Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Find Time

Time soon Found
since long forgot
a black and white photograph
Like Argamemnon's powerful Ergot
Or mayan blue Agate seas
by the Agean far shores
maybe Alantean
all those memories
held tightly with
left in a bell jar
by the memory window
reflecting back on the past
Waiting for the right moment
in this time
to awaken once more
to the persistence
of time and memory
precious memories
hopefully stamped
on our dna

to be here and now
as time's looming presense
not the present
but a force to be recognized
and recoined with
Over us
slowly ever so slowly
almost stop-frame slow
lapping waters
over our lap in the shallow pool
warm serene brook
fresh scented with ozone
and cedar
hear these soft waters flow
over sedona
river rocks
time worn
like cowboy chaps
smoothed over
through a grinding process
that thankfully
left softer than
corn silk
made holy
these memories
by time's engraving machine
by Louis Daguerre
and company

Time needn't ravish
or vanish
all the good you've done
Time heals all wounds
come undone
Time can create
a better dream
For all our forever tomorrows
are yet to be

jj 16 11 09

n.b. the following poem was inspired by yesterday's TCM (Turner's Classic Movie channel) movie called One Man's Journey with Lionel Barrymore (a classic!)

There will always be time to do the things
to do the things (thanks Harry Chapin!)
we have to do once they find us
like dishes in the sink
laundry on the floor
dust on the ceiling fan
We'll always have endless loop
droll never-ending chores
stacked one upon another
keeping us from ourselves
keeping us from our deep enclave
our place
our niche
our space
As time
so quickly takes away
subtracts and extracts
makes potent
makes important
gives heed to the real meaning
of all that is
and could be
if only
we'd stop
on our stoop
and smell the roses
take in a deep breath
into the centre of our being
hold for a moment
make it last longer
So make haste
time never wastes
make time
spent wrapped in snugglies
with lovies
love surrounds you
as time so quickly
feet on fast forward
to who knows where
but not here
like i'd like
you're gone
and nothing can be done

As the necessity is the abSOULute
and time is the regulator clock
timing precisely our rna encrusted
17 jewels
clockmakers know
the requirement
to meet obligations
cannot be compromised for a minute
not a moment
not a spark of a quark
Remember this as your cherished
baby cherubs
celestial angels
singing in the choir
awaken you to the magic here too
as they kiss your wounded cheek
gently reminding you
heaven isnt far away
as you awaken from the dream to this
so gently
so softly
the touch of the child
sweet kiss
you awaken dear mommy
to the lovely dream
to live again
knowing now
the importance of dreaming
the ever so dreamy
world of love
becomes Constance's dream
the Universe of Love
is yet to be
the world as we know it
so much more
than we can ever imagine
as it was always meant to be


jj 16 11 09

here is another inspiration from my feeling world today

Heaven Can't Wait

So I am with you
for only a time
gentle ones
kind ones
forever friends
What we have shared
you're always in my heart
in my mind
in my soul
held so close
I can touch you
even though
you are far away
you are right here today
deep in my mind
you're always in my heart
held upright so
held high
lovingly cherished
you know this to be so

No changing world
or worlds asunder
can render this to change
you are always in my heart
always in my soul
always propped up
to see beyond the fence
to see through the veil
to see all what is hidden still
over that wall
through the garden gate
over that grass you wanted greener
as i got the blues
knowing I couldnt keep up
with the Jones
or the Smiths
oh for crying blue whales
too blue to know what to do
you packed your bags
long before I left
your destination
not too final I had hoped

never getting any bluer
from a day without sunshine
a day without you
what could I do

than from my wanting you
but I couldnt get you back
stamped and returned
to sender
someone else had to take up the cause
because I knew not what was going on
with you

you are always in my heart
no matter what catacylsm
no matter how thunder asunders
or usurpership works
no matter the cool distant chill
of the pill that makes you thin
you still are you
I'm still me
i can deal with that

the times
they were a changing for me
with each step
walking past the arena
the lion hadn't bit me yet
as the loudspeaker droned
and pumped up sound
much larger than the roar
from MGM

This dream, my dream
was always to have and to hold
but you cant hold water
poured out of a vessel
not your own

that Beast
Truth's serene resolve
Perfected in ever way
so as not to appear from here
but from distant highway
maybe heaven
maybe a place like heaven
maybe a vision
who knows

The way it was meant to be
i thought was like Sherlock
before the changing seasons
whirlwinds of furies came
all seemed lost
on an endless
a mobius strip
which reads endlessly
I love you
no matter how
bent out of shape
the universe could get
did get and had gotten rotten
got love love
welcome home

jj 16 11 09

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