Sunday, November 15, 2009

What is it: Chaos in the Ordered Cosmos

Is there no way to change "what is" it
What is happening when silverware goes
mysteriously missing
pieces of silver
sliver of light
with true meaning?

the mock up rooked the worn world by "what is"
elemental interplay
essential epismology
exact change
exacting change
expecting chaos
ordered with the grilled cheese and milkshake
less than nothing but more than something

How in control this picture
whose transmission ordered by submission
our place
our placement
on this planet
our world
too worldly
viewed through the veiwfinder
or veered through the thoughtfinder
dumped if not streamed
exactly as deemed
by the gluten
the forgotten
once the shaking ceased
we could be ourselves again
before the realm
of Maximillions

by who's designs
by who's schemes
power knows no bounds
brought down by a ruler
with the teeter-totter
of one dangling lintel rock
keystone cop
tom foolery
the jest is on us
as we try to recollect
those pieces missing or lost

by who's dreams
the dreamer's dreams
created outside
who's box?
who made the template
we all contribute
during collection plate
maybe just a mite
but whoa that mite's got bite
an maybe
moxy proxy and roxy
white bobbysoxy
saddled with shoes
you can call your own
even if
you didnt make the elements
you still can put together
the pieces to the puzzle
unless by starlights design
the drive-in called you in
for late nights at the drafting table
to make something happen
to start
the engine
on new designs
and new physica unearthed
from our newest element
found on the latest asteroid

who ordered chaos
to make it
what it is
what is it
somewhat chaotic
somewhat chaotic-

on this planet
things defy description
which may
just make more
unanswered questions
as chaos must make more
of itself
as it balances
our need to know
with our know not to need
tto let it just be
an epitome
That great big E gig
the glue that binds
parts to scattered
you heard
answered in bits
partdefying logic
laughing in the face
of perreniality
each year we think we are safe
for another year
another day
another minute
another second
Chaos Reclaims us
tattered and torn
worn out
from our need
to make
sense of the storms

not that we want to believe
all there is is really nothing
no matter
no glory
no purpose in the madness
there is in a minute
an hour
a day
a year
a lifetime
ordered chaos
like the fly in the soup
you got it anyway

no matter
(but it does)
no means
(but there are)
no while away the hours
(every minute countsdown to zero)
whittled down to nothing
nothing is something
(less is more)
what's with the contradictions
is this a door?
a door of perception opened slightly
a jar is not a jar unless it is ajar
your car door
close the door
we're not ready yet

Whistler's mother
perched on her rocker
on top of old smokey
granny kitch is the most
how does this fit
like me a misfit
did chaos already get
the misbegot
a lost and found struggler
dangling on the line
(that's all we've got?)
are we all just fodder
for humongous groupers
(there's safety in numbers?)
no mind
most obliged
for your meal was real
even if you said it contain
copyrighted material
adjust for
wraths hammer
rafts from lot
lofts and lots
of powersway placement bars
top three would want it this way
can i say commi cameleon?!

bawe elements got the better of me
in the chemical admix that got
a tad too complex to fpreigure in the mix?
how these building blocks became
ever increasing
the load
the stress
weighty matters
(organic or inorganic?)
it all matters
matter doesnt matter
chaos wins

back at the ranch
tads road diner
fine cosmos fare
here in erie
chaos is known to eat
that's a start
to an understanding
of our little friend
always gets us in the end

the sun also rises rosey dawn
this morning
as the sum of the sun is not known
too few bricks to make a home
when those bricks get burnt
could all matter not matter
when we say nonmatter
it mustnt matter to matter
or does it?
maybe chaos is the beginning of the universe
the tick before the clock?

if this world means little or nothing
to the big eating party goer chaos bikers
"what is"
means reams
to those who try to dream past the drama
regurged rules
make me rehurl
as the whirlwinds of change
come crashing in this November
along with the sinking
of my stomach
and the Edmund Fitzgerald
"I feel sick"

What is it that has or holds the power keys to all
of destiny?
What is it that makes the day gray or blue
What is it that gives me the feeling I am
steering committee
deep in my being
a way to know
what is
a Way
to the
A way out
or a way in?
locked in television tunnelvision and preprogrammed thought?
can i call the police
for this thought derives from where? there? in that tube of a thing I call a tv? Brain waves for the taking, making, placesetting? train the brain to find less stereo-typical ways of thinking, create your own brand in the plastered world there is space on the wall left if just a bit, you cn always find more pieces of the broken wall
Gorbachev "Tear this wall down" a cry, a order, or plea? More space is needed for advertisement!

