Monday, October 26, 2009

Jane On Bubble Boy and Missed Mississippi Landing

News of today is from last week. The Bubble boy from where? Idaho, Seattle or Oregon, oh I havent been paying that much attention, help me here. Anyway...(dont you hate that)I really realized (dont you hate compound phrases and illiteration me too that's why i use it, to create angst..see how I am using a bit of psych ops myself; you're welcome). Anyhoooo...(is that better? fitting with the (get ready) Halloween themed shortstory later this week to be published HERE. sOON. REAL SOON. unless I am in jail. In that case, oh well I won my freedom the hard way; I EARNED IT) but it depends IF and what constitutes "PRIVATE". I guess. Ooops. I screwed up. But I think i still could get my docorate in the Big HOuse. It would certainly be a holiday!) as far as money from me goes. HA. Joke, right? Good try though. And as far as braces is concerned. Isnt life's breezes bracing? I am glad that is all I need. Yes, you cant do much to someone already down on My Luck the Chinese Ambassador. Yes I have no shame, cause I find shame a big sham and a mechanism for control by the good old conspiracy theorists those ignorant of the truth if it hit them behind the 8 BALLS!) sO a truce is good. It eliminates the need to call another detente. (isnt that the same thing). Patience is the best form of diplomacy. I am learning as my fiery Irish temperment can attest). Where were we, ah yes, the Bubble boy...right...Haha! How do I weigh in here? Well I think a warning would do. They are really not very complicated ppl, although ignorance is not a substitute for innocence it usually is bliss. Maybe, and in the defence of the bubble boys pushy patriarch. Isnt that what we all try to do? Sort of a hillbilly form of Alchemy. Turning gold from junk ideas not thought out very well. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, (as in the case of BB). Well I know that he shouldnt have called authorities. That was really stupid. However, think about to make things seem "real". I guess they'd have to argue reality in the court of law and that would take too long and cost way too much money!

About the argumentative pilots who said they were in this heated debate for over an hour and failed all communication signals from the ground. Clearly this is a case of pilots needing more alarms systems for wakeup. How dangerous is the falling asleep at the wheel for any of us. Extremely. Time to get mechanism to change this, like collars that sense head nod or eyelid dropsy. Maybe, they could also have stewardesses who actually do something like check on them from time to time, or realtime cams etc. In the unlikely event that a plane was ever hijacked by pilots (that would be so stupid) well, they could have automatic pilot systems and knock out spray in the cabin for those errant terrorist pilots (I've never heard of such thing..oh wait a minute..yes I do, wasnt 911 a case of the Errant Terrorist Pilot"?) Seriously, high tech could easily solve this prob in the future no doubt. Well that's all the news on Jane's desk for now. Check out further ideas on how we can improve our lives a bit at a time by employing the means to make better or world not worse. Which reminds me of the hero pilot who landed in the east river Jan or was it Feb) Sully (Sullyberger)...from the John Stewart show (great show John!)...if you're a pilot, have a way of winging it in an emergency cause the system sure is not rigged for these protective measures such as air bags on the outside of planes to make them float. And errant geese on runways or incoming migratory birds...what happened to the radar? Surely these birds were somewhere in the vicinity prior to take off. Why weren't they noticed. Oh yes Sully, the invitation to tea still stnnds. "I need a hero"Bonnie's an 80s thing. jj

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