Saturday, October 31, 2009

Missing From the Social Registry: Fences

This is how it all goes down
Where you belong and suppose to be
but are not due to no consequence of
your own bidding wars

you didnt start it
(dont get me start it)
the day you lost face
became less
became this mess
that use to be
so much greater
than the sum of all your parts

When the rug upon which
your big feet stood
so securely held down
by the force of gravity
you stood your ground
until the push came to pull
and like Humpty Dumpty
fell of the wall
maybe it was a line
drawn in the sand
an artibrary place
delineated by authors of reality's game
not to gainful
when on top
set to spin
gyroscopes out new energies
back and forth banter
at cocktail clubs
ensure opposites attract
to make work
work for us
as we can continue
this electron dance

Now punched a hole
through which leaks
Dr. Leaky's Lucy
and maybe gamma radiation too
from the other side
behind the mirror
ad infinitum occuring
energy switching

A cause
to cause
rifts in rafts
drifts in ships
dips in chips
tears in walls
and dents in space
could it be too late?
for fence mending ways?

for these old fences
were not to keep you out
but me in
keen that i cant
handle the truth
or way too much
out there
on some distance place
and you wanna go to space?
are you kidding?

yes these concrete walls
these preconstruct thought restraints
hold us back from freedom
although it is said
good fences make good neighbours
i'd prefer no one feared
crossing lines
into new territory
and inlets sound
sound the whales
ring the bell
the liberty bell rings true
for all
and Ms Liberty's gifts
bestowed upon all
We the People
should mean
we support each other
carry each's burden
lean upon each other
and share a spot o' tea
at the corral fence
a thing of Beauty
never ugly or profane
the fence a house really
meant for separating too much space
not keeping in
hate and prejudices
those juices
that unjustly percolate

Try not to hold back
the flood waves
when they come
no walls left standing
no toppled fences
no roofbeams left
to clean up our deluded
deluged mess

pass it on child
pass it on

31 10 09

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