Monday, July 6, 2009

What Does "8" mean? What is the significance of "8"

The number 8 has come into a lot of controversy today. What does the number 8 mean? I will briefly (I have dishes to do) tell you what the number "8" means to me. To me, being that I have all eights in my birthday means i am like Michael Jackson. But not quite. Look at the similarities between Michael Jackson and JJ:

1. Michael shares my bday (yes he does)

2. Michael didnt like his nose (neither did I; but I still dont and cant afford the
plastic surgery to change it)

3. Michael had hangups. (yes I had hangups to)

4. Michael invented the moonwalk. (I watched the men walk on the moon at the same time Michael was thinking about the moonwalk)

5. Michael and me had probs in our past with significant others. So did I. (oh i said that)

6. Michael and me like Rocknroll. (Yes I love rocknroll)

7. Michael was seen at Springbank Park, London, Ontario. He built a train (steam) on his Neverland Ranch.

8. Michael loves the novel Peter Pan by Barrie. So do I! I have a dog named Bearie.

9. Michael and me are share the same interest in Uri Geller and Liz Taylor.

10. Michael loves Mark Lester (so did I, well actually Jack London from HR PuffnStuff)

11. Michael liked disco. I have a renewed interest in disco and my fav mj song is Rock With Me (all night)...yes I would have...uh huh, until the many obtuse face lifts that got just plain..wierd. I'd rather have not implants incase of well rejection, i had a lot of rejection. that messed me up and obviously, Michael. so in that way, we are also similar. Oh yes, i must be honest...(well I hated disco after I was kicked out of a bar for wearing light blue cords (jeans). After that I hated disco. I really dug glitter. Put glitter on my platforms (which is hard for a 5'll" chick to do)

12. Michael had a high voice. I wanted a high voice and am thinking of making my voice higher for effect. To sound like MM. I think it would be a big t.o. (turn on) for most to hear my baby voice.

13. Michael had a skinny bod. So did I until I had babies, then I got fat.

14. Michael liked kids. Yes, me too, and I want to help kids esp those who need help.

15. Michael loved Elvis' daughter, not Priscilla, ohhhh, what, oh yes, I i cant (please fill in)

16. Elvis and Michael died in the summer and I was there. 1977/2009..i remember these events. I predicted MJ death (sort of; the "day the music died")in my blog.

17. Michael was and entertainer. I wanted to entertained and played in Summer Stock theatre at age 16. I played an elf in grade 3.

18. Michael liked clothes, far out clothes, handmade with glitter. Oh yes, I was really into that David Bowie glitter phase as I mentioned earlier. I put those sparkles (looked like diamonds. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds) all over my bluejeans, and bought a bluejean jacket and put them over that too. Sparkles were cool!

19. Michael like military jackets. Oh yes, i do too, I always looked so tight in them. And I feel powerful. I like to think that i had these short bolero jackets in the 80's one was plaid and then in the 70's i had these plaid pants called elephant pants (big in 1973) My first year of high school at the new Saunders Secondary school i freaked out because my elephant plaid pants (Bay City Rollers Style) did not look good as I did not know how to hem them properly. A neighbour heard my crying on the back balcony and offered to help me sew them so i'd be ready for first day of high school at the new school. I went in the wrong door accidentally and got yelled at by the principal. Not funny! Michael got yelled at by his dad.

20. Michael must have had an afro pick. So did I! I still do having thick hair that always tangles!

21. Michael cowrote songs. I sung a song or two, and am beginning to write songs. I am very musical and I like to dance.

22. Michael had 5 ppl in his Jackson 5 band. I have 5 ppl in my family too!

23. Michael went to Motown in Detroit to record. I went through Detroit 2 x's in my life and find it "funky town", my fav song to play at HooHoo's on Fri night jukebox.

24. Michael was esoteric. I bought a scarab beetle once during the height of the Tutankhamen exhibit in TO. I was really into the Chinese jade mummy too. Loved Mummy's forever and use to fantasize about them. They scared me and intrigued me at the same time. Use to go Sat to ROM and go straight to the Mummy room, for hours!!! as a kid of course. I lost that fascination as I grew up. NOt! My bf left me because I went as a mummy for halloween. It wasnt sexy enough. Michael may have felt this way too.

25. Michael was exotic. He love monkeys. Especially chimpanzees. OMG! I stole a "fake" chimp when I was 1 year old! We must be twins!

26. Michael loved California. Me too!!!

27. Michael loved various healing modalities. Me too!!!

28. Michael loved playing too!!!

29. Michael loved being on too!!!(i think I mentioned this already)

30. Michael loved collecting too!!!

31. Michael found attachment to too!!!

32. Michael helped the too!!! I feed my kids each night, and give to UNICEF and Feed the Kids if I find the extra money!!!

33. Michael loved Dianna Ross; me too!

34. Michael loved Smokey Robinson, me too!

35. Michael loved Madonna! me too!!!

36. Michael loved alternative lifestyles...i do too, but not by choice.

37. Michael loved climbing too, i use to climb trees as a kid and makebelieve that I was making a home there. I would veg there, like MJ did!

38. Michael loved too!!! but i dont have his $$$ i still love it!!!

39. Michael loved his family, even though sometimes they were too!!

40. Michael mom's name is Katherine, so is mine

41. Michael liked circuses, and carnivals, so do I!!!

42. Michael loved his freedom, me too!!!

44. Michael loved a single white glove that glitters. Me too! I especially love his glitter socks with flood pants.

45. Michael loved too. and movies, me too, and candy, me too, and

46. Michael did not like rude people...neither do I!!!

47. Michael was scared of am I!!!

48. Michael loved laughing, smiling and was giving. I hoope I can live up to this!!!

49. Michael is iconographic and bigger than life. So am I!!!

50. Michael will never die...neither will I!!!

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