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Transparent aluminium is 'new state of matter'
July 27th, 2009 Enlarge
Experimental set-up at the FLASH laser used to discover the new state of matter.

( -- Oxford scientists have created a transparent form of aluminium by bombarding the metal with the world’s most powerful soft X-ray laser. 'Transparent aluminium' previously only existed in science fiction, featuring in the movie Star Trek IV, but the real material is an exotic new state of matter with implications for planetary science and nuclear fusion.

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In this week’s Nature Physics an international team, led by Oxford University scientists, report that a short pulse from the FLASH laser ‘knocked out’ a core electron from every aluminium atom in a sample without disrupting the metal’s crystalline structure. This turned the aluminium nearly invisible to extreme ultraviolet radiation.

''What we have created is a completely new state of matter nobody has seen before,’ said Professor Justin Wark of Oxford University’s Department of Physics, one of the authors of the paper. ‘Transparent aluminium is just the start. The physical properties of the matter we are creating are relevant to the conditions inside large planets, and we also hope that by studying it we can gain a greater understanding of what is going on during the creation of 'miniature stars' created by high-power laser implosions, which may one day allow the power of nuclear fusion to be harnessed here on Earth.’

The discovery was made possible with the development of a new source of radiation that is ten billion times brighter than any synchrotron in the world (such as the UK’s Diamond Light Source). The FLASH laser, based in Hamburg, Germany, produces extremely brief pulses of soft X-ray light, each of which is more powerful than the output of a power plant that provides electricity to a whole city.

The Oxford team, along with their international colleagues, focused all this power down into a spot with a diameter less than a twentieth of the width of a human hair. At such high intensities the aluminium turned transparent.

Whilst the invisible effect lasted for only an extremely brief period - an estimated 40 femtoseconds - it demonstrates that such an exotic state of matter can be created using very high power X-ray sources.

Professor Wark added: ‘What is particularly remarkable about our experiment is that we have turned ordinary aluminium into this exotic new material in a single step by using this very powerful laser. For a brief period the sample looks and behaves in every way like a new form of matter. In certain respects, the way it reacts is as though we had changed every aluminium atom into silicon: it’s almost as surprising as finding that you can turn lead into gold with light!’

The researchers believe that the new approach is an ideal way to create and study such exotic states of matter and will lead to further work relevant to areas as diverse as planetary science, astrophysics and nuclear fusion power.

A report of the research, 'Turning solid aluminium transparent by intense soft X-ray photoionization', is published in Nature Physics. The research was carried out by an international team led by Oxford University scientists Professor Justin Wark, Dr Bob Nagler, Dr Gianluca Gregori, William Murphy, Sam Vinko and Thomas Whitcher.

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Provided by Oxford University (news : web)

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jaggspb - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 1.7 / 5 (6) rate How do we know he didn't invent the thing? flag earls - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 2.3 / 5 (6) rate "nearly invisible to extreme ultraviolet radiation."

*yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn*flag OregonWind - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3 / 5 (2) rate 'How do we know he didn't invent the thing? "

That was an entire team. Hard to fake this type of claim.

I remember that in Star Trek when Scott gave to a guy the formula to create transparent aluminum or aluminium. Who could imagine that something, even if not exactly like that, would be possible? I am teaching science to my kids but also motivate them to read science fiction stories.

flag degojoey - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 1.9 / 5 (9) rate who cares if they did make a new state of matter, its gone in 40 femtoseconds!!! WTF can we do with that? useless..flag holoman - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 1.4 / 5 (10) rate Scientist have been known for many years to make
up and fudge data to support their most important
research,,,,,,,,more money !flag rustyrufus - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3.8 / 5 (4) rate Is anyone here knowledgeable enough to explain how it is possible to determine that a form of matter is transparent when it only exists for 40 femtoseconds? flag h0dges - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3 / 5 (4) rate Why choose aluminium that's my question. They sooooooo went for the headline.flag WithOneT - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 1.6 / 5 (7) rate This is not new. There is a company in the US that has been producing this product for the military for a while.flag Mr_Frontier - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 5 / 5 (5) rate Most radiation detection technology is quick enough, in the order of femtoseconds, to photomultiply and record quanta this small/fast. If a thin enough sheet of aluminium is placed in front of a UV source, the laser bombarding the sheet would render the spot irradiated "transparent" to the source behind it, which they claim isn't opaque anymore to a certain wavelength of UV. A fast detector could absolutely record a 40 femtosecond blip that will hit the detector on the opposing side of the sheet from which the laser is incident on. The UV can be confirmed on a calibrated oscilloscope. However, this is a totally general way to assume how experiment was performed, but the lack of detail in most of these articles creates assumptions like this; common. I hope this technique helps some people on here fill in the assumptions. Any other ideas?flag Mr_Frontier - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3 / 5 (2) rate A possible use for this is a 40 femtosecond cycle optical transistor that may possibly even conduct electrical information to other components while its cycling/processing information optically. flag GrayMouser - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 2.6 / 5 (8) rate Scientist have been known for many years to make
up and fudge data to support their most important
research,,,,,,,,more money !

Except for AGW. They would NEVER falsify their data or models just to get their share of $17B (since 1988.)flag Frostfire - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 5 / 5 (1) rate A possible use for this is a 40 femtosecond cycle optical transistor that may possibly even conduct electrical information to other components while its cycling/processing information optically.

How quickly science fiction becomes science fact.

A possible use, someone is already thinking about making it, useful.

flag rustyrufus - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 4.3 / 5 (3) rate Mr Frontier, thanks for taking time to offer an answer to my question. Appreciated. :-)flag Ivan2 - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 2 / 5 (2) rate "Any other ideas?":

Is the aluminium decompressed or compressed? What happens when you decompress it?

(doesn't "mean" anything, it's just a hunch!)flag fhtmguy - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 2.4 / 5 (7) rate ____________________________________________
The FLASH laser, based in Hamburg, Germany, produces extremely brief pulses of soft X-ray light, each of which is more powerful than the output of a power plant that provides electricity to a whole city.

Now that we have created transparent aluminum that lasts for "no time at all" maybe we should take the power from this INCREDIBLE "Laser" and power a city with the "short flash" instead of creating the illusive invisible metal. flag Arikin - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3 / 5 (3) rate fhtmguy,
Simple answer is that we can study the material and the laser implosion to help understand miniature stars. For example nuclear fusion that would provide almost unlimited power.

We need to try and explore to move forward...flag Ivan2 - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3 / 5 (4) rate "maybe we should take the power from this INCREDIBLE "Laser" and power a city with the "short flash" instead of creating the illusive invisible metal":

What if Scottie was right? What if there is a way to stabilize "invisible" aluminium?flag QubitTamer - Jul 27, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3.6 / 5 (5) rate computer.... cooooommmmmpuuuuuuuterrrrrrr? Oh a keyboard!! How Quaint!flag dhughes - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3 / 5 (3) rate Isn't 'Transparent aluminium' just a fancy name for colourless sapphire?flag iledius - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 2 / 5 (2) rate I can't but wonder if this kind of research really is the best way to use energy, money and expertise of the researchers? A whole city worth electricity for 40 femtosecond effect to study a phenomenon that MAYBE could prove useful SOMEDAY, when we could use the energy, money and expertise to improve the quality of life for all people and preserve the environment with the technology that we have available NOW?

I don't want to sound ignorant towards this kind of research, it's just that lately I've been wondering is it really necessary right here and right now?flag ShotmanMaslo - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 5 / 5 (2) rate iledius and others - This laser cannot power a city, and it doesnt even use a lot of energy. It uses that much power, but only for 40 femtoseconds. I doubt you want to power a city for 40 femtoseconds.
Remember, power is different thing than energy.flag iledius - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 4 / 5 (1) rate ShotmanMaslo: Thanks for clearing that up, I stand corrected. :)flag WithOneT - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 2 / 5 (2) rate I saw a feature about a company in Mass on the Discovery channel that has this product on the market already. Why is this "breakthrough" any different?

Hey everyone I just invented the wheel, come and look!flag antialias - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 3 / 5 (2) rate Now that we have created transparent aluminum that lasts for "no time at all" maybe we should take the power from this INCREDIBLE "Laser" and power a city with the "short flash" instead of creating the illusive invisible metal.

Because it would power the city only for 40 femtoseconds (Power is not equal to Energy).

Lasers of this kind are decidedly NOT built for continuous operation. The actual energy used in the experiment is rather small - just like a flash of lightning has a lot of POWER, but not a lot of ENERGY.

Example: At 10 million volts and 10000 Amperes and one microsecond duration a flash has only 0.027 kWh of Energy. For comparison: an average citizen uses about 6000kWH of Energy per year.

