Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. Joe Schmoe: Everyman's Dr For the Professional

Dr. Joe Schmoe: I am being interviewed by B.A.T. (Bill Anthony and Tom) today. Please feel free to call in on the requested comment section below. New input is always more than welcome is expected!

B.A.T.: Dr. Schmoe: I've heard that these earth "changes" such as global warming are causing a lot of problems with kittricks fungus, creating enormous problems, such as extinction of species on our planet.

Dr.Joe: Please call me Joe! Yes, Bill, it's true, earth changes are causing these secondary infection vector/virulent agents, etc such as the newly identified (thank gosh) kittricks fungus. However I believe primarily the problem with extinction goes much deeper than the secondary presentation of disease; in other words all these changes are fundamentally an element imbalance problem, and when I say "element" I mean the chemical elements are folding in on one another before our eyes, without anyone being aware of it.

BAT: How so Joe?

Dr. Joe: Well Bill it's like this; we have lost elemental intregrity. You may wonder what the term elemental intregrity is; let me tell you. EI is the disappearance of essential elements the cause of which is speculative at this time. I theorize that these elemental changes in the elements is due to the domino effect of creating new esoteric elements, such as the extreme atomic elements. These exotic elements are virtually "eating" the other lesser naturally occuring radioactive atomic elements. The disappearance of isotopes is case in point; why all of a sudden are we short of these essential elements for the atomic industry? Certainly it happened suddenly, if it were a case in point that the atomic plants were just needing overhauls this would have been prefigured and considered long before the pending shortage. Something smells rotten in Denmark usually is, and the govts are probably too proud to go out and request the public's help or assistance in helping to solve the engima. Typical defence posturing and paranoid thinking of the first kind. We made this problem, with our brain's will, or brain trust the creme made this mess and they cannot clean it up. Typical Humpty Dumpty scenario. Now they have to call upon the lesser gods to solve the mess. Tha't good now they need us. Now we can use our leverage to get more for the middle class instead all our govt tax dollars going into a huge snake pit in the ground hell bent on the earth's destruction!

BAT: Joe, you really think that some ways of thinking accelerate the bad and demote the good.

Dr. Joe: Absolutely Bill.

BAT: Is there a cure for this thinking? For this desire to create hell rather than heaven?

Dr. Joe: It is a matter of perspective. Some people are not coming from the "right" head space. They think differently than you and me common folk.

BAT: How so Joe?

Dr. Joe: Well they have set up a paradigm of a unmoveable pyramid scheme. If you look at the hierarchial chain of command you will see that the heirarchial business model is not sustainable when problem solving. It doesnt work; the hierarchial system doesnt work, it makes things worse, not better.

BAT: How so Joe?

Dr. Joe: Well it is like this Bill; you think of a pyramid. It looks firmly planted on the ground, correct?

BAT: Correct.

Dr. Joe: Well image isnt everything. Remember the pyramid was built on SAND. The foundation being weak means that the top strength and power lordism is weak. Sooner or later this hierarchial scheme will fail. It is bound to fail.

BAT: How so Joe?

Dr. Joe: Well Bill, it's like this; the hierarchial pyramid schemers fail to consider a lot of "outside the box" or "outside the pyramid" type thinking when they are arranging their pyramidial schemed world. In other words; the "pyramid schemers" did not think about the common bottom line very much; the well being of the earth and ALL that is in it. The first priority or what is termed in Star Trek as "the prime directive" was never a vital issue to the builders of this weak pyramid structure built on SAND.

BAT; But Joe, the pyramids have lasted for generations. They are the oldest known structure.

