Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jane On Terroristic Warmongerers

Ja-Len Jones at 8:22am July 16
When someone fires endless into a civilian territory; resultant actions are defensive and offensive. Not good. Queensbury rules seem to be employed at this point as "all is fair in love and war" Unfortunately. We should all want to avoid war at all costs as in "War no More". Why do people want to agitate a situation, and to make it more volatile? Due to the warmongerers get rich from the blood of (to them) faceless victims. What we need to ask; how To stop the terror. The results are never good. Why? Because whenever there is war in a place where there are civis, there are big problems. There should be mutual respect between all members of society. When there is respect, we live in peace. How can we find that place of mutual respect when someone has money invested in their war plan of destruction. I would take out the instigators first. The warmongers. Ask this question; who was responsible for the first missile fired? They are the terrorists and should be arrested etc..

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