced all that was pure, endearing; she echoed life itself. "Do you think we should go canoeing, biking or hiking today Tony?" Gennie looked up from her coffee with deep brown eyes. "I think it would be fun to paddle up the Thames, Gen, what do you think?"
Anthony had just begun his two week holidays and looking forward to relaxing with Gen. "Oh that sounds absolutely Gino Vanelli-ish Tony!" Gen then smiled one of her famous smiles. Anthony felt his heart melt and returned a tigerish cheshire grin.

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