Joe: Bill no they are not. Although there is some speculation that the pyramids are maybe 6 to 10 thousand years old, it is more than likely less than 3 thousand years ago. Some thought the pyramids built not by the 18 dynasties of the Egyptian Pharoah Kings but rather some "alien" seed. This thought came about due to the extraordinary way the pyramids were constructed with tools and machines deemed far advanced for this early archeological age. (check the dates on the age of the pyramids; I may be way off, however, this is due to the fact there is much dispute Dr. Hawass etc) in regards to the true age of the pyramids. Anyway, the pyramid examples is just what I was trying to conceptualize; not only as an archelogical structure but as a business model as well. It seems our entire political system throughout time has been based on this model. Isnt it time to reverse or inverse the pyramid and topple the pyramidial scheme of things. It doesnt work for the benefit of mankind and the earth!

BAT: I agree Joe. There was the recent collapse of the world financial institution. Obviously the pyramidial scheme of things isnt benefitting the world and its people.

Dr. Joe: Exactly Bill! Now you get my drift! And there are manymore examples of how the pyramid scheme of things is ultimately corrupt, putting too much power in too few hands. But how would you propose we get back the balance found in the discovered imbalance found in pyramidial business model?

BAT: By examining the problems (all of them). Make a flow chart of the problems and backward engineer a new model?

Dr. Joe: Brilliant Bill! Are you sure you're not a dr too? We cant all be dr's according to the dr's. They be out of money and then who would support their greedy lifestyle which makes them feel so superior to us regular Joes?

BAT: I think you hit the nail on the head again Joe!

Dr. Joe: That's why I am a new classification of Dr. Like you said Joe, we must "backward engineer" a new model for success because the old pyramidial model if cntinued to be used will certainly ruin us all, Dr.'s and Brain Trust as well. As you can tell, they need us know, time to go to the table and get the best deal. In other words, the common man is in a very good position to propose changes in how we manage (and micromanage) our affairs. It doesnt have to be dramatic like a Russian Revolution of l910 for example. It just needs to happen or else we are no longer creme of the crop, but rather creme soup!

BAT: hahah! Joe, you're a riot. I love your "Jersey" accent.

Dr. Joe: You do? You should hear my girlfriend! haha!

BAT: So what are we looking at? What kinds of issues are priority right now?

Dr. Joe: Well Bill we have many priorities, but first on the agenda would be the environment because the level of extinction is too great. This means humans are next. You ever thought how "strange" H1N1? Even the ads said this is a "new" flu season. What the heck are the officials saying here? What makes this pandemic new? By "new" do they mean "strange" as in something they can't figure out? so they call it new? There is not definition here, no real explanation. Reminds me of the time I ask my doctors questions and I dont get straight answers. It was not like this a few years ago. Pose the question "Are we doomed" to a doctor. They will not answer. Silence. In this case silence is not golden, and I dont think we should take "doomed" lying down. Arent we suppose to "fight fight against the night, or rather "Rage, rage, against the dying of the light" Dylan Thomas (poet). If it is indeed light that is dying. With the odd things happening on the elemental front, one can assume that maybe this is a case in point. What else is the common man, the "citizen" to believe. We just dont know half of what is going on in top secret circles. Seems those in the "know" are just as confused (if not moreso) than us the common man (or common woman). It is time to reclaim our input and right to determine our own existence on this planet. We are not sheeple, never have been, never will be. And that is not the way of the frontiersperson or the voyageur, to be bullied by a few who "lord it over us" in defiant and cruelly callous ways, with no mind to our state of affairs or our entrenched rights in democratic constitutions around the world. We should DEMAND more input and results, making those in power legally accountable for their mistakes, and lack of insight; which creates disasters for the many. We need this input to save the few top 3 percent from theirselves, their greedy self-loving selves! Remember; we are the pioneers, the innovators, we should have integral and entrenched no questions asked rights which we dont have now for some reason. What is the reason? Too late to cry because we are so screwed up by ill-thinking and conception that we are going down with the ship because the "captains, generals, etc" made fatal errors, stupid fatal errors, from lack of insight? Is this ok with you. It doesnt sit well with me when can be so much better than the pea-brain thinking of a few old cronies. Good old boys! What if we are totally usurped at this time? From someone with lousey personal agendas? How would we know? These cult groups are real and deadly, they are really a scourge, and need to be examined by a doctor and remedy given. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this lack of communication and non-clear speaking. Our collective "need to know" is being wholly eliminated from the commonpersons (we are not common, I guess I should say here "citizen" rather than the archaic term "commoner", oh I hate that term! it is so belittlingly, like the term "person non-gratis", or "invalid", under God no one is "invalid" or "non-gratis").
We are all free and valuable. Dictomy persists, we need more input from more people. Thank goodness this is possible today with computers and opinions gathered, but it should go much further when it comes to vital decision making. What really gets my goat (No Get Goats) is the fact that the elite really BELIEVE they are ELITE set apart from us, more valued, more special, more intelligent, etc. They look upon us from a negative perspecitive, like the commoner is the enemy. Like the citizen common is the enemy. When and where did this negative way of seeing the masses come from? There needs a bridge here between executive and us Joe Schmoes, and I just don't mean Dr. Joe Schmoe either. I mean all of us Joe Schmoes of the world, all of us commoners need to have value and we need to demand this value. In a democracy we are suppose to have power, but for some reason we do not. We do not have any value as common democratic people because we do not demand it. Democracy must remain active and persistentially pursued. Once we slack off on the demanding our rights we slack off on receiving them. Greed from the corporate piggy wigs kicks in and they start building their executives-only world and then we are truly screwed. Too late to cry. So how do we become vocale? How do we initiate our power base? How do we, as commoners exercise our holy rollers, commoners as "players" placement in society? How?

