Sunday, November 8, 2009

Night's Whale Tale: Buzz Wails

For three solid nights
the whales wail
high pitch
making me feel
the body electric
is all in my head

Ouch turn me off
it is too high
I'd much rather
have a beer buzz
in the key of g
than a grinding key of A
to infinity

Stop the madness
Stop the buzz
Listen to the wail of the whales
underseas creatures all
trying to lament
earth changes
like grating cement on steel
or very large
black boards
and very long nails
scrapped across
my mind reel to reel
make it go away
this torture has to stop

It is Sunday the sound has relented
maybe it just yet another ear infection
caused by the same rt ear inflaming
Valsalva wont pop my ear for months
Is it just that
I am more in tune with the high pitch sounds
than most, or is it an early indicator light
of perceived breach
a reason to surface
after being so low
for so long

Today is brighter than the gloom of a
long month of blue cold wet Sundays
Sunny Sunday today may mean
someone took my burden away
the nauteous ringing binging
worse than Boris Karlof's dang
Chinese Gong
I'd rather have that
It would be in the Key of G
Isn't that the Ohm Channel?

Ohhhh my gooooosssssh!
Stop it already
Tinnitis or metal toxic
collecting radio waves from
old silver fillings
or is that old space science
of the Noetic kind?
The First Noel or
Silent Night
being my preference

So it isnt really me
bounding out of bed
with time clocks wrap
by ravages of time
or being or wanting raving
(hey if this happens, I'm game)
but now...why now
Is this the sound the earth makes
before the big grate
of buckling shelves
heaping on top
forcing up
to the surface
a brand new mountain
birthing pains?

Ouch! I'll take labour pains!
This wretching buzz
only creates
zombie shelf life
Knowing electronics
I am sure
Dont play this HAARP
who's zooming who
when you thought
big brother was boss

The machine when in the off position
may not be all the way off
maybe it is that 60 cycle hum
that keeps going on way past
sixty seconds
sixty minutes
sixty hours
sixty days
sixty years
sixty millenia
For how long this buzz
How long is eternity?
That's how long it seems!

Maybe then, when the earth calms
when birth is realized in this way
peace will return to the earth
and the buzz in our brains
that lights our nights
keeping them on all night
will our melatonin goes whack
and we become whack
from the interruption of circadian rhyhms
and sugar plums dancing in our heads
Crash boom
What's going on down there?
Blast furnaces to hell?
You have to actually make hell?
Wasnt here already?
Maybe not.

I can work with this hummmmbum brain buzz
I like buzzes
makes me feel like a bee
a queen bee
i got the buzz
ya see
now i know
you really want me
that buzz lasted that long
from the 70's?
What the?

So buzz lightly
you're my main man
controller of all things buzzy
in my brain full of residual high pitch bends
feels like I am coming down off a bender
round the bend
visit the bend
do the bend
we always did
in our cruiser Friday abd Saturday nights
and Sundays in the convertible
we were a happenin' sight

Buzz I can stand ya
I know what you represent
Change is a coming for me
whether I like it or not
lots of hot talk
(what did I do this time; did I do that?)
Well anything is likely if that energy is
the needed sound to make my earth move
and turn
revolving on its' axis
gyroscopic she bee
on sea legs like a drunk
she trips over her big body parts
and passes out
"The peace that passeth all understanding"
The buzz that buzzeth all understanding"
seems too much silence and too much buzzing
are in competition for the
Beauty Queen Award
"Which goes to...Buzzbe Berkley and the Serene Queen of Soul"
I'll just think of the buzz as extended
jazz ensemble that goes on and on far too long

Did you miss me that much
you had to send
messages by buzz rather than by regular post
I am impressed~!
You really must love me to torture me in this way
grating or piling or labelling
are you stacking those sandstone
so we wont all go toppling down
(How's that for earth Geoconstruction)
It is possible now, but oh...about my
the buzzing, the ringing off the phone
the constant high pitch caterwhale
the screetch of silent owls
so high their scream
but I get a first class
seat at the concert only
Dr. Suess characters and me
can hear
what is it?
what does it mean
when will it stop
maybe I just need

When it stops I'll let you know
and then we will party in silence
like the volume turned off
how can that be so bad when
I've been lit up like a Singing Christmas Tree
in the Key of A for so long I forgot to
make turkey
or save some for Christmas
because who knows?
This may not be going away
anytime soon!

Send in the Whales
They'll know what to do
when the sounds of crunching
rest on sensitive ears
why must I hear
sounds that arent here?

jj 08 11 09

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