Or for this experiment (assuming a city needs something on the order of 1GW of power): At 40 femtoseconds that would be merely a total ENERGY output of about 10 nanoWattHours. You couldn't light up an LED with the energy provided by this experiment.flag nghtstr - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: not rated yet rate Listen, I know this doesn't seem like a big deal. However, like most scientific discoveries, it takes a bunch of smaller ones to make a lasting impact. I would challenge all of you nay-sayers out there to take a look at this again in 10 years, and I think that more than likely we will have things already using this discovery.

I remember some time ago when people were trying to transfer power wirelessly. Nowadays, it can be done, but just not effectively enough yet. In another few years, I would say it would be mainstream.

Every large scientific discovery takes one small discover to start it.

Personally, I congratulate them on their accomplishment!!flag Ethelred - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 4 / 5 (1) rate Isn't 'Transparent aluminium' just a fancy name for colourless sapphire?

No more than glass is another name for silicon. Sapphire is an oxide of aluminum just like glass is an oxide of silicon. Making a metal transparent is a tad harder than making an oxide transparent. I think it has to do with those electrons wandering around.

Ethelredflag Nuevo - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 1 / 5 (1) rate I have hypothesis that it is possible to fire a laser into a electrical magnetic generator to create
direct energy power source.
the issues are creating more energy than you expend firing the laser and capturing the energy that is created and transferring that energy to the power grid

and yes i do have a design for a magnetic energy generator and designs on creating new batteries and the flash transfer of power flag bluehigh - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 1 / 5 (1) rate Is this process destructive? Almost anything will turn transparent briefly as it vapourises.

If there is a change of state and modification to electron distribution, is it still a metal?

Perhaps it is a saphire momentarily but more likely just a gas!

flag mangodurian - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 1 / 5 (1) rate Erm ... maybe the super powerful FLASH laser that is brighter than the light from a whole city actually *burnt a hole* through the really thin aluminium?!

flag otto1923 - Jul 28, 2009 Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: 5 / 5 (1) rate So let's figure out how to make sapphires the size of whale tanks. Rank that Mr. Rankerflag James_D - 18 hours ago Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: not rated yet rate I don't know if this transparent aluminium is real or not biut if it is real then it would be great feel to have a transparent aluminium version of my brand new monster of a vehicle Mahindra Xylo. That would be one tough, light and show it all car. Different concept for Xylo. It'd look great bluehigh - 4 hours ago Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: not rated yet rate I expect we can make sapphires large enough to contain a couple of whales. Like many technological challenges its a matter of time and money. In the case of whales we may not have enough time and does anyone care enough to spend the money. Better to wait a few centuries, borrow a klingon bird of prey, sling shot around the sun to achieve time travel, meet a pretty girl and save the whales all in a few days .. much more fun.
flag fhtmguy - 39 minutes ago Current rank 1 2 3 4 5 Rank: not rated yet rate I undestand that the energy output of the laser is extremely small. I was making fun of the way the article was written!

Come on, this is really not transparent aluminum, and I don't believe they proved this a new state of matter. At best it might be considered an altered state due to the way the radiation "knocked out" an electron. These scientists or the article writer should word the facts in a factual way. While Transpartent aluminum may be possible, this procedure will probably not produce it anytime soon, unless they want to produce continual radiation to keep it transparent. flag Please register or sign in to add a comment. Registration is free, and takes less than a minute. Read more



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nuclear fusion, extreme ultraviolet radiation, nature physics, transparent aluminium, aluminium, implosions
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Magnetics from the UV world of the unseen but not undreamed

Magnetics could be neutrons gone mad! If magnetic fields are high energy in the unseen UV spectrum (and beyond who knows where) then it is possible that these residual fields left behind from previous big bangs or partial collapeses.

I have always found an interest in the way and the pattern of molecules or atoms. I believe they dance in the magnetic field patterns. If we could understand these patterns, their positive to negative to apparent "disappearing" we may understand the [SHIFTCHANGE} pattern I had been previously discussing on my blog here.

I also thought that a ring left on the floor from blood plasma (lymph to be precise) may try to take on a plasmic (amoebic) like one-celled unity when leaving the body. How plasma (a unit of one) acts is unique as the magnetic field may be this plasma unit of one or act in a consistent unicellar way. So if our blood plasma (lymph) is doing this (by my observations of brown lymph circles in three areas on rugs then I think this could give rise to an idea of how these plasmic/magentic forces may work. Weak Force magnetics are left over (residual) magnetics from a previous big bang perhaps. Maybe magnetic field (kind variations) relate more to an unknown as yet pattern of very significant importance. This matter of energic force may be the charging pattern of the universe and contribute to the sun's fuel or how it fuels, or the sun may just switch back and forth from positive to negative force with the residual field being left over or spent fuel from this fission/fusion process or both or nothing! I dont know how to investigate how this works as yet. How to gauge magnetic on/off, or positive/negative switching patterns and how CRITICAL MASS happens in the radiaactive process...(I am sure rods cannot contain it at that point Motie!) But anyway, just thinking while listening to entrainment tapes and thinking and hoping to write these ideas down before they form fluff. Chat soon dudes!


If, like Motie says, we become...protected by the earth's magnetic field when bursts of Gamma Radiation from the sun expelling plasma flares towards earth then, it may meant that magnetic shields can also protect our bodies via some new fangled devise. Also, magnetic fields are byproducts of fission. we could recreate artificial magnetic fields (to sustain water, life etc.) Magnetic field is critical for water. eg. Ideas from CHIPNLOGS INC

themote: you should start by learning the EM spectrum

from the low frequency to high frequency...

radio, microwave,Infrared, visible light, Ultraviolet, X-ray, Gamma rays

radio waves are low frequency, Gamma rays are high frequency

Me: ok...this is not good then for the human...are we being irradiated from these bursts?

themote: Earth's magnetic field protects us from most of it

the ozone layer provides protection also in the Ultraviolet frequencies

Me: would the govt report any perceived radiation, if it should occur?


Jane IS a GENIUS! Just discovered how earth got it's magnetics

Me: if the moon came out of the earth's core it may have been a fission reaction and this would have created a magnetic flield which is evident today

The Nature of Molecular Energy

The Nature of Molecular Energy

Recent reports of plasma from the sun creating a magnetic interference with the earth's communication satellites, etc. gives credence to the fact that the sun is dispelling or giving birth to a new magnetic change and/or transference of energy. Little is known to date of this very important molecular energy transference ect process. Here is a way we may discover more about the sun's molecular energy shift/change/transference/birthing/dispelling methods. Energy followa a life-cycle birth-rebirth-death-{SHIFT CHANGE}birth (repeat). Therefore, as the smallest and most intense matter does create this energy change there are ways to follow this pattern of the energy processes at the atomic and subatomic level.

The energy cycle is similar to the life cylce since all known matter to date is PROTON energy, or light energy. This light energy fuels itself in a patterned way, following the life-cycle. Light fuels and refuels itself by its own opposite, the constant shifting back and forth creates a virtual perpetual motion as the birth/death process refuels the mirror image proton or neutron. In other words, the proton light once it achieves that very fundamental {SHIFT CHANGE} (very little is known about the process of {SHIFT CHANGE}energy transference to the polar opposite energic form be it positive or negative, proton or neutron, it continues to fuel itself in this way.

How to find out about the [SHIFT CHANGE}? We need to know the mathematic signature of the sun's energy systems first. If these energic system can be measured, they can be controlled. Good luck Mission Control!.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Conspiracy Theories (or are they?) on H1N1

I Knew MJ nose was a Prosthetic Nose! (see MJ Victimization by Jane Jones)

Jackson's hair made into diamonds -- for real
Module body

Fri Jul 24, 4:52 PM


What's this
By Jill Serjeant


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Since Michael Jackson's sudden

death on June 25, the rumor mill over details of his

bizarre personal life has ground away nearly non-stop, and

on Friday, one company said it was turning his hair into

diamonds. That one is true.

The claims this week included a report in Rolling Stone

magazine that a prosthetic nose he wore apparently went

missing when he was taken to the morgue, and a British

tabloid trumpeted a headline that he fathered a secret


In one by-product of the "Thriller" singer's death, a

Chicago company said on Friday it had obtained some of the

hair Jackson burned while filming a 1984 Pepsi commercial

and planned to create a limited edition of diamonds from


"Absolutely this is for real," said Dean VandenBiesen,

founder of LifeGem, which has a patent on a process that

extracts carbon from hair, turns it into crystals and then

into high-quality laboratory diamonds.

VandenBiesen told Reuters he thought the company could make

about 10 diamonds. No sale price has been set but

VandenBiesen said LifeGem created three diamonds from locks

of Beethoven's hair in 2007, and sold one of them for

around $200,000.

