Monday, November 2, 2009

Invisible Bottles of Soul

Thoughts after listening to Michio Kaku Sunday evening (I cant sleep for varied reasons)from George Noory's show...

My shoestrings
not completely unwound
not completely
not wholly let loose yet

Not enough to make a bond
a pact with eternity
with which I put up all I am
against all there is
another yin/yang balance
which I have found
imbalanced in my world lately

Seems all balances today
in my world anyway
are really collecting more and more
as I watch my luck
(the Chinese Ambassador)
walk out the door
(with the latchkey keds)

Make an argument for God
at least put on a tea
or a weak coffee
and then add instant to it
to bring it up to the point
where I can actually drink it
and pretend it was
exactly the way I wanted it
(it never is)

The the State of Perfection
is unobtainable
As is
The State of Forever's
(standing under the dome over your head)

You made God into a refrigerator
Cold and remote
Long past
the interlocking turtle bricks
that hold us up
to breathe air
as the oceans of space
removed us from being
in God's good graces
(Who's the Turtle King?)

Belief in Life after Death
or Death after Life
Each to his/her own decides which is right
("and which is an illusion" Moody Blues)

To reconcile the Inner Child's
Divine Light
After Physical Death
Collecting Cosmic Consciousness
like playing cards
more and more intrinsic
elaborate water marks
imprints on brains
from beer bottle labels
we didnt see the pattern
only with our spectral eyes
that seem to be everywhere

That Fine Line
Gamma's Chandra shows to be true
As all else is chaos?
and Chaos makes our day
by creating soothing
Order of All Things Logic
No questions asked
We know the answers
when logic devises
a pattern not too abstract
for our day to day wear

Fine Line of Consciousness
All else above or below
or surround sound multiplicity
in multidimensions no end
Chaos made this
wrought from wrought iron
of Louis K. Sullivan
and Tower by Nimrod

Chaos making this mirage
in our desert of never
only sometimes appearing
the rough sketch we made
showing through
from our pattern gestalts
we halt
for but a minute
to say hey
wait a minute
isn't this odd
isn't this strange
aren't these wierd coincidences
prepatterned order
so we can be
some semblance
on the production line
From Chaos Order
From Order Chaos?
Back and forth switching
To make us coninually change
and move
and electron dance
perpetual motion machine
by Tesla or Edison
or Einstein?

"I walk the line"
Johnny Cash
Don Juan Mateus
The Dog Whispers
Thanks for finding
myself in the Chaos
All was apparently lost
to me
so when I found you
I felt hopeful
recollection of all
those loose threads
those luminous threads
and luminous eggs
that are waivering now
loosing the form
returning to Chaos
where viruses may lurk
waiting to begin again
or so it seems
You saved my soul
so for this
I am indebted to your
gratious gratitude
That Modor production line
needs so very much
to be
hopefully micro-managed!

You come here today
to ask me if there is an after-life?
My understanding
(I stand under all the time)
from my POV
(Point Of View)
this ancroynism
the energy transfer
from Life to Death
maybe a simple switch
a toggle switch
from Gamma Radiation (-)
to Gamma Radiation (+)

inbetween these GR
the energy transfer
the toggle switch i just talked about
in the verse about
(is that what it is?)
The Great Conversion
(pray for conversion)
Complete Conversion
(not talking partial conversion here)
Big Bang the causal
to this pattern here now

So our energies add up
all forms of energy and almost non-energy
such energy which may be so subtle or
not understood yet
that may be
the sole causal
the main reason
formed from energy
our function
to fly in the face of
Chaos skies around
below and above
or is it this
once Chaos makes
that Logix Fine Linex
(Line X?)
We create all heavens and hells
all things now taking form
from nothing
quite a feat
there is a Creator
somewhere in our fingerprints

You want me to weigh in?
Way in for so Far out
Father Confessor
Toll Booth collector
Time meet Space
go on a date
Tell me if opposites
really attract
or just create
for our repeating patterns
of survival
before Chaos claims again
in Complete Convergence
of All that matters
this matter
New Life
A Blueprint
(noticed the Blue Colour Aliens)
Roswell had those
emaniating blue glow creatures
some say from the Pleiades
Where Heaven is suppose to be
That rock that looked like a potato
That went by my house
so close I could touch it
Rather humourous
It looked like
a Wendy's Pototae
In Extra Large
or Mr. Idaho
or Mr. Potatohead
before the spare parts
The Universe is funny
unless that Potato Asteroid
From the Potato Famine
(that's where it went)
has my Irish name on it!
(looks baked not fried)
Got any sour creme and chives?

