Thursday, July 16, 2009

Joke of the Day; Well Wierdisms asked for it!

What happens to Mother Shipton meets Nostadamus? You mean Mother Shit-tons and Nostrils Damns us? They both predicted they would be dead before we were and boy were we gonna die! . If Edgar Cayce heard this...oh you mean old grade 4 educated Edgar of the Edgar suit of Cayce and the Sunshine Band? What about Sylvia Browne...oh you man Sylvia's daughter Brownie pointer? No no I meant to say Uri "There is no spoon" Geller and The Amazing Randy Dandy and Houdini Martini Bikini? What if you are talking Penn and Teller? You mean Pointer Penn starr wierdness and Tellus something we dont already know but the new boy in town who acts like a cutie mime key lime pie. You want to take him home from Vegas but you can't because "everything stays in Vegas" even after Elvis left the building. But hold on, No, I dont think so, what about JoJo, you remember JoJo, Canada's French Canadian psychic to the stars? Oh you mean Mojo JoJo with the unusual hairpieces? Where did she go? Oh I know, she got back "jojo", back to where she belonged! The ethernet...