Thursday, November 19, 2009

Journey to Chicken-itza and Kitten-Ixlan

From the desk of Alantean Times by Alan-Tea-hen the Alantean godddess of Mod-ess-Tee, Supremo Sister of it Pray it Forward Jazz band ensemble; Mistress of Wonderland Ensemblage Reinactments in One Act; Precursor of Praise, Matron of Matronflies, Madmoiselle DePomPoms, Selectrix of Deliteful Indwelling, Chatelaine de Champagne House, Toll Booth Cookie Maven, Devotee of all Devotionals, Journals Anals and Plungers, Spatula City Fan Club, Messing with the wrong guy fixer, Snooper Scooper in Niagara Falls, Humpty Dumpty's Best Friend, Ocsar the Grouch's Only Friend, Wisewoman's Broad, Definitive Stone Soup Imbiber, Translator of Pleidian Idioms, Creator of Zinc and All that is in the Zink, including Bulldog Steel Wool, Newbian file Slave driver and of all things meaningfully Green and keen welcome. Those with Verdent merit; Mary Day Tripper of the Love Light Fantastic Orbs, Purveyor of Hidden Worlds where Green things cling-ons past minute, Holiday Haitus grass growers conventioners of all sorts, Win a winebago dreams and pink cadillac giveaways, silver gold bling finders, lost ring retrivers, grassy knolls trolls do their own thing, we let them.
When that pixy dust finally settles and the things come out to play and Tings and Sparklings ratfink ring now invisible in dusk light, by the light of the crystal balls, soft ringing from soft warmed breezes Shanook bells ring to gather in the far and near those we hold dear to us. As with all thi soothing our hearts ready for hearty light times to dance softly on upper tree branches and gathering nectar from small bees mouths, so many to feed. Will we have enough royal bee jelly tonight, our shall I have to order more?
As with a resounding "yes" to all our souls desires, our soulful sounds emaniate making real the unreal as from out of love come the serotonin love receptors. As natural as apple pie. Yes, the only word to be heard as all is right with the world and universe.
To those nascent light beings not made completely whole yet, still simmering ideas slowly on the backbrain burner; a goodly welcome friend! As you breath deeply the rich goodness such subtle gurgling spring-fed ozone light energy producing magic cojoles you to a state of blissful euphoria which seems that this is the way it should always be, but couldnt be for so long until the Green Song came back to roost in the Garden of Love. As we love collecting Blue Pleidians, once alien now known as friends that guide us, help us to get back to where we truly belong; we are aware of their knocking. Let them in, child! They who are knowing of their true Sourcing are always welcome here.

Truly, Love resides here, reigns supreme here, made to grow, like a Chia pet, made to know, like a wise white owl on the prowl so much more than any fear t quickly dispell all magic so we dont go there. Or woulds't you cause us not to believe? Never say never, the only double negative allowed on the plains of Civil.

Yes, I believe I know you, from the fairies tale, I believe? Yes, you are all things remotely resembling reassembling the spiritual pathways amiss by too much junk which had also wanted to cling to us. The Separators helped Reduce Reuse Recycle as much as we cared to Tune In, Turn ON, Drop Out, and we chose our future worlds wisely to inhabit in this way, beginning again from the beginning, a new life a new world ordered by a selection process second to none. Our dreams can come true here and now. Finally.

As the Cross-border shoppers got more crossed and decided to lift the border veil and just become less persnickity and all the while our great forebearers of the Long Lost Far Shore Really Real Living in a state of bliss parties that never end all things could be never-ending as our souls had previously told us this to be true.

Late, now open all night by the fabled gates, those who played in the park after eight heard the wishing sounds. Wishing stones read the wishes one by one and then tossed into the well, the dreams went down down down to almost the second level of the first part of the second multiverse. So when you called I was a bit preoccupied in a tattling tale rattling from the inside of the well. All betwixing worlds all is well now. So come to life and the light fantastic. Where new and old meets relative magic; all transformed by gleaners accumulated wealth that has no bottom feeders. Skimmers all! Floaters float not gloat like a mad goat for more, cause more is always available if you so wish. The wish never gets stale.
So add to this ambered universe of glitter power, ziggy stardust and all that, magic you can believe it, or imagine it, you've got it and so much more when you tune in to 108 fm, on the dial no more lonely nights all your friends are here. If you get overwhelmed at the massive inventory take time in the garden for some herbal tea and relax under the fireflies hoochie coochie dance. And don't forget ladies and gentlemen, tonight only is really every night and we just want to inspire with paint and canvas, the amazing array of creative zeal when we found slippery the seal, once thought lost back at the rail! Flipper too, and all those much loved animals await your petting at the petting zoo, where there is hand santizer that doesnt sting and is edible and safe for babies. So to do all to that, I raise the holy grail cup to a new beginning in the Courthouse and by the Lake, a brilliant stellar dawn of a new day; the rest of our lifes, a place of fine adventure!

Yes, we'll keep the light on, the tea kettle too, (latte if you'd prefer) as you gently turn on your love lights on, return to awaken once more your renewed consciousness, rebirthed on the banks, raptured in the tall grasses, given glory when glory was given; you wear that heart mettle on your chest to display proudly your return to the world of Kitten-itza-ixlan.