Universal Atrophy?
Are we going glitchy
than Hell may indeed
Freeze us as we find
(yes I noticed this)
that my Heritage Seeds
the carrots I grew this spring
to collect the Real Seeds
from yesteryears promise
of more and more seeds
ad infintum
the plants grew so slow
like they remebered a slower time
a time ago
now the new seeds rush too much
for me to save the old seds
to save our seed bank
when I need to eat
the seeds may not be there
because we rushed up
the mitochondria so much
the time it takes to
grow these dream seeds
to fruition
may take too long
(if I could turn back time..Cher)

Mon Cherie
Hell bent on Atrophy
Spiritually vacant
TS Eliot's Wasteland
Soul Woefully Begonia
Geranium madness
The Golden Temple
Man and The Moon's Marigold
Came after
Left me with a mess
to clean up
to understand
to fix

If we only are
our experiences
we have been stood up
missing many times when
the focus finds us
and we experience
coming together many times over
to energize in this way
like waves that continue
down the long winding road
of rna
ad infinitum
except for me
i only have residual
hot flashes now
reminding me of those times
i missed the bandwagon
of multiplicity and convergence
and reconvergence
when made
new worlds of imagination
can be stamped into that line
rna production line
chaos may not know
logic's design
although only a line
maybe much more
than the nothing
that something provides
but mirror images
get tricky to figure out
twin worlds
of opposites
and sameness
that can be both comforting
and weighty when in excess
(which at times it certainly has)
this need to fabrication
celestial worlds from scratch
new worlds from our own conversational input
written or drawn
who moved my arm
who wrote with my hand
this world here and now?
my ancient ancestors
who knew the powre of hand
too late to cry
once i finally got it
i left
it left

If we are only our experiences
we have a long string
to pull behind us
good thing
it is wrapped up in the rna
hidden away like chocolate chip
(I remember mmmmmthose grrrrr eat)
Our consciousness
may need more
the lean of the sway
a pompous swagger
its you
this brush
this wave
earth blue mainly
many colours to name a few
green cat eyes
watching for
Blue Planet's Proximal regions of the pivotal kind
which rendered our experiences Planet Pain
by too much imbalance of celestial stuff
(it wasnt suppose to be this bad)
Forcing us to fight (get into it)
Making us Flee (get away from it)
I got away just to catch a glimpse
of the wheels going round and round
John Lennon's last album
in the brownstone where he shot
i got to wear that day
a lumberjack scarf
remembering that day
stamped with extra neurons
because the neural soup
was collecting for awhile
on the back burner
and reduced in this way
made for some
pretty hardy stock
of hockey players
and maple syrup survivors
and venturers
you know the score!

Catch and release
our shore lunch in paradise
(thanks Daryl Chronosky
Goin' Fishi')
where the rant
makes up a tank
of thankful steelheads
in South Hampton
why are damns built so?

Maybe I brought more to the table than you
but then again
maybe you didnt see the table
I just assumed you did
or you werent really into my table
with it's rickety legs
and warped tabletop
and it wasnt what I thought
you'd appreciate more than
just image
but as a soul collector
you know
it is much more than image
(those mirrors that reflect arent as true as the Fine LIne)
going back in time
warps are bound to occur
best to keep going
but then the warps keep getting
a little more
as we move further from where we were
the past is almost unrecognizable now
you know my soul is timeless
(a joke to you really)
that's the rub
and tick tock off
as x's go y's know
you cant remove me
from the equation
(well you could but it would produce a really big warp)
which may upset the patterns already established
like shaking the groun so the table
(that immovable feast)
wouldnt move
a whole host of other
consequenses to each action
(Newtonian Law; Equal and Opposite Reaction)
So you see
we are really
stuck with one another

Another Answer!
Gorilla's to Gazelle's
A matter of perspective
Please perceive me in the correct
mirrored light before the warp
(you remember the year?)
and those trippin the light fantastic years
we played
with our dna

Our own Heaven and Hell
gleaned from Constructivists Gestalts Imprints
in Sand Crystals
attached in our dna somehow
(why I dont know)
Living years ago
(carbon based molecules)
So long ago made
melted, metted, potted and pitted
in the invisible
Bottles of Soul.

jj Nov 2 09

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  1. You really couldn't sleep! Looks like this one just poured out like syrup. "maple syrup survivors" jumped out at me for some reason.

    I enjoyed your comment on "Blow-Up". You like it for all the same reasons I do. Yeah, not much plot, but it's okay. It's art.