Monday, July 20, 2009

Personal Reminescenes of APOLLO 11 FORTY YEARS AGO TODAY where were you?

No tv in Pakistan in 69? Ya, that reminds me tv has not been along that long!!! It was one of those "moments" which freezes time and I can almost smell the cedar trees. I was only a kid and watching on the screen in porch at the cottage at Wasaga Beach. I thought I could take my telescope and see Mare Tranquillis and the LEM...Hubble cant even see that now! It was a hot evening with crickets, and the moon was visible at the end of the driveway. Seeing Neil bounce around reminded me of how much fun that would be, and one day I would Go To The Moon and bounce around too! It looked possible, nothing is impossible when we think it we can do it! It is done! So what if the tapes are missing and the conspiracy theorists are tongue wagging again! (more on blog about this What were you taking a college Preston? Art? Philosophy? Did you watch on tv?
2 seconds ago ·Abdul Rauf HashmiI had tuned up my Radio to listen the crew direct talk/chat with the then President of USA I remeber , I think live from moon .......... was that so?
because there was no TV in Pakistan that time.......
5 hours ago · DeletePreston CoxI was working in a professional photographe's photo lab developing and printing wedding proofs, trying to earn a few bucks to complete one more year of college.
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