As these fabled twin worlds interact creating a marvelous recharge of potent subtle tachyon energy fields emerging light brigade we now have purpose. To the continuity of all and everything tuned to "g" my best friend commentator on the constant Ohm Channel. Yes, tex, remember, too that we do indeed, mind and thought and yes, we do leave the lights on all night if you so wish. So when the light twinkles periwinkle blue and colours of all kinds. As you become a clearer learner, the fog is gone!

So say yes to more crystaline and tangerine dreams cinematic wonders made kodachrome ready for reality publishing, your story on the face of the blank slate. You write the words that make your life shine just the way you want it to, without anyone messing with your drive, our your posts or any form of censorship get messed up then you can cool in the bethesda baths, a cool warm pool, where all ohm returns and you feel just fine again! We all get rough in the rough you know, this voyageur trail just makes us so derailed, and now, we know that rough isnt tough it is just rough and liable to be polished to be made as smooth as anything, so shiney you can see your reflection in the endless pool of refracted moon light.
remas that never ended as your world evaded your soul making you feel right at home; pivotal, experimental, more real than really here and now; A welcomed Bliss Aloha.

Passages are rightful, righteous. Meaning in this. Meaning: we all have a right to fair and just passage through life's stages. As we go through now, often the rough underbrush soon to be much more smoothly than possible all engines humming with powerful g machines that roar like a kitten;. To allow +-io+
these rights and not withold them should be a primo function of humankinds. Notice "kinds" as in what the Dalai Lama refers to as "My religion is kindness". So too can it be kind to alow the universe to unfold as it should without so much as a hint of agenda on the minty vapours in earth's garden.

The heady garlic smells awoke me to a protective evoking of the gods of all the microbials. At bay in the ebay-ence drawer, sock drawer top right, where the fancies are kept for those enduring nights of passion that just dont seem to exist much anymore. Could it be that they think me, of 50 years not worthy of love anymore? Not worthy of all things lacey and stringy hanging from me; ample as a Rodin? Fat just doesnt want to convert to energy like it used to; for some reason I am storing fat for the famine to come. The famine to come..

Then if it were now would look like this; teenagers adrift on a puff of cloudy fog, hemmed in bayou, around the lingering culverts and landing barges sweet scents of roxy smoke on the water. And subtle ramblings from the man with the guitar over there, on the far shore beckoning us to come forward to get off the horse on the merry-go-round with its cacphoey of hurly burly, In the Good Ol' Summer time classics, like Tahiti Treat and mom's potato salad. Dont eat all the marachinos, save some for the tall cool drinks in the shade!

And from the sagebush the berbal fresh air tasted sweeter than usual this late evening. The time was August l7th, 1976.And Dave was there, Greg and Celia, and you and Alantean, a couple old geezers, friends from the past, relatives of all kinds, smiles all, no sadness, no regrets we live on the far shore now right under the sign on Wonderland bridge that use to declare that "Dave has big balls". Which Dave. We ALL know which Dave. As Roy Orbison's "Only the Lonely" plays for a short time of recall, we move past that into a glory land like that but different, without the dead head dolls rolling (raining down actually) from Shirley Temple's old Hollywood house on the hills.

Her ultra-high frequency made her ears ache with a stabbing pain ache like a knife was being lodged and relodged in the ear cavity over again every 1/2 second, and the ringing, the damn ringing. "Could you get that please?" said Alanatean. "Yes, yes, right away dear, and I'll get you your breakfast too, what do you care for this morning?" said Come Back Boy. "What do we have left? NOt much I suppose, everyone being up this past weekend cleaned us out of house and home. We'll have to famine til the end of the month again". Alan-tean seemed ok with this, said rather blaise. "Yes, it looks like we down to barebones in mother hubbard's cupboard. "Hey CeeBee, do you remember the Gleaners statement under the bridge, "Dave has big balls"? Alana questioned imploringly..."Yes, of course, who would miss that. Unfortunately some ill-humoured citizen did not think that a righteous statement. Being so close to the cemetry and all. It sounds so sacriligious like when people walk their dogs through the tombstones and they do their business, you know that is wrong, just what is it that life becomes mocked by death. Shouldnt it be the other way around because it says "All matter never dies, it just changes into something else." "We can access this though?" Alana thought. "yes, we can". Certainly we must find how these things get past us, and where do they go. We probalby are sitting on our near and dear ones, near and dear to our heart. Why dont we notice them. ONly in with amber glasses on?" CeeBee "maybe, maybe". St Marcellus never complains, or St. Francis when your puppies does his business, but I personally don't like it. I dont really think it is fair to the living, the dead arent there they have risen and become the human butterfly soul. There is no telling how we can go beyond our old habits that really habituate a way of seeing that is less than the perfected ideal. I wonder what the Dog Whisperer would say about this" Alana grumbled. "You mean Caesar Milan"? "Yes, isnt he something?" He reminds me of, well, he could be.." CeeBee stated "Carlos". "Well yes, he seems to know more of subtle body communication. Do you think he would be good with spirits too, like a John Edward/dog shisperer/Carlos Casteneda? "Why not, CeeBee, ANYTHING is possible, and probably if we can think it, and even more. Reality IS stranger than Ficiton, why, reality is bigger than fiction. What has been is bigger than what is to be? "Maybe..hold that thought, I'll be right back.".

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