Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Frosty Morning at The Institute

plants love to be watered in the morning
observing men's emotional intelligence
how could he ever understand me being a woman
when the sun first rises
he also rises yet not out of bed yet
he is not; no never
aware of the pain that sustains me
the struggle that energies my soul
first glimmers of light on the eastern horizon
men are oblivious to the need inside me
being as plants are rather dumb
outside bitter cold morning
hoar frost on the ground
laying there lifeless gray mound
never bound for glory
like in the train wreck of a life
you called me
on the carpet
to only swiftly remove
the magic once my feet touched the ground
inside this morning's nourishment
will give my cells time to think
how many times they have been wronged
by man
a man, any man, any town, any how
who cares
definitely not men
this is for sure

as i open the door i see the first frost
Man of the Year appearing
Who's the whore now
lets blame it on the whore frost
not on woman as whore
instead of two choices
whore or virgin
not much selection process there

and for awhile
whittling me down to nothing
while nestled snuggly asleep
inside coy boys sleeping
men lay dreaming
of a thousand different kinds of women
who'd need the same old me for continuity
if that's a sake, a cause or a reason to be
chivalry is dead
taken over by cavalier calvary
nailed to the cross
i have to bear
over and over
double crossed
who pulled my card

as this bitter morning
make plants dormant, or die
perrenial or annual
who's to tell
if I can live another year
knowing what I know today
that men just want to make hay
while charged to my emotional
charge account
not that
fine arab charger
with the Mastercard

as these wholly unwelcomed and somewhat
overwhelming feelings come over me
the tents they make automatic pilot
controlled remotely
(all men are so remote really)
as the spring catepillar's coccoon
zooms in
things do appear larger
then they really are
who cares?
size isnt everything
apparently to men
it is
women know outside image
is just that
image not substance
not sustainability either
it is an entrapped parcel of ego
hell bent on destruction
when ego doesnt want to let go
and causes
the charge of the light brigade
a bridge game

dizzy from the expressed heart's need
dizzy i'm so in need
clinging vines
clinging hopelessly to hope beyond hope
never to meet the need where the need is met
the bed is all wet
and it wasnt spent on me

women know just how they feel; how they bleed
plants have hoar frost on them today
chlorophll is magnesium blood to plants
haemaglobin is iron blood to humans
we can find similarities
but we are as rigid steel is to limpid pools of water
both shine both are strong
but the elements are not the same
so varied the resources
to ever understand my element
you need first
never second best
blue ribbon or nothing, babe
men know that hoar is a cold bitter bitch
no quarter
no compromise

such subtle differences
the intrinsic interplay
women's emotional institute
plants are rather simple
complex entities
dont let the subtitles go unnoticed
or unchallenged
speak of them, write them down, understand them
save your soul
if you are tired of saving his skin
from the outside world he inhabits
women you are akin to light magic
while men make havoc a purloined case
against you

men are rather simple
complicated magic
they have so many shells
contained to keep out
the onion layers peeled back
the sensitivity training only went so far
men are outies
women are inies
is that simple enough to understand
viva la difference?
the intricacies of plant life are known
sure some men are subtle
when they come to terms with the nature of man
that wreckless beast that keeps interpreting
their rash
world for them
(i wasnt included on the invitation)

women's interwoven and layered emotion unknown
men are in it for pure pleasure
women are in it for pure pain
plants soon succumb
men soon succumb
women can enjoy the succumbing in so many more ways
than numbing
of plants and men
who knows?
just how women really feel
the expressed letting go
not in Mens Den Dictionaries
as with all denatured nature
soon they'll just feel the stinging breezes
of bitter north winds
to come
as women have
always known
for centuries know
how polarization works
to make opposites attract
to come together
as one flesh
one being
fresh with
renewed soul

jj 12 11 1009

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