Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Trade-In Dreams for Visions

Last Night
I didnt get to sleep at all
no no
well briefly too briefly
needing no briefs
to wreck havoc with my
peaceful slumber
nor wedges
wedged between us
wedgies get uncomfortable

This dream of a cap in a car
and a nother of being wher you are
when I was a civil war soldier
shot down
on the planes of some farmer's field
seeing the oh say can you see
sun come up at red dawn
my poorboy hoagy sandwich
was put to bed too soon
in the killing fields
time forgot
i am buried
under your house
like a poltergeist in
a Stephen King novel

my ears too sensitive to sound
i plug them us so the unblock
(does this make sense?)
hoome remedies
work best for me
being a hobo
i did all the rails
and rallied round the same flag
where you rest your cap'd head

odd numbers game
so synchronisitc
almost antagonistic
not meaning to be
but really
those bells and whistles
just wont quiet now
and so i said
just like it happened
the earth she moved
6.6 in Revelstoke

Time to trade-in or reinvent
the patterns are so repeating
we need new dreams and visions
with fresh ideas and scents
how will i find these
now that my visual inspiration has
the most muse of my heart
rendered me useless?

From this vast emptiness
of repostitory
reposting glory
those days are gone
like a flash
from a bat
whipping past my head
on a hot summer night
his bat skin was so tight
kinda creeped me out

as these memories last
maybe so long and are stored
like old beer bottles
under the cellar stairs
as I stare blankly at the wall
(nothing new in that)
she's a dreamer
(what's wrong with this picture"
would you prefer a beer
I'd give you that
Yes I will

So anyhow time to go
make a day a day
tie it up neat in a bow
hoping that I make a difference
which is more than just surface stuff
hoping beyond hope
i make sense why
the ear buzz
the memories
the fluff of dreams
got stuck

jj 16 11 09

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