Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pleidian Blue Aliens Chaneller

Pleidian Blue Angel: Good morning world! I have come in peace from the region of peace.
Aging Actress: No shit.
PBA: AbSOULutely no shit.
AA: Honey, if that's all you got, I've got swamp land in Florida I'd like to sell you.
PBA: We do not buy or sell anything in Pleidia..everything is free, especially the soul.
AA: Last time I remember anything free it was a whistle I got with my hot dog on Coney Island.
PBA: That is what I've come redirect the human soul, to give back what has been hibernating for so long. Fear has made you all prisioners; to build walls, fences, defences of all kinds so that you not only protect for intrusion but you block all spiritual growth. The over-protectionist mind/soul set way of thinking is eventually going to destroy the human soul.
AA: Hey, Blue Boy, I'd dont think so. I got more soul in my little pinky than you have in all that wrinkled gray skin with those lovely deep space eyes and blue after glow.
PBA: Listen the time is near.
AA: Honey, I've been waiting for this time since I first got hatched.
PBA: Are you drunk again Dianna?
AA: When am I not, Blue? You know my life has not be as stellar as yours.
PBA: You need to find love Angela.
AA: Why do you call me by these different names?
PBA: Oh I thought you were an actress?
AA: Ya, so what?
PBA: Well I thought you could be anyone you wanted to be.
AA: No, honey I am not really those people when I act, I step into their personaes, I am well aware of the marginal lines between where my person or ego resides and where the acted personae begins.
PBA: Really? Are you sure?
AA: Look, sweetie, if I wanted acting advice I'd go to the Actor's Studio and talk with Stravinsky.
PBA: Understand my Point of View, please.
AA: I'm listening.
PBA: It's like this; when you become a "character", when you are acting, you inhabit for a time a new way of seeing the world from a different and distinct set of eyes. You allow yourself to be, or inhabit, don the uniform and shoes of another human being; whether they be alive, dead or imagined, is this true.
AA: Right as rain Angel.
PBA: ok I get it. Pleidians do the same thing, except they collectively see through one soul, in other words, we all share the same spiritual body. Earthlings use to do that, but they separated some how. Maybe by the Universal Atrophy theory. Something removed the Universe or moved the Universe or set for a separation of cells, of energies, whereas the plasmic soul energies of convergent souls diverged somehow. It is up to me, on my mission, to collect the separated pieces and put them back together again.
AA: And how do you plan to do that, Blue?
PBA: There is only way to do this.
AA: You're kidding me right. Hey I am reading your mind, at it is rude.
PBA: You think I mean that, but what I really mean is a coming together of spiritual energies as in The Awakening.
AA: Oh, child, we've had that for years!
PBA: What do you call it here Earthling Angel?
AA: We call it The Rapture.
PBA: Same thing.
AA: So you are going to start The Rapture?
PBA: It is the only way to correct The System.
AA: There's a Systen? To all this madness?
PBA: You bet sister Cosmic traveller.
AA: Well I'll be.
PBA: There is much love to follow. You will be amazed at the power of Blue Angel Energies.
AA: Is that like tidy bowl.
PBA: Well instead of flush away, we will blush and glow with a blue residual glow, just like the one you see around me.
AA: Yes, I do see that unique glow, what is it?
PBA: It is energy from the deep blue energy field, it is a combination of essential elements that allow the Pleidians access to various dimensions, matter. It is a unique energy field which is not from this dimension, it is from a denser form of element. You have not discovered this element as yet.
We will gift you with this element once we converge at The Awakening. Actually, you have this energy, it just has been diminishing in this dimension due to the atrophy here. Don't worry, it will be reestablished. Nothing is impossible for the Pleidians. We ARE angels you know.
AA: Oh yeah? Humph, I didnt realize that. I did think that though, you were always there for me. Why is that?
PBA: Angela, for years we have been watching as the Watchers. Now, we are here, although somewhat invisible to most, except those with spiritual eyes on. If you have that extra something (which is missing in a great number of earthlings) if you are what is called "star child/ren" then you will know of us, sometimes see between the layers of preprogram the real world of spirit. This is the world where we all belong. Where we have unlimited powers of mind, spirit and body. Where there is no decay. I know this is hard for you to understand. The humans coming from decayed lands for so long, or should I say, decaying elements. There is a part in the Universe where there is no decay, where things are always the same, yet the different. I suppose you'd call Pleidia "Heaven". Here is harmful for the Pleidians, we must don extra power blue elementals before we can attempt to live here. Our crashed aliens at Roswell soon succumbed to the hazards here. It is a very harsh environment in all different ways to us. We do know that some of you are descendants of the Blue Alien line.
AA: What Blue Angel clothing line, sounds like a San Francisco clothing label.
PBA: hahaha
AA: hahaha! Never thought I'd be conversing on this bench with a Blue Pleidian Angel!
PBA: And I never thought I'd be conversing with a beautiful light being superstar.
AA: Oh, Blue, you always say the nicest things!

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