Friday, July 17, 2009

Jane On The Ancient Knowledge of The Kabbalah

there are these ancient wisdoms and these old ways point to the new ways to make sense of all that is, the inner and outworlds, their convergence and reemergence, etc. What is it all about, there is order in the seeming disorderd chaos. It is do to the way the universe is made, where we are in it, etc, How we can make, through positive creativity ... Read Morefrom the creator, each respectful of the spirit in each and from each bigger things, wonderful signs, symbols, the esoteric knowledge proof of the new miracles to happen when we let LOVE be our dominate force in our lives, letting it guide us home to our Creator, G*d. Yes,. It is all very beautiful these gifts bestowed from the Creator. Namaste!
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  1. Positive space...positive head space...remember...we are eternal...this singularity we call the LOVE is neverending, is the core of our being. We need never fear because LOVE is soooo much stronger than anything else in the multiplicity which we are living in this illusion of separation, when actually, the Spirit shall always be with us. Amen.