Separately, the August 6 issue of Rolling Stone magazine

reported that not only was the left arm of Jackson's dead

body "scored with needle marks" -- claims that have arisen

before -- but he wore an artificial nose that was missing

when he was taken to the Los Angeles county morgue.

"The prosthesis that he normally attached to his damaged

nose was missing, revealing bits of cartilage surrounding a

small dark hole," the magazine said in an unsourced report.

While that report could not be confirmed, Los Angeles

coroner's officials did say earlier this week they were

probing security breaches in their offices.

The coroner's office is expected to release an official

cause of death next week which could shed light on some of

the reports, including Jackson's possible use of powerful


And even as custody of Jackson's three children is set to

be decided in court on August 3, The Sun newspaper

speculated the singer may have had a love-child raised in


Omer Bhatti, 25, sparked interest when he was spotted

sitting with the singer's immediate family at Jackson's

public memorial earlier this month. Bhatti reportedly spent

time with Jackson at his Neverland Valley Ranch in the

1990s and was known as "Little Michael".

But another of Jackson's former proteges, singer Ricky

Harlow, told celebrity website on Friday that

although they were close he doubted Bhatti was Jackson's


"They had a father-and-son type of connection," Harlow, 26,

told People, "but I never thought he (Jackson) was his

biological father."

In Jackson's 2002 will, the singer listed only three

children now living: Prince Michael Jackson, Jr, Paris

Michael Kathering Jackson and Prince Michael Joseph Jackson


(Editing by Bob Tourtellotte)


so how much would the missing nose fetch, on the ****

market? sooo...there is this 'lil kid done-up-in-bandages

at the pyramid, tugging in the tourist's jacket..." hey daddy's a mummy too..."

POSTED BY: wyldeotse on SAT, JUL 25, 2009 12:11 AM -0500

0 0 Report Abuse
The sheer greed of people is enough to make you vomit.

POSTED BY: ibdancin on SAT, JUL 25, 2009 12:00 AM -0500

1 0 Report Abuse
Did the prosthetic nose have any carbon in it?

POSTED BY: wyldeotse on FRI, JUL 24, 2009 11:54 PM -0500

1 0 Report Abuse
When are we finally finish hearing about Michael


POSTED BY: Miche on FRI, JUL 24, 2009 11:44 PM -0500

1 0 Report Abuse
The WARPed world of MJ still goes on!

POSTED BY: Jake on FRI, JUL 24, 2009 11:31 PM -0500

1 0 Report Abuse
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dont Have A Pity Party At Me Wake

"What do you mean the ghost of Frank McCourt is inhabiting you now? Are you talking about channelling Sinead?" Bridget hardly felt a ping of remorse, her new codex program would always default on the side of proper truthful morals. Her new machine would over-ride all the derisive, monopolizers and benders of Truth and Innocence. This brand of knowledge, a precision mechanism of truth. The rich and greedy could buy and sell souls, manipulate events create a world which would operate their operative, their hidden agenda, their sold soul sign. "We are not talking the mom and pop retail, but rather the multiconglomerate lack of concern for the individual. We are talking that soul-sucking, store-feed monopolizers of all things light-filled, gravity-defying Soul Source Light.We are talking the path to wisdow and the God-head. Does it still exist?" Margaret wiped away a tear.

"It can't be..." Nellie replied "this is all I get? The shit-kicking, the demoralizing, the put on the back-burner so she can go burn in hell for eternity? My thoughts, exactly! How this controlled "shunning process works". How one day a woman is sitting on top of the world and the next moment she's 'the whore of Babylon'. You know it isnt much fun to uproot these ancient prejudices, ripe with the poisoned fruit imaging of woman as satan concept. "It may not be easy Margaret, but is essential to understanding our place in society and how that 'placement' is being made , manipulated and made to work like clockwork, so connivingly, precisely and continually. We must uproot this scourge, this basement of hidden secrets and butterboxes. When the truth is revealed, certainly then, something will be done about it!" "No I dont think so Margarent, Sinead was saying to her best friend since Grade One, "no, I dont believe we will be able to change it, but at least, we may be able to describe the many vile processes at work that make things so anti-democratic boardering on Draculaian global village".

It was 8:25 am and Margaret did not feel very well. She was beginning to feel her right arm, in fact her entire right part of her face were paralyzed to some extent. Her huge dog Buster was probably responsible for the popeye elbow or tennis elbow that happened a few years back. Although the young female doctor at the Emergency room believed in to be a structural deficit or malformation of the ligaments of the arm, Margaret believed it was much more than that. Her symptoms were being ignored for some reason or other. Lately her arm had been hurting her from her shoulder to her hand. It felt numb and where there wasnt numb there was pain. Margaret's newly crafted middle age writing career could have been the stepping stone to great things. It was, however, bringing on a horrible case of carpel tunnel syndrome from her excess on the keyboard, but there something much more dasterdly happening to dear Margaret. Margaret's fatal disease was beginning to take hold, her dizzing spells, her low blood pressure, all gave Margaret indication she did not have long to live. She would be dead before she could help other women in her position. She would be dead before she would figure out the true culprit to her demise. The evil lurching behind her tumoured and diseased brain, the ones who poisoned her so subtly like vultures picking out Margaret's eyesocket. She felt victimized and Margaret never ever wanted to play the victim.

Margaret felt an urgency to her work today, to tell her story before she forgot what she would say, before she could no longer write, or make sense of anything. As she had always awoken at 6 am to write, she felt today to take it much more slowly, to enjoy the morning, take in the deep yoga breaths heard on her entrainment relaxation tapes. Today Margaret would consciously tell her body to go slower as it was not operating at all correctly, she had been very dizzy lately, her right arm acting mysteriously painful, with numbness on the right side of her body.

It was difficult to do,to write these short stories as Margaret had felt this emptiness invading her life lately. Like a call to arms she would awaken in the middle of the night, look around her and remember her dreams of youth. She would recall her old friends from the mid 70's and wonder where are they now, what are they doing, do they have a good life. Margaret felt she did not have a good life, like it was incomplete with much unfinished business. Margaret kept getting the unsettling feeling that soon the lights of her life would be going out and she would not have said her piece.

Before that happened, Margaret had a ton of things she wanted to get off her chest. Things that she felt had impeded her life and her development. She knew she was brilliant, she had the talent, and the looks if she wanted them. Margaret did not take the best of care of her personal appearance lately. As she felt the "urge" to write, as Marg called her need to tell all about what happened to her in her life and to make sense of it. Her life had not made any sense whatsoever. There were so many missing pieces. She wanted to understand her life, to close the door on the misunderstanding, the confusion, and all the bad feelings she had been keeping stored up inside. Margaret felt it her duty to other women and possibly all humanity to describe her human experience as it had been for her, without makeup without coverstick.

Maybe others would not fall into the same categorical trap, maybe she would get her slice of heaven too. All these feelings came flooding back over the middle aged Margaret. As soulfully destitute as Margaret had been feeling lately; she was determined to describe in detail the many intangibles these intelligible processes hidden under the surface of life. These processes which had everything to do with her life, her times, her ability to say "this is what I am - this is how you made me". It was a heart wrenching journey for Margaret and her mission was putting some strain on other aspects of her life; especially her family. These strains were manageable, however, but her health were a real issue of late. Soon Margaret would not be able to write anymore, her body weakened and ultimately succumbed to ALS.

With all the stings from nettles from many failings and fallings Margaret not only felt like she was the "walking wounded" but lately, Margaret became "the walking hemmoraging" as she was bringing forth all the old hurtful memories she had repressed for so long. Margaret had been through so much pain, so much angst and unrequitted love in her life, it was amazing she had lived through so much emotional pain. Margaret felt the victor over the pain, over the way life can mette out punishment in huge doses. Maybe she "didnt do something good" in a past life, maybe God was punishing her for some horrible thing she never could figure out. 'How fair is this to punish a child in this horrible way, an innocent child? No one deserves this! This isn't fair, this isn't my world, no way! I am going to make it better if it kills me trying" Margaret would cry out to God.

Margaret thought she could easily fill many volumes at the librar with her life story. Her life, although not jet-set top of the game interesting was interesting enough, as Margaret had always thought all lives were fascinating. "We are alive aren't we?" isn't that enough of a wonder, enough of a miracle in itself?".

As Margaret began opening up a lot of old wounds, along with a few dozen cases of beer she felt a smooth flow when sitting at the computer keyboard and striking the keys as if she was slapping the covered and anonymous faces of the hidden agendists. As Margaret uncovering the rapturous and horrible sordid tales, she sat back on her rocking chair by the monitor and took a few good long rocks and deep oxygen-filled breaths as she smiled knowingly bobbing her head up and down. "This is it! I'm on to you now you know" Margaret knew instinctively her means to her own retributive justice would be the typewriter, her choice of weapon; the pen. The pen being Margaret's sword stuck in the stone so far, but nonetheless her Excalibur of choice.

