Thursday, November 5, 2009

Purging Gray November Skies Incantation

Boil Boil Toil and Trouble
Cauldron's on and Double Double
Am I to die over these Nov skies
As from but a dream
Gray skies surround foggy mindedness
left with the Circus
Florida Citrus
those honkers
above me I wave
the Snowbirds

As November lurks
in the hearts and minds
men and women
raise glass
Lord Dreaded weather sets in
That screaming banshee
of killer wind storms
highway ghosts can atest
Where danger fears to tread never
Always worse than the highway reports
til we wake up and say
Novembmer is often the human cull timebetween
deadly scourges, dirges and sudden onslaught
that sickening snickering reality
laughs in my destroyed face
nature so benign to be a murderer
for as us we're dumb and dumberer
to the master plan
unknown common
not to have a name
for mystery and misery hangs with uncommon company
strange guests
gusts got the better of us
a powerhouse
of energy
from god knows where?
caution to the winds of change?
hey dont forget
to remember Lightfoot's Edmund Fitzgerald
and other soldier sailors
merchant or navy
war or no war
this vet says no more and

yet this road takes everything
and last far too long here

Could cold dole drums be worse
that time forever seems
never to let up
around the neck
the weightiness of the Universe?

heave Ho
those dumped weighty matters
like plain mashed potatoes
without dash, butter or creme
old folk Jane
heaped on the floor
like flavourlessness of the day
no callers no wonder
these endless days of endless waiting
for a glimpse of your soul
inside out
i feel so worn out
old sock top drawer
this sad and wrinkled annie's apple
defeated by time
the glint from gleaners
once shining examples of how
the chief's daughter
hunter and gatherer
just blinked
blown out

all over now
rotten the apple's core
the decay parts
catching up
the snake hath
coming in for the
final sting
the bitter poison
found beneath the waves

have a nice day smiles
to be forgotten
once invisible
become visible
now the surroundings
know me
to well

Liquid Inspiration
like lost sunshine
may transgress my soul
look upright for awhile
maybe stoke my ego with saul bellows
til i get it
all together again
hot air balloon from Napoleon's golden
sniffter crystal arch
elixir of life
where's the strife
or Poirot's one third left
glass of Merlot
held up to view
to see
ya see?
not much time left
more than half-full
still trying to be
positive through it all
if Hercules cares
to spare one sip for me
i'd like that

transients trangress this
Liquid Lunchtime all
Leap Forward Lepers
misplaced and missing person
maybe past noon
time is at hand
time is soon found
space has always been lost
prodgigal son pendantic one of
those who Raised Cain
cheers for fears
no fear
who's the boss
in my books
ne'er forget
the forgotten
not viable
truth not at hand
ne'er allowed to breathe

I'm just guessing
at how these retracted feelings
suddenly surface
like air to surface
cupid's missled
reverse engineered
simplifies the
launching process server
like a breach
on the fair exchange beach
this great white whale
sings old songs
those ancient songs
of Humpback Whales
sung once
sung twice
for emphasis
remembered forever
resurfaced feelings
that wont go away
anytime soon
those feelings
do have meaning
and catalogued
circa's Orca
Sound machine

to sing songs
below the deep sea
Feels like how
a day in
June's life
responded to hearing
Johnny got his wings
albeit dressed in black
Happy and Biff
at the Same Time
these hands
fold around
like drapery
this man of country song
covered once
pleaded always
crossed never
by sheet music's score
angels sweet kiss
June now
around blue stained grass
A little bit of heaven's tender music
flowing through
elemental water
smoothed over worn river rocks
old pains
held too long within

as earth's mountains
meet free sky
fly away
let go
feathers alight
fly so high
touch base so briefly
these two souls
become one
and then are gone

in love once
now from this and now into this
the intuitive flow going...where
god knows..
who knows you...
do you know...
god loves you
yes it
appear so
to make me feel
feel real
as i should be
with god's help
it should work

jj 05 11 09

no salt
no sugar


mashed potatoes
upon my plate

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