Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Spirit Moves Me Through Dance Arts

Energic Sourcing in Dance. The mitochondria energy hologram imprints upon my dna recount the moves for the body and soul healing. The cosmic energies of movement/dance create a force that can balance the universe forces through the sun energic. The earth balances as we dance and create the relationship between these energies. It is sublime, it is real it is cosmic.

Similar to the Yaqui Indians or the Plains Indians we are listening to the sound of the spheres of the space around and within us. Our hands the focus of healing powers that travel throughout our chaktras to enter this plain have incredible amounts of healing powers.

Dance enlivens the human spirit and creates a powerhouse of spiritual wholeness; a oneness with I AM. It is important for me to let go this latent and unknown power throught dance. Even though I am arthritic at 50 I am still trying to let the universe move me and heal me and heal others through the energy it provides. The energy are the spirit of The One, The Mothercellsoul. It is powerful. It is G*d given. It is in everyone of us. We must find how to release these AWESOME powers. Once we do, we save the planet and ourselves. You see, the universe wants to communicate with us. For some, like me, it has always been through dance or other art mediums. I am old but I wont let this stop me. I am becoming like I am. Who has always been I am, yesterday today and tomorrow. Hebrews 3:13


  1. If I stop dancing for a month (that is usually what I do) I could dance more often as the mood motivates me. I could do more. The floods of the past which has made us forget much of our G*d given powers, really creates in us, renewal. Of Spirit, Mind and Body. I need to dance. Do not stop me from dancing. It is healthy for all of us!

  2. The energy of the soul, recounted from the past, recounted from the future and for now it is, i am the dance, i am no longer a person i am an energic force. It is soulful and scary when I stoop and think about it. Which i dont feel is too good to do, like the second attention, it needs to move on and on and on. And we realize, as long as I am alive, I must communicate with this ancient energy. I must find the formula for this and write it down, so we never forget our patterns our important movements that make all life possible. We are that cog in the wheel, we are that beating drum banging on the walls of the universe, we find our Lord answers us in our prayer dance. Amen. I love you G*d Creator of all, my dear I AM.

  3. Have a lovely summer haitus. I hear that gets itchy!

  4. as we slow down these preciouos everyday moments we enrich the essence of life. As we take in these rare gem moments they are small yet huge in what they do for us. These memories have deep and personal meaning because they are so heartfelt. As these moments are permanent; staying within the holographic dna, imprinting time and space on our cosmic blueprint them richer, more indelible memory that last. That we can recall later to make life that much more worth living.