Shocked and awed and wholly stunned by what was being read, Margaret's closest friends and relatives throughly loved Margaret's writing. Most were trepedatious that some hidden truth about themselves would be revealed. With Margaret's blantant "tell it like it is" writerly style no one ever knew what secrets would be revealed this week, made public domain. Nobody really knew exactly which lid would be opened,which can kicked over, which wound salted. Margaret almost always denuded those nearest and dearest to her. They were, so far, her biggest fans, and Margaret would never intend to hurt the ones she loved unless it meant finding the truth, no matter how much digging and unearthing let loose the skeletons in the closet, the indians in the cupboards.

And with bated breath all her fans waiting patiently by the glare of the computer monitor for signs of Margaret's short story a week usually published on her blog on Wednesdays, Margaret's favourite writing day. What new truths would be unveiled, which targets would be attacked today, who would walk away insulted, frustrated or sheepishly chagrinned. And then after all the flotsam and jetsam who amongst her friends would have the biggest grin of silent satisfaction saying "You got em Margaret, way to go girl".

Certainly, Margaret knew how to push all the right buttons at the right moment. She had that gift, the writer's cutting edge and Margaret could, like a skilled surgeon cut right through the crap to get to the truth, no questions asked. Margaret languished in the morning's crisp breezes blowing through her red and white ginghamed kitchen curtains. Margaret never felt more alive as when she was writing, whether or not that was a conscious action or a left over sublimation of precursor thought Margaret knew, she just knew...intuitively, and she was always correct.

Many of Margaret's fans thought it sensible to "leave well enough alone" don't disturb the hornet's nest. All sage advice and old ways of doing things were odd to Margaret. She felt herself at odds with the world, like a misfit. She never really knew why or how that happened all though it did figure in prominently in her approach to life. She could be simulateously demure and cutting edge, she had this wide range of style. The interesting thing about Margaret was her incongruities, her inconsistencies, her humanity. Margaret knew instinctively in her writing when to embellish and when to leave off enough space on the page to make the reader fill in their own conclusions. Margaret gave that option to the reader and it made for an artistic rendering of her subject matter and writer's style.

As if in another time and space, Margaret felt like she did not belong here, that the earth did not meet her feet. She had a gut-instinct and felt that her stay here would soon to be recalled, and so this insatiable urgency to write. Since she was not of the world she felt obligated to correct the way humans took for granted the very things that made themselves real. "Get real" her famous Dr. Wayne Dyer quote. margaret wanted more, she had a dream, her dream came crashing to the ground. Now she had to pick up the pieces of her changeable life and move on, with encouragement and focus on the future, looking back brought back a host of sad emotions. More than the happy times, the unhappy times seemed to Margaret to outweigh the good times. Margaret felt it her duty to correct this imbalance in life. If she could help others earlier, in a similar circumstance, she would be able to give these people a lasting dream, one that would not be crushed by earth's unseeming weighted mass

Her early childhood was by no means tragic, however being wholly ignored by her parents did produce the same results eventually. Her parents were always disinterested in Margaret. As jetsetters they had other interests much more fascinating than bringing up Margaret in the way she should go. Margaret may have had a hidden handicap that the parents could not face, or there was something that happened to Margaret that the parents felt guilty about, like the time Margaret fell down the extremely high stairs. Margaret sensed her delays and her disdain from her parents, she could not live up to their standards, she was not "good" enough for her parents she thought.

Margaret knew something was wrong with her from the Kodak brownie movie camera her father loved taking all those many years ago. These home movies were Margaret's only evidence of those years before the actual "fall". She remembered those movies, seeing herself scooting along the hardwood floors for months. It was only recently she began wondering why she never walked at 18 months. That fall must have created brain damage; her skull still bearing that odd dent. There were other things about being treated less than molly coddled, primped and pampered child. Margaret felt as if she were treated like a child of a lesser god. It was the memories which recalled the time that mercurochrome was placed on her thumb to stop thumbsucking, all to no avail, Margaret sucked it off although it tasted horribly bitter and was horribly toxic to promote death. The heavy metal toxicity of Margaret made her slow for her entire life. Margaret gave much preponderance to this mistake of her mother. Or was it a mistake. The soap in the mouth wasnt a mistake either. Could it be a possible insurance premium the parents needed for their up up and away lifestyle of the rich and famous? "Could I have been a tax write off?"? Margaret was wholly confused and did not want to believe what she was thinking. It would certainly be a way of making Marg pay for her sins, sins put upon her for the sake of the Family Compact survival. Was it really Margaret's bad behaviour, her evil, which would lead ultimately to her demise many years later. Margaret's revelation and realization that her own recent paralyzms being caused from those many years ago. All that toxicity, all that brain damage, would chelation be too late? Margaret heard that would be a very risky procedure, some having had died from Chelation Therapy.

Margaret was not only ignored as a child, she became the parent's own bitter-pill scapegoat for all their supposed misgivings. Margaret was not as pretty, as talented or as gifted as the others, or so she was made to believe. She had her mouth washed out with soap in Grade two for saying the "F" word, but Margaret did not know what the word meant or sin she committed. She heard her sister dare her to say this word. From that day forward Margaret was considered a sinner, Satan's seed and worthy of all punishment deemed necessary. The biggest punishment for Margaret became the way her parents ignored her and disowned her, and only talked to her in disconcerting ways, only ever talked to her in mean tones, and to get her to do something, like the dishes or other household chores. This disconnect from her parents made Margaret feel like a lesser person, a sinner not worthy of real love from a man. She felt desperate therefore to find a man and to keep him as she felt so wholly inadequate and unloved.

The realization of being completely ignored by her parents made her dizzy and almost fall over. As she vied endlessly for their remote attention, she usually only received any love from them when she was being punished, yelled at constantly, told to clean the house endlessly, no conversation about anything other than "do this, or do that". There was no love for Margaret, it was given to the other older children, who were fawned over and respected and treated as actual persons, something Margaret never understood from her parents. Margaret would be used for the insurance. A sudden accident no one would question. "At least I would enable the parent's parties in absentia for many years to come once dead and buried via the insurance on my life." It was not the first time Margaret remembered the many other times she and her new family had been targetted. Margaret really wanted to understand the indepth mechanisms behind her fall from grace. and her thrown to the wolves life she had to live.

As Margaret's siblings apparently only new success in life, Margaret felt vaguely jealous. Life had always seemed to bend over backwards to them, bowing to them, making them a star in their fairy princess lives. Margaret felt she had not received anything to give her the launch she needed in life, never giving the foot up, or the keys to the executive bathroom like her sister had been given. In a way, Margaret felt like Cinderella in reverse. Margaret wasnt the prettiest one, or the one with the smallest feet. Her size 9 clementines were certainly not the stuff to barter with princes in waiting. Margaret could not compete and so gave up her no hold on any reign to the queens of the game, her sisters. They had it all and would always have it all, it was predestined from the maker, it was divine destiny. Who was Margaret to argue, although she did. Her response was never favourable so she gave up. She succeeded to the back row of life, the seat at the back of the bus, the less favoured position. Margaret new her place and she did not like it, not one little bit!

As for Margaret, the right training, attention and consideration were wholly removed from her life. If Margaret wanted any life at all she must abandon these old "non-working" things from her existence. She would run away and live with someone. They wouldnt care. When the closest sister to Marg got married she didnt invite her to her wedding, no role to play at all in her sister's new life. Margaret came anyway and took pictures. She wasnt going to play their game, she would show them for what they were; fake people, cut outs, cardboard at that.

Of all things collected and remembered Margaret did have good memories of her first family before her grandfather died when she was eleven or so. For Margaret there were so many missing moments in time, unwrapped fragments, incomplete formatting, vacant stares, stairs that led up to nowhere. Within Margaret's world there was an emptiness, more tragic than tragedy, a deep vaccumous space where no light shines. Where nothing ever happens nothing growns, there is no light, no food, no energy to make things work. Abandonment does this to people, and Margaret was not immune. Things are always held in "lieu" there is always a feeling of regret, like what did I do wrong to deserve this non-life, this I am less than I should be, and I am ignored for what reason? I am not good enough? I am good enough" Margaret said fighting back the flood of tears.

For Margaret the right time to make all things flow in a non-abrasive way would happen with her first memories and healings of those bitter memories. Margaret felt like she was a big ball of steelwool walking around, she felt abrasive, like she rubbed people the wrong way even when she tried to be nice. It may have been due to various situations in her life where she had to overcome emotional hurt from others who really were not considerate of her best interests. Margaret became a fighter first and a lover second. She could only love when she felt safe to love and that was not very often. She did not trust anyone with her heart. She had been broken by an early love affair and felt she could take love or leave it. What she was interest was surviving and her mission to change around the tide of time that put her on the back burner, this position which made her feel obligated to correct the injustices done.