BAT: Unions?

Dr. Joe: That creates a lot of animosity for the mucky mucks higher ups who greatly disdain ANY perceived threat to their power base. The mucky mucks dont want to share their toys. They are, after all, spoiled brats in the sandbox of toys. You wont get much unless you entrench your rights somehow.

BAT: Joe, I am beginning to see your point. How we are really required to establish the commoner establishment as a powerbase that should be equally if not more powerful than the top 3percent of Yes men Good old boys agenda.

Dr. Joe: You're a fast learner. You see the fence, now we must scale it. It isnt easy reestablishing in the extreme environment (politically speaking) we are in right now. It seems that there are political cycles, and they could be gauged. Maybe these pol cycles go along with other cycles like the nuclear, or tide cycle, something natural which we are, to date unaware of. Maybe when the earth gets imbalanced so does the political systems. Someone could find this out by doing a test on this subject model. If the two are established as having a co-relation what would this tell us about politics, human nature and the natural elements.

BAT: Lots. So, Joe...what is next important after we figure out where the missing isotopes and other elements went and how to get them back?

Dr. Joe: You're kidding, right? You want me to give away everything? You want me to freely give my ideas here without renumeration? Are you nuts. I have dreams. I want to eat. I have a plan, I have this plan for Scooter City for physically/mentally challenged people. I want to realize these dreams, and unfortunately for me, of the fiscally impaired these dreams take MONEY and MANWOMAN power! You get my drift?

BAT: Sure Joe! You're holding out for the highest bidder just like all the old cronies.

Dr. Joe: You think I caved, that I gave in to the cronies, that I sold out. Believe me Bill, that is further from the truth. The truth is, sometimes one MUST manipulate matter to become an grand "illusionist" to make things work. Remember the famous one liner by PT Barnum: "A sucker is born every minute". It is callous and cruel, but if you really need to eat, you need to eat. Survival mode kicks in. This is survival mode is a danger mode for the cronies. They know this and have zillions of ways of how to control the masses. Unfortunately for them, once we are dust they'll realize too late that they needed us. Their demise will soon follow. That is the law of cause and effect. Unfortunately. As in the words of Zed in MIB "Sucks, doesn't it?" Yes it sucks!

BAT. Yes, it "sucks". Any remedy for "suck".

Dr. Joe: Doubtful, but we are all working on it! Thanks for your interview today Bill!

BAT: You're welcome Joe. It has been an eye-opener. Hope to interview you in the near future, would this be ok?

Dr. Joe: (in thick New Jersey accent) Certoinly!

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