Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MJ's Fatal Error

Dear Brenda and Firm: To play the devil's advocate here: the most amazing thing about the "boys in bed" scenario is this: if you get the kid to lie and say this and that then the kid brings home 22 million to mommy and daddy. Not bad for a days work. The thing is; lawyers probably told him to settle out of court because it is so easy to gain incriminating and corrupt evidence on a person as well as how easy it is to collaborate with others. If I were MJ (I am not) I would have made sure all of my interactions were "safe". How difficult is it to keep witnesses present, be they human or camera to verify sin or no sin, crime or no crime. My feeling is that MJ was very naive. I am not sure of his educational level, but certainly he did not weigh the consequences of his actions. Did not his mom teach him right from wrong. Just like MJ's close friend, Uri Geller, the illusionist: do not have kids in your bed if you are an adult and you are not their parent. Same sex is the same thing today, due to same sex abuse of minors. Rules are for everyone, and Michael may have been trying to pull a fast one or severly naive to the point of stupidity. I like MJ. I think we got messed up somehow by his fame, fortune, his abusive past and/or lack of formal education. Life in MJcircus was complicated and never easy for anyone who came into close contact with the freak-show. You must admit, he was the penultimate performer! ---

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