For Margaret the hollowman or hollow woman syndrome, where the emptiness evades the surrounding space and makes everything empty and without substance. Bascially a hell on earth. For Margaret felt that she not only should help herself but help others in the same hollowperson boat. Margaret remained unmarried, living with a cranky old man for thirty some odd years. Shawn was often scorned for his illnesses, having had polio at age 5 and being the only living survival of an epidemic from early 50's.. It was all his bitter transgressions, his 39 operations, life in an iron lung for years, being wholly paralized, coming back from the dead. Margaret could only sense their awkward similarities, they were rooted and grounded in grief. This held themtogether like glue for so long. As Margaret always thought she was the living dead too, as her birth certificate had said "Spon Abo", what was she an abortion that just happened to live? Did her twin brother, the boy the parents always wanted die, on the delivery table, all dreams dashed for the parents and thus for Margaret too? Things would make sense now. If only the parents would open up before they died to tell Margaret the bitter truth of her being. Even though Shawn and Margaret were an odd mix somehow this fringe of rejection from society had a dwelling in their heart and soul no man could rip out.

Margaret and Shawn's angst and anger came from their religation to the backroom of life by the powers that be, who ever they were. This was Margaret's mission, to find out who had been controlling her life for so long, steering it in the drowning, shipwreck direction. For Margaret it was all beginning to make sense. This unhappy couple were, in a sense, made for each other. With their children grown up and away, Margaret and Shawn were two of a kind alone to say how bitter life was, arguements, lack of fufillment, pity parties, all were the reason Margaret so often threatened to leave. It was all too much to bear. She could not stand his personality, he was so bitter, so hurt by life. When Margaret could coak a smile from him, he could laugh, but then the pain of life which was so great for Shawn slowing invaded her distancing space she had used in the past as a survival mechanism. Often she could not stand to hear the bitching anymore, she had to leave the room, at least for awhile, until the next job.

"Hah!" Margaret caught on quickly. Thus determined Margaret became a machine with purposes, pounding out ten thousand words every few days. The fevered pitch became derailed when she noticed an inability to move her right side. which made her into to this less than highly regarded person of worth.

"That is probably it.., I dont feel valueable." Margaret told Sinead. "All these years of working and slaving away, all are for naught if I do not understand how I got here". Sinead "That's funny Margaret, I dont understand how I got here either, but I am still doing just fine, thank-you very much". "Oh Sinead, you really know how to hurt a gal, don't you?" Sinead smiled one of her cat grins and said "You know it Margy!".

Monday, July 20, 2009

Personal Reminescenes of APOLLO 11 FORTY YEARS AGO TODAY where were you?

No tv in Pakistan in 69? Ya, that reminds me tv has not been along that long!!! It was one of those "moments" which freezes time and I can almost smell the cedar trees. I was only a kid and watching on the screen in porch at the cottage at Wasaga Beach. I thought I could take my telescope and see Mare Tranquillis and the LEM...Hubble cant even see that now! It was a hot evening with crickets, and the moon was visible at the end of the driveway. Seeing Neil bounce around reminded me of how much fun that would be, and one day I would Go To The Moon and bounce around too! It looked possible, nothing is impossible when we think it we can do it! It is done! So what if the tapes are missing and the conspiracy theorists are tongue wagging again! (more on blog about this What were you taking a college Preston? Art? Philosophy? Did you watch on tv?
2 seconds ago ·Abdul Rauf HashmiI had tuned up my Radio to listen the crew direct talk/chat with the then President of USA I remeber , I think live from moon .......... was that so?
because there was no TV in Pakistan that time.......
5 hours ago · DeletePreston CoxI was working in a professional photographe's photo lab developing and printing wedding proofs, trying to earn a few bucks to complete one more year of college.
2 hours ago · Delete


Yes Kristal! What is it about the "will" of humans. If there is a conscious effort to change, to succeed, to be better, it will happen through the will of the individual and the will of the group. Ultimately, there must be that driving force; it is the spirit force or focus enabler that absolutely has to be there first or nothing happens. Remember focus objects in relaxation class? We can wholly invade the mind thoughts and make them real, or bring them into this plane of existence. Thoughts become things. Ideas are seeds. What does this say about the mind? What does this say about this earth reality? The power of the mind is awesome and works with focus and intent. This proves the power of the mind!But the big question now is how to get motivated for that will to exist in the mind and to change the times to make them better for all. Focus!!!
Jones gonna watch this. it is all about focus and what is important; which is the spirit knowledge. Unification of conflict means understanding our core value and how to assimilate to other words how to get along may be a theory put into practice, but it is an awareness first of how humans relate and the triggers that acitvate polarizing responses. Where's Einstein, he'd have a formula for this!
2 seconds ago · DeleteWhy do humans get stuck in that complacency rut? It is a rut that is brain rot! We got to get off the "automatic pilot" and consciously work at rebooting the brain back into focus and positive action. It takes work and some understanding of human motivation. Two things need to happen; We must be conscious about not becoming complacent and take positive action to resolve the doldrumed brain drain. Jim Carey OK, I'm otta here for a couple of days! Off to see Kentucky.29 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
You like this.
Heidi Mae Luiwhats there to do in kentucky???
17 minutes agoJa-Len Jonesbring me back some of that thar blue grass (does that make a good smoothy?)Love ya Jim!
2 seconds ago · Delete

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dreamin' Meanin'? Muskalls at the Beach

A couple nites ago i dreamt about 2 weightlifters at a beach. It was a very odd dream as the two or rather, muscle(men?) were two of my relatives. One was a male, the other a female. Both in reality are middle aged. But here, in the beach dream they were young, and oh so proud of their "new" physique. They were both doing the typical hands over head stance, pump arm stance and showing off their new HUGE muscles. Looks like their bodes were fake, however. Their musculature was the only thing they seemed interested in..power? I dont know. They did not appear to recognize me and I was sort of the "seeing" eye in the dream, not sure if i was in personage form or not as I did not relate, or chat with them. The woman muscle?man was in the water the other on the shore. I went to dream dictionary site and "Oakland" Calif came up. Some what does this mean, an earthquake for Oakland? Oh the deciphering is somewhat pers so complete names were used. Just figuring all this wierdness that is my life out i guess...:(

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jane On The Ancient Knowledge of The Kabbalah

there are these ancient wisdoms and these old ways point to the new ways to make sense of all that is, the inner and outworlds, their convergence and reemergence, etc. What is it all about, there is order in the seeming disorderd chaos. It is do to the way the universe is made, where we are in it, etc, How we can make, through positive creativity ... Read Morefrom the creator, each respectful of the spirit in each and from each bigger things, wonderful signs, symbols, the esoteric knowledge proof of the new miracles to happen when we let LOVE be our dominate force in our lives, letting it guide us home to our Creator, G*d. Yes,. It is all very beautiful these gifts bestowed from the Creator. Namaste!
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Jane On Pain

My Dear Roxanne: Oh, yes, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head! You're right on! There is much truth in your observations, and keen wisdom. If I had known this as a young pup, I would have gone much further. Knowledge is key but wisdom is priceless. You are there, go girl! I am particularly drawn to the hurt statement. We need to build a ... Read Morebridge and get over it. However, sometimes pain/hurt stays in the body as cell knowledge, especially if it doesnt make sense, it seems to draw energy to make us understand it, deal with it, release it and move on. I use to love the show Starting Over. It dealt with women coming from pain and this pain simply put, was ruining or had ruined their lives. They were taught how to deal with it adequately and let it go permanently. This I am learning. If nagging pain persists, it may be a lesson not learned. It may be a question unanswered. I dont think all pain is so easily dimissed as "forget about it" somethimes it needs to be carefully examined.
Write another comment...6 Lessons Not learned in school (from Soul meets World)Share
Yesterday at 9:38am
6 Lessons Not Learned In School

We are ceaselessly educated by the lessons of life in ways that we could never imagine. As we go about our days, lessons are already prepared, ready to test our responses, reactions, prowess and karmic individuality.

Have you ever asked yourself if your diploma is worth the paper it is printing on? Have you really learned what you think you have learned? Want answers? The book stops here.

Looking back on what I have learned so far, I could never forget the following.

1. People aren’t always what they seem. Some have hidden agendas that you may never see until you have invested your time and energy into them, only to be disappointed.

2. Sometimes people can’t express love in the same way as you can and they are often thought of as not loving you. Understanding that everyone is different helps you to understand your own capacity to love and not put expectations on someone else to fulfill you.

3. Experience and maturity are two different things. Just because a person has achieved a certain age, does not mean they have achieved the same maturity.

