Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jane On Cancer

Ja-Len Jones at 11:18am July 8
Cancer of unknown origin? I think it is the body weakening and breaking down in the dna link area(mitochondria? or protein signatures). Of course raw foods can put back the cellular construct; the tough plant cellular walls of celery for example. Also a recharge of the mother cell via stem cell? or a reinstated cell and healthy cell energy from energic health modalities. All these new cancer treatment options which are noninvasive makes for a ca free environment of the entire system. Cancer treatment tocay, of the traditional kind does not balance the system in this way. Ca Tx today usually targets one tumour at a time, destroys it by chemo or radiation and this causes weakness of the system, even if it does "kill the cancer". Since Cancer is systemic it needs to be treated systemically and slowly built up gradually, the new cancer tx modality. I believe this new combination of stem cell and nutrition and strengthening the cell walls to repel viruses and other cancer causing agents will help. Also, all known carcinogens must be removed from our environment; like lead, paints, chemicals, etc, of large plants etc. More trees need to be grown, more lakes made in desert areas, more home farming, and no more plastic garbage bags. New composable bags need to be made. No more gas and lead in gas. There are so many dangerous substances that need to be banned. Whether or not ca is a virus, or from disease from pollution or other etmology. If the virus could be stopped from entering the body; if we could repel the viruses, pollution, etc., and then strengthen the system with perhaps stemcell therapy. So viruses and other infringers like polution could just roll off or away from the bodies dna, away from entering into body. When the viruses, etc enter into the bodies dna, it is then very difficult to reboot the cellularly damaged body, but not at all impossible knowing the new stem cell, etc., tech of today. In the meantime, eat raw, healthy, wholly organic, no pollution, and take silver nitrate,(very very small amounts) eat lots and lots of garlic or other antiviral herbs and vegetables, like greens and straight from the ground. Make sure you ph balance the acid levels in the body, if you take 1/4 tsp of baking soda this has gone a long way to stop cancer according to a famous oncologist in Italy. I will give the URL to this brilliant Dr. below in the comment section., These combined actions will make the body repel viruses, and other forms of pollution etc, that attack and destroy the dna which causes the cancer to happen once the dna make the cells go "whacky".How this helps? Ja-Len Jones at 11:21am July
8"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less."Marie Curie this video!

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