Friday, July 17, 2009

Jane On Pain

My Dear Roxanne: Oh, yes, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head! You're right on! There is much truth in your observations, and keen wisdom. If I had known this as a young pup, I would have gone much further. Knowledge is key but wisdom is priceless. You are there, go girl! I am particularly drawn to the hurt statement. We need to build a ... Read Morebridge and get over it. However, sometimes pain/hurt stays in the body as cell knowledge, especially if it doesnt make sense, it seems to draw energy to make us understand it, deal with it, release it and move on. I use to love the show Starting Over. It dealt with women coming from pain and this pain simply put, was ruining or had ruined their lives. They were taught how to deal with it adequately and let it go permanently. This I am learning. If nagging pain persists, it may be a lesson not learned. It may be a question unanswered. I dont think all pain is so easily dimissed as "forget about it" somethimes it needs to be carefully examined.
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Yesterday at 9:38am
6 Lessons Not Learned In School

We are ceaselessly educated by the lessons of life in ways that we could never imagine. As we go about our days, lessons are already prepared, ready to test our responses, reactions, prowess and karmic individuality.

Have you ever asked yourself if your diploma is worth the paper it is printing on? Have you really learned what you think you have learned? Want answers? The book stops here.

Looking back on what I have learned so far, I could never forget the following.

1. People aren’t always what they seem. Some have hidden agendas that you may never see until you have invested your time and energy into them, only to be disappointed.

2. Sometimes people can’t express love in the same way as you can and they are often thought of as not loving you. Understanding that everyone is different helps you to understand your own capacity to love and not put expectations on someone else to fulfill you.

3. Experience and maturity are two different things. Just because a person has achieved a certain age, does not mean they have achieved the same maturity.

4. When you are hurt, it is not the end of the world or the end of you ever being hurt. Embrace your hurt and embrace yourself. You can mitigate your hurt by not repeating the same lessons.

5. How you were born into this life may have influenced who you are, but you are responsible for who you become.

6. Success is not measured in monetary units, it is how you treat people in life and how you make them feel when you are in their presence. Kindness goes a long way. Updated 21 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Report NoteYou and Roxanne Mather like this.Roxanne Mather likes this.
David Roberts at 9:43am July 16
This is the stuff I sometimes wish someone had taught me when I was a teenager.Creation Loves at 12:01pm July 16
( ♥ ) everyone has their own experiences in life which we can know nothing about ~ so never judge ~ embrace with love and understandingRoxanne Mather at 1:12pm July 16
"Never judge" means not calling anyone "sleazy" or "immoral"
;-) Ja-Len Jones at 7:42am July 17

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