4. When you are hurt, it is not the end of the world or the end of you ever being hurt. Embrace your hurt and embrace yourself. You can mitigate your hurt by not repeating the same lessons.

5. How you were born into this life may have influenced who you are, but you are responsible for who you become.

6. Success is not measured in monetary units, it is how you treat people in life and how you make them feel when you are in their presence. Kindness goes a long way. Updated 21 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Report NoteYou and Roxanne Mather like this.Roxanne Mather likes this.
David Roberts at 9:43am July 16
This is the stuff I sometimes wish someone had taught me when I was a teenager.Creation Loves at 12:01pm July 16
( ♥ ) everyone has their own experiences in life which we can know nothing about ~ so never judge ~ embrace with love and understandingRoxanne Mather at 1:12pm July 16
"Never judge" means not calling anyone "sleazy" or "immoral"
;-) Ja-Len Jones at 7:42am July 17

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Joke of the Day; Well Wierdisms asked for it!

What happens to Mother Shipton meets Nostadamus? You mean Mother Shit-tons and Nostrils Damns us? They both predicted they would be dead before we were and boy were we gonna die! . If Edgar Cayce heard this...oh you mean old grade 4 educated Edgar of the Edgar suit of Cayce and the Sunshine Band? What about Sylvia Browne...oh you man Sylvia's daughter Brownie pointer? No no I meant to say Uri "There is no spoon" Geller and The Amazing Randy Dandy and Houdini Martini Bikini? What if you are talking Penn and Teller? You mean Pointer Penn starr wierdness and Tellus something we dont already know but the new boy in town who acts like a cutie mime key lime pie. You want to take him home from Vegas but you can't because "everything stays in Vegas" even after Elvis left the building. But hold on, No, I dont think so, what about JoJo, you remember JoJo, Canada's French Canadian psychic to the stars? Oh you mean Mojo JoJo with the unusual hairpieces? Where did she go? Oh I know, she got back "jojo", back to where she belonged! The ethernet...what about that other sidekick, Kenny "Jamaica Rum Man" Kingston? Where did he go; well we know he just must have had Rum into some good ganja mon. If I could put all psychics in the room do you know what they would predict? That I'd get so outta there, before they predicted I too would leave the building like MJ on drugs I dont do in a system that doesnt exist on this plane anyway. Thinking outside of the boxed lunch brain on ...side order sidekicks of collosal calamity; order in a disordered universe to find....we all gonna die...but they want to tell us exactly how? What does that do for me? One more day of run for my life? One more day to say, hey? Why didnt I check out of here earlier? It sure seems elipse slipstream enough that sounds smoother than smoothy here, and i am adding up points on the energetic punch meteor-o-gram while listening to how to go RAW RAW sis boom bang! Hope it's a REAL BIG one I want TOTAL convergence, none of this little big bang incomplete whole hole. Unity of Universe's Big Bang a thon for Complete Convergence of All That Is, or as National Geographic likes to say; To discover the World and All That is in it...or as I'd like to say To rediscover "The Stinkin' World and All the Poop in it". Shirley you jest, "dont call me Shirley!" Well only at a Psychic Fair! Hey, that's not fair! All's Fair? Fare? (notice how Fare, Fair, and Fear, Faerie, and Fiery sound similar, this similar construct yet off by ...seems like a conjunction of MJ'isms. Hey I am not sure if you gonna get these jokes, you got to be higher than a kite! Kites are hign, they are higher than a kite! Got any more wierdisms?

New Blues Stylings of Canada's Justin Hines

This is really great listening music, very mellow and soulful. The blues stylings of Justin Hines is reminiscent of a cozy cafe with a favourite friend. Calming, relaxing, easy listening sing-a-long. Very classic!

ps you can hear his new album on this site; it is AMAZING! Love you Justin!!!

Jane On Recounting Liftoff Yesterday Endeavour 127

chiccoreal said...
Likely the "cut and paste" feature did not work for some odd reason on Tahoo Mobile Messaging on my email page FOR SOME WORRISOME reason..? Nonetheless I will recount for you right now what I remember of the LIFT OFF OF ENDEAVOUR 127...everything seemed to be progressing very positively. I tuned in around 3 pm to NASA tv for the liftoff around 6:13 pm. There was so concern about a computer malfunction on the ground, but that did not impede the liftoff at all. However, I noticed the sound of the voices of some ground crew sounding somewhat tired. It has been a long hold over and no doubt troubling with the leak. The leak being as motie said, 100 percent corrected and this is not the problem. But I could see the angst in the voice (well hear it anyway) of the NASA ground crew (well some of them). They all sounded tired. I said to motie in is no doubt exhausing and somewhat worrisome about the leak, he said it isnt the leak. I mentioned the fact just the word "malfunction" even of a ground based computer in some diesel fuelled engine room could be cause for concern because ROCKET SCIENTISTS really like things to go extremely smoothly at all times. That's great. So they wanted 110 percent. I only got 50 percent in math. Was that fair? No so they really cheered up after that! Anyway, as the astronauts were checking off their check off I mentioned to motie do they have any toggles. Life would be boring without them. No toggles (i think there are toggles and I beg to differ with motie). Nonetheless, on wards and upwards must have a positive slant. We must all believe it to be so, a positive lift off and it was. I learned about the engine how it works (thanks motie) the chemical exchange process. Link below to schematae (orthographic rendering). I then noticed programmed we all are..buttheat was OT and not appreciated by motie. He seemed to read my mind! (not they now, and no conspiracy theory...hey I am testing here..and yes i do read ppl)...anyway, all set to LAUNCH. and we were into the countdown, i had turned on CNN to watch their acct of the LIFT OFF. I noticed they were 10 to 15 maybe even 20-30 seconds ahead of the NASAtv. I think the comp is slower (no kidding) than CNN. which I often thought, hey, whats up with that doc? Well, the left off went without a hitch, just the newly renamed COMBINE engine (because it combines liquid hydrogen with liquid oxygen) and gives this terrific THRUST or DRAG lifting force and can lift up to (numbes delude me) about equal (off a million) lbs. So each being equal almost lift to thrust. Sounds exciting! And then I realized, how stupid I am when I compared the Snowbirds drag on the next plane which did not come under drag requirements, and had nothing to do with nothing and easily laughed off into an endless space of space. Thank goodness no corners there to get stuck in (one good thing). And all in all a throughly enjoyable voyage. Oh yes, I learned about the Payload Bay doors, the equiment inside has to (not the word) aclimatize to the outdoor cold. The engines there have to be cooled down with some EPA? eVAPORATOR? ANYWAY, it was something I did not realize or would have ever figured out if motie did not tell me. Thank-you motie!!! Anyway, I was really glad to watch the lift off of Endeavour 127! And astronaut Julie Paquette is onboard. It was way cool all around, and everyone was stupid after that!

July 16, 2009 11:36 AM
chiccoreal said...


Jane On Alice In Wonderland's Caterpillar

The Caterpillar and Alice looked at each other for some time in silence: at last the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth, and addressed her in a languid, sleepy voice.
"Who are YOU?" said the Caterpillar.
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Roxanne Mather at 8:34am July 16
I am You
:-) Ja-Len Jones at 8:43am July 16
right! we want to say; back, the echo, "who are you". That endless game of questioning everything without just letting it "be".. Why do we think something is different, when it is, really, all the same unity.This catepillar should have known that coming from the wise mushroom perch. Good point Roxanne!

Jane On Terroristic Warmongerers

Ja-Len Jones at 8:22am July 16
When someone fires endless into a civilian territory; resultant actions are defensive and offensive. Not good. Queensbury rules seem to be employed at this point as "all is fair in love and war" Unfortunately. We should all want to avoid war at all costs as in "War no More". Why do people want to agitate a situation, and to make it more volatile? Due to the warmongerers get rich from the blood of (to them) faceless victims. What we need to ask; how To stop the terror. The results are never good. Why? Because whenever there is war in a place where there are civis, there are big problems. There should be mutual respect between all members of society. When there is respect, we live in peace. How can we find that place of mutual respect when someone has money invested in their war plan of destruction. I would take out the instigators first. The warmongers. Ask this question; who was responsible for the first missile fired? They are the terrorists and should be arrested etc..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

If You Ever Wondered...Whatever Became of Me

Throughout history man has taken the burden upon the mantle and made it into a fine source for inspiration. It is winning the battles that we overcome our destiny of the stuff the mantle has aplenty. Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, to dust you shall return is on everyones epithet. It is that slap in the face, the inevitable reality which faces each one of us; our own mortality.

Looking back on your life, you are indubiously wondering what would life be like if you had taken the road not travelled. Robert Frost knew too well how frosty that road could be, and likely die of exposure from the mere thought. Our instincts are usually survival mode; preserve the body at all costs. We go to great lengths to do this, yet, all our best efforts will not give us a extra moment at the crap table. To win? What?

