Friday, July 10, 2009

Jane On How To Take Out Petty Dictators (suggestions please!)YES LOVE WINS

ps if anyone wants further how to do it...i to take out a petty dictator..these women haters...i am open to suggestions, and have plenty of my own! Isnt this fun...the how to of taking out of petty dictators..we need to open a school for this or something. Sure would stop undue grief in the future. without much ado, or fanfare...the ... Read Morepetty dictators that are always trying to nuke this or that they themselves get done like dinner, no more to terrorize innocent countries like Israel...never to return to these shores again

Love has a good attitude; Love is the healing balm in a world that wants to use bombs. Love and Lightworkers put your lightshields on, the overflow is gonna be huge!

(can Love scare the begheeshish out of a petty dictator who wants to use nuclear arms to launch a hate attack..yes I believe love is bigger, best, and brighter than hate and so the answer is...YES LOVE WINS!!!)

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