Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jane On Psychotropic Drugs

Psychotropic drugs can have dangerous contraindications. Also, cannot one be "brainwashed" with these? It may be a conscious effort to zombitize or dumbdown a nation. Look at the kids on drugs. They are not made for kids, yet kids are on them! Open to suggestion, if the suggestions are better than the power grid clawing back souls for LIMBO life! Doped up is no way to be. Zombie land isnt fun. Look at MJ. Yes, endorphines of Jeremiah Lindsay Dr. Feelgood nature is better than dead soul life.For example; St John's Wort. Yes Nature has the cure to all that ails us.Not complicated syntheized drug concoctions of unknown cause or effect.


  1. Ok let me get this straight, Jane is NOT I repeat NOT on Psycnotropic Drugs. Maybe I should reword the Title to this insert. Maybe not, I like contraversy because It gets people motivated for change and soul renewal. So that's not all bad if it means I come off as looking "kooky or crazy" so be it. I will take that mantle for all the mentally persecuted on Psychotropic Zombie Drugs.

  2. When a person is on some of these ADD drugs or heavier drugs like (you name the drug of choice). These drugs are great to make a kid focus on one thing. However, they should never be for long term use. I have seen kids on the drugs, ADD drugs,etc and they have stayed on them til adulthood. Then suddenly at adulthood they are switched to antidepressants. Is this a cure for ADD? The doctors are not focusing on the REAL issues or causes of ADD. ADD. amd other serious conditions (not conditions not permanent dx's). The concept of ADD and Autism has not been addressed. This needs to be studied. Doctors are not properly monitoring the drugs long term use. Drugs are often "quick fixes" for various presenting symptoms. They are not a long term cure. We need long term cures for mental conditions. We do not need to perpetuate the misery of patients who need a balancing of chemicals in their brains.The psychotropic drugs do not do this. They are not good enough, and further research needs to be conducted to create a cure not a quick fix, with serious long term consequences.