When we add up all those moments in time that were our lives, will we look back, satisfied that we did all we could to make it better for the fellow traveller? That backseat driver who saved our butt more than a few times? Or do we "look away, look away" every chance we get; our eyes afixed like blanket stares out the rear view mirror?

The theme of this week's short story is Salvation. Already you flip the page, hoping this lecture will be finished, like so many other extinquished things. But there is life in the old spark yet. Maybe not much, but where there is hope there is life. We always had it the other way around! Surprise, the egg did come first.

Yes, I have often "wondered whatever became of you". Living on the air in Cinni must be like breathing the back end of a Detroit automobile. No pun intended. After watching "That 70's Show" and watching "That other, other 70's Show" called, "Cinnicnatti WKRP" (oh geeze I cant even spell it)...I thought about Les Nesman once too often and thought about all those Buffalo TV stations for some reason, like I had this horribly inpertinent ear worm that creeped into my brain.

Yes, I fitted the mould too, but the mold got moldy oldy for this goldy oldy.Seems templates are meant to be broken. Sure the mentor knew this. Geographically speaking. We shared the same country of origin. Not that means anything unless you want it to, and in which case, I have a whole suitcase of similarities bordering on the one inch to the left.

I really thought I was not going to create another glitch by going "back in time" for another days REVIVAL! HALLELUIA!!! Choirs here I come! Maybe there would be found another format other than the tv hologram shoved into my cerebral cortex. Can we break the mold of our structured constraints of walls and images and preprogrammability? One step away from complete robotic mechanism, control often has an odd look to it, wrapped up like Christmas, in packages that lure you like a carrot.

Who really new the air waves could get that cluttered. I sometimes feel like a Pavlovian dog, and that was years ago. How far that dog has come! And how far we have gotten from the natural path that was once beneath our feet. Somehow, back, then, before the shift, the glitch, the automatic pilot, we were free.

We will never know that path which had been so smoothly removed without us noticing much at all. We do see the odd semblance of ordering, Ok, you go with you, you, yah, you,get the over there you position placement. Are you even aware of the motives that drive you? Are they know? Are they manipulated? By whom? Certainly like the great Paul Gaugin you wish to be removed to some island somewhere to recount those blessed days when you felt assuredly free. No wonder! Of all the sham-game played by the movers and shakers; men-creators are never god-creators. This penultimate construct, by some construction crew of unknown entity, there is this somewhere ordering this, ordering that, knowing full well, the limit to their own mortality, and therefore their penn and teller control of the universe.

And then, yet again, who am I to echo my complaints from the wall imposed in front of my face? This neural deposit of some form of semblance as if prefigured destiny had anything to do with it! What if I did find that key to the universe, probably no one would care as the high price place upon this monopoly of reality has more value than all the Fort Knox's put together!

So I can wonder what became of you, but I know full well what did happen when the push came to shove and you were ordered to take your roll on the conveyor belt. You may have left me holding the bag, not understanding how one minute all was fine and dandy and the next minute you were out the door shuffling off to Buffalo and beyond! Oh the great beyond I will never see with you. Since each of us only goes their separate ways, away, don't we? If not, I have something of yours. You may want to collect it one day once I have shuffled off this mortal buffalo thing.

It still amazes me, this "mais-ing" thing, this corn, this control mechanism which gave you the right to disengage the heart once in full throttle. These analogies may seem contrite, but actually they are a form of contrition which I have forgotten to do over the years. The Act of Contrition. Yes, to say I am sorry, if whatever I did, or didnt do, offended you so bad, that you had to run all the way to God knows where. I dont.

Anyway, since I will never understanding the completedness or the complexity of the big picture, as you 50's patriarchs like to call it (yes Dad I am talking to you). You will never, never, never know the bottom of my heart pain line that isnt going down line anytime soon, well maybe. I could sell out, it isnt really that bad to become one of the chosen, now is it? The rest go to hell I suppose, and that means me, so if you find yourself with a hot tail wind someday, lets just say, I am giving you a bit of a boost to fly, that is all. Nothing more. I hear alot of aviation pioneers come from the old Buckeye, and I guess, in cross examined crosshairs, the target was not on me. Maybe a good thing. I got to live another day, sucking back all that clean-livin' air from that clean livin' state. State of the Art, really. How smooth, how cool, how, so unlike me.

Cloaked and maligned in its proximital equitorial plane ridge, the strategic firm is firmly committed to making every day better for all, or is it? How would we know, this thing so big got way out of hand and into "de bush". Ok. Maybe too shining bright too be purely solar heating array. As light shines so brightly, bouncing rays alight as the solar shields that shielded me to the knowledge of what is behind the sun and behind me, pushing me forward into that hot plasma ball, I do not feel too bad now. I know my destiny!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Poem Nitrogen Spring really predicted this springs 1918 flu return?

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News Home > Health News > Study: 1918 flu survivors...

Study: 1918 flu survivors seem immune to current swine flu
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Mon Jul 13, 12:56 PM

By The Associated Press


WASHINGTON - A new study finds that the way swine flu multiplies in the respiratory system is more severe than ordinary winter flu.

Tests in monkeys, mice and ferrets show that the swine flu thrives in greater numbers all over the respiratory system, including the lungs, and causes lesions, instead of staying in the upper respiratory tract like seasonal flu.

In addition, blood tests show that many survivors of the 1918 flu pandemic seem to have immunity to the current swine flu, but not to the seasonal flu that hits every year.

Those were findings from a study by a top University of Wisconsin flu researcher that was released Monday and will be published in the journal Nature.

The researcher, Yoshishiro Kawaoka, said he is more concerned about swine flu because of these results.

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Jane On Love...oh ya Baby (please include your LOVE IS...quotes tytyty)

Colleen Zaruba "The door you open to give love is the very one through which love arrives." ~Alan Cohen

Jalen says: The love is give is the love you get!

Jane On Anais Nin

Dína Sadik "A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked."~Anais Nin > Good Day ♥ 7 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
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Ja-Len Jones at 10:29am July 14
Bless you Dr Dina Sadik for this! Joy in the morning, in the simple life, the small and large; the love and joy felt in the appreciation of our being!

Jane and Colleen On Being and Worth of a Person

Colleen Zaruba "The worth of a person, or a thing, or an idea, is in being, not in doing, not in having." ~Alice Mary Hilton2 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
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Ja-Len Jones at 9:48am July 14
it is in being that we are.

Jane On Mother Theresa

Priya Deelchand "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." Mother Teresa6 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike JA-LEN SAYS REBLOG REPOST..WHATEVER..SPREAD LOVE AROUND!!! YES!!!

Jane On Aesop

Wendy Gima "No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted." ~ Aesop3 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
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Adel El Ahmer at 6:55am July 14
Wendy Sister that was a long period of time I have not seen u in my page and can not see your comments, why is that Ja-Len Jones at 9:08am July 14
This is kind of you Wendy to send this to make aware how everything has meaning and "Aesop Fable" in that...this is sooo TRUE!!! Namaste

Jane On Sublimation

DrJake Caputo : Sometimes we unexpectedly learn something from one area of our life that can be applied to another area of our life. This usually happens when there are what I call "paralell states of emotion", as one situation triggers the other. It's awesome, as it's like a 2 for 1 sale, if we but realize the paralell connection. Thank You Roy

Dear Dr. Jake: This is wonderful! Sublimation is sublime and the mystery is always how complex yet so simple life. Boggles the mind! We learn these modalities and they are transferable. BOGO sale? Give me at least two! I feel that rack sales is really racking up sales! (I only ever buy in the bargain basement anyway; hey this is deep!)...Could be called the Domino effect but instead of down, it goes up?Maybe when angels play dominoes! haha!:)Thanks Dr. Angel Jake!

Jane On Love (stayed tuned for a lot more on this topic, for sure!)

Meirav Hartmann Olsen If you want the world to be a better place, extend Love to it. See its perfection, its innocence, its beautiful purpose. What a gift it offers.about an hour ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
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Ja-Len Jones at 8:47am July 14
LOVE is real, it is more real than reality. It is the one constant in the universe. It is a gift we can is limitless and always avaiable when you open the door and let it in, and become so full of love it bubbles over for all to share. It takes a focus to let it grow. Love needs constant nurturing, and care. But it is sooooo worth it! Love you Meirav!

Jane On No Regrets (No not EVER!!!)

Dína Sadik at 8:07am July 14
Ja-Len- There should be No regrets in Life. As we cruise the cascade of events instilled in our unique journey we become BETTER with every segment. There can be no refinement sans experiences in Life- regardless how cautious some individuals maybe to miss out on the wonder of Mistakes- Unconsciously and intentionally- till their lessons are learn t genuinely via free will. Ja-Len Jones at 8:41am July 14
Dear Dr. Sadik: Yes, say no to the horrible practise of the sad and unrelenting regret guilt trip. Acceptance is keen to self-fufillment. I'm ok, Your ok. This is essential philosophy for health, spiritual, physical, mental.If we should have regrets that would be reflecting upon the ego, which, in a person of a higher spiritual plane would be ...self-defeating. We must let go of regrets. They are a hinderance to our worth, the unlimited soul. Self-inflicting and constraining, regrets are a negative space. Tell the ego to go sit in the corner for awhile when it says "oooh i feel bad, you didnt do this or that, or you screwed up this or that..." yes, no fun!!! not good for soul slight! Reflecing on the positive always brings greater results! Yeppers!!!Thanks for the renewed perspective Dina!!!

quotes of the day from Facebook friends...thanks!

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls."~Kahlil Gibran

Tu eres hermosa, si, eso es verdad!(you are beautiful) I thought it meant "you are a beautiful flower that lives forever" ps I am learning beautiful...loves the sexy accent of spanish, italian, french...they are so romantic..oh yes...romance languages..i get it!!! well i want to get it..romance..dont be know..romantic..yes..go ahead, PLEASE!!! mmmmmmmm....

Heather O'Hara“It isn’t about winning, because you have already won. It isn’t about succeeding, because you have already succeeded. It isn’t about knowing, because you already know. It’s about accepting that you are it all and have it all already.” —Heather K. O’Hara20

"Worry looks around. Sorry looks back. Faith looks up."Hemal Radia

Another being can not insult or degrade or demean you unless you do not Love and respect yourself. If you disagree please tell me how they can. xoKristal Mcvicarhow true...get out those shields of the spirit and let all bad stuff bounce right off! lovely! thanks Kristal! Feeling good now!jalen...Lorianne Uminski at 7:48am July 14
like Eleanor D. Roosevelt said...."No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. " Or something to that effect
Marlaine Albert at 7:46am July 14
I really like this one and everyone needs to hear this however one should be aware of the fact that one can Choose to allow themselves to be degraded or demeaned. This I think would be more helpful for the initiates or those just emerging into a more hightened state of awareness of their own self worth. Feedback as always welcomed:)
Alfa Wharton at 7:49am July 14
now, Ego is part of our nature... i don't think we should see "it" as an obstacle... when most of us "combat" ego, the end result is a stronger "EGO"... as brother Tolle says... "The ego dissolves, when we observe it"Jeremiah Lindsay at 7:51am July 14
You can only be hurt by another if you have given permission on some level for this to occur.Alfa Wharton at 7:59am July 14
true Jeremiah, that's precisely the point... awareness and self discipline is needed in order to achieve inner strength, and to enter into the "permission" territory...Delene IsLove at 8:02am July 14
thank you Kristal...
much LOve
♥ Kristal Mcvicar at 8:03am July 14
@ Marlaine.....agreed....but when one is choosing to allow themselves to feel degraded, demeaned or insulted they simply are not Loving is obviously touching on an insecurity...insecurities do not exist in a state of self is never about what another persons chooses to do but how we choose to perceive it. That is based on our own view of ourselves.

@ Alfa....exactly...ego does not exist once you get in that state of self get there you need to do the examination of all the preconcieved and preprogrammed conditioning.

@ Jeremiah..exactly!! Why would anyone give permission for another to do this if they are loving and respecting themselves... Read More

xoJeremiah Lindsay at 8:03am July 14
Ahh, but it is given whether you are conscious of the giving or not. You are responsible for manifesting all that you experience. Until that is owned most do not have the discipline and awareness to do the work of embracing and clearing.Kristal Mcvicar at 8:07am July 14
Exactly must own your experiences....yoAlfa can you please explain inner strength and self discipline. I am not sure what they have to do with self Love and our not allowing others to hold or take what is inherently ours....our power..Thanks :-)

xoHelena Anderbom at 8:17am July 14
I agree at many points here.But when it comes to children?How can they(if no one else)protect them if somone want to hurt?And if a stronger person will fight you,and you got hurt.Is it just like ok you wanted this??Just wonder?
Because we have to realy see, that there are peope who in one way or another are "weaker".
Because i feel like this.The person who hurt is to blaim!Not innocent people. (like childen or thoose who have some ill..)
In this thinking some would say its ok with war,rape,diskrimination,mm.
I belive in love and light in us.... Read MoreIn this thinking some would say its ok with war,rape,diskrimination,mm.
I belive in love and light in us.... Read More
But look at the world!!
Its always eseyer to say things,than act.Why i dont know.
But look at the world!!
Its always eseyer to say things,than act.Why i dont know.Kristal Mcvicar at 8:17am July 14
Right Jeremiah, but ignorance is no excuse. That was the point of this conversation.

We must own our experiences and if those experiences are not producing the results we desire we must know we have work to do on ourselves....not others.

Others will naturally be where they have chosen to be......this is all about self.... Read More

If one wishes to have a certain type of life they will if they do the work. The work is Always on the self.

Once completed the others may still be in the same place internally and execute the same actions......but to the one who has doen the will feel different than painful or insulting or demeaning.

It is about Love.....Love of self first and then that will naturlly extend outside of ourselves.

xoKristal Mcvicar at 8:24am July 14

I understand your perception of weakness and it is a wonderful thing to feel compassion for others. However, we each choose our experiences for this life to what i believe is to learn one thing only....Unconditional Love.

When my children were younger and would arrive home saying someone hurt them in one way or another and say they were angry or hurt I would explain that if someone did that to them...they must feel sad and be hurt inside and not loved and they should Love them not be angry.... Read Moreu must accept them with Love and compassion knowing another does not define you....

Jane On Educational Rights For ALL Students

Inclusivity of special needs children should be a PRIORITY not be overseceded by "budgetary restraints" and whatever fluff gets in the way of said PRIORITIES for students.. If the motto "leave no child behind" is true to Education Admin Orders and/or standards at the School Board, they must have a standard requirement for ALL students. If the school board is not meeting such standard requirements the shool boards are not following their own AO's and are not following legal protocol as defined by the LAW. No wonder the lawsuits!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jane On How To Overcome Past Abuse

Dear ML: Your honesty evokes a silent hush from the group because it is
stunningly devasting what happened to the innocence of childhood, and
unfortunately, all too common. Sexual Abuse is indictative of society's worst
ills, and needs to be resolved by making all aware of it's many lingering ills.
It saddens me deeply to see anyone in any kind of pain, The abusers do not care
that they have forever shattered another's life. Someone has stolen a person's
innocence, their joy, their essence of being, their soul. The victim can regain
their soul (psyche) through intensive therapy. There has not been enough to stop
the cycle of abuse which occurs silently in families. Usually women are victims.
What does this say about Women's Rights when they cannot save their own soul?
How would this blight on society end once and for all? "Where there is darkness,
let me bring you light" is a Biblical quote, an appropriate here. If we open up
the "code of silence" we are able to make the citizens aware of how vulnerable
members of society are being unfairly treated.Never stop talking about it, and
it will end, once and for all. What really worries me is the "code of silence"
when people become complicit in the continuation of said crime, and actually
promote the abuse by allowing it to thrive unthwarted by public outcry and
action. By simply speaking up, light is shed on the ugliness society has hidden
for far too long. Start networking with others, call women's shelters, get
active in pursuing your healing. Healing is out there, and there are many, many
people in the same situation. It is time to start an empowered women's/victims
etc lobby group to get the government an active partner in stopping this elusive
and extremely harmful form of abuse. Check out the Starting Over tv show from a
few years ago. I am sad this show ended, I really enjoyed Starting Over. This
show was the first reality show, believe it or not! The active methods employed
by staff at Starting Over, the social workers, psychologists, etc really were
fantastic, each had excellent methods to stop the psychological abuse which
victims cannot stop by themselves. These people were so helpful to the women on
the show who had suffered from some form of abuse in the past; many kinds of
abuse. A few counsellors on that show had really fantastic methods to stop the
never ending self-hurt cycle which sexual abuse victims usually experience. One
I particularly recall is the balloon method, where you place a handwritten note
on a helium-filled balloon and send that written-down "pain" into the sky, never
to return again. These methods work, apparently. These wonderful people have
many other methods to make victims aware of their blocked and painful memories.
They show the audience how to stop the endless cycle of abuse. I wish this show
was still on the air, it was very pro-active and it felt authentic. Most
reality shows are becoming more and more, (if not already) phoney, and to me,
unwatchable. Check out Rhonda Britten, Rana Walker, Iyanla Vanzant, Consulting
psychologist, Dr. Stan Katz. Here is the link below; Good luck dear, you are
not alone! jajo In