Lay low as the triumphant trumpeter swans
clear to midland
beckons with each scratchy sounds from St Elsewheres
hand bumps
(how can that feel good?)
as we go about our daily
(in the schemata of all that is "what is it" chaotic)
on these
errie summer shores
lanquid days
never end
no mans land
(that's why I'm not there)
too bad once I knew where I was going
where i once thought
you'd always begone like a flash
to the nearest cashcow
somehow didnt cut it
with me
but for a time only
that's all folks

ah ha
so nobody
no one
hardly anyone of us really gets
when we really want to hold onto
those whose tempest in teacupsbrag
a bit too much
havent got it all upstairs
because downstairs really
were holding their ankles
from the ascent
the mountain couldnt take
anymore than three percent
c ya latter
idle chatter
battling battler
lather and disolve
1 to 3 parrts
(what symmetry!)
knowing so much better
what's the heck's the matter
you're an amazing breed of animal
just not two peas in a pod
we two dont think at all alike
if we thought at all
it would have ended years ago
bye and bye
in the sweet here after
here and now
and then
when's then
so let chaos rule
when it doesnt feel like Sunday
when chaos rules
come mocking
on the door
what are you trying to do
claim your parcel
of eternity
(wouldst if i could but you werent true)
not to say it could be
just highly unlikely
so the crystal ball says
(who listens to balls anyway?)

Why would I think me a rook
when I gave you my all
but you wanted a better cut
for yourself
and dealt me out of the deal
without me knowing of course
was that fair
no not at all
but then again
who said
anything here
was fair
I've learned to accept
what i cannot be without
what is it
without the scorcerer's apprentice
without money power position
without professional rank
to confess
you dont know
diddlely squat

maybe you'll have a better chance
when given the roll
you'd probably prefer
to go out
knowing full well
you did little
but create
order out of the looming
night's toll
cunning culling games
when those with the most
tricks whens
what is it

Cautusly optimistic
most chart plight
dreaded blight
guarded flight
rising thusly
plane cant rise
timed just so
let it go
looking through tunnels
gives me bad vision
inner vision better
as i keep getting
blinkers to this here
the crap game's over
as to what to do with what it is
i don't know
chaos can really freak us out
worse than any horror
brains can conceive
the good the bad and the ugly
what we choose to do
is to focus on the good
1 out of 3
not the greatest of odds
in this three ring circus in
one act
chaos all around us
the bell tolls for thee
are you ready?
are you prayed up
and waiting?
for chaos reclaims us
what it is
may not be
if we think like this
one out of three
could be
the one thing
that saves us
from the other two
not chocolate
left over preamble
from a day where we lost it
on a bet, on a gamble
the tablewares
will we be able to handle
our new silverware set
in a box
like a coffin
maybe only ashen
labelled thusly
not much left of me
I'm already dead

as a zombie
what is your opinion
of the human trial
the errors far outweigh and smooth flow correction
going where
to what is it lands
far far away
who knows where
the truth is hidden now
after these layers
really got mixed up
when the rna sampling
quickly mixed up
before known
what it is
got dumped
and now there's no where to go
but into the chaos
how much will you give me for the key

all got to earn a dime
all got to make some time
all got to find the ryhme
in the chaotic reason
we have here
what is it
did you call me
or did i call you
something is calling anyway
not sure who or whom
maybe that bell
or the gong show
saved by the bell!

all those catalogues heaped on my desk
surfaced from where, what the
what is it
what are you saying
doing being
have you guilt
from treating me as less than
pleasant meet me in the middle
i least expect the best
the best of what is to be
en trance
you like new things
i got old too fast

so these new things

maybe they hold the key
to all those cutesy answers
pendingin the vending machine
in these hinterlands
moose heaes to beavertails
wooden nickelodeon
prospector's party
where gold flows
that temple of doom
what it is
and where it is going
where it can be
always on the move
keep one step ahead
the best you can do

do i really want to be
in another horror picture show
rocky thought schlocky
even for a kitchy commercial
pretty scary
you'd know that by now
how to convince
the old man
if it is going to be this bad
why not make a movie
and make money
the least I can do

for him horror is an ugly beast
but for me it is so second hat
like living it everyday
makes me think
maybe that's what war is for
creating horror for it is
what is it
only a movie anyway?

jj 15 11 09

the mystery unfolds assuredly

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