Monday, July 13, 2009

Jane On How To Overcome Past Abuse

Dear ML: Your honesty evokes a silent hush from the group because it is
stunningly devasting what happened to the innocence of childhood, and
unfortunately, all too common. Sexual Abuse is indictative of society's worst
ills, and needs to be resolved by making all aware of it's many lingering ills.
It saddens me deeply to see anyone in any kind of pain, The abusers do not care
that they have forever shattered another's life. Someone has stolen a person's
innocence, their joy, their essence of being, their soul. The victim can regain
their soul (psyche) through intensive therapy. There has not been enough to stop
the cycle of abuse which occurs silently in families. Usually women are victims.
What does this say about Women's Rights when they cannot save their own soul?
How would this blight on society end once and for all? "Where there is darkness,
let me bring you light" is a Biblical quote, an appropriate here. If we open up
the "code of silence" we are able to make the citizens aware of how vulnerable
members of society are being unfairly treated.Never stop talking about it, and
it will end, once and for all. What really worries me is the "code of silence"
when people become complicit in the continuation of said crime, and actually
promote the abuse by allowing it to thrive unthwarted by public outcry and
action. By simply speaking up, light is shed on the ugliness society has hidden
for far too long. Start networking with others, call women's shelters, get
active in pursuing your healing. Healing is out there, and there are many, many
people in the same situation. It is time to start an empowered women's/victims
etc lobby group to get the government an active partner in stopping this elusive
and extremely harmful form of abuse. Check out the Starting Over tv show from a
few years ago. I am sad this show ended, I really enjoyed Starting Over. This
show was the first reality show, believe it or not! The active methods employed
by staff at Starting Over, the social workers, psychologists, etc really were
fantastic, each had excellent methods to stop the psychological abuse which
victims cannot stop by themselves. These people were so helpful to the women on
the show who had suffered from some form of abuse in the past; many kinds of
abuse. A few counsellors on that show had really fantastic methods to stop the
never ending self-hurt cycle which sexual abuse victims usually experience. One
I particularly recall is the balloon method, where you place a handwritten note
on a helium-filled balloon and send that written-down "pain" into the sky, never
to return again. These methods work, apparently. These wonderful people have
many other methods to make victims aware of their blocked and painful memories.
They show the audience how to stop the endless cycle of abuse. I wish this show
was still on the air, it was very pro-active and it felt authentic. Most
reality shows are becoming more and more, (if not already) phoney, and to me,
unwatchable. Check out Rhonda Britten, Rana Walker, Iyanla Vanzant, Consulting
psychologist, Dr. Stan Katz. Here is the link below; Good luck dear, you are
not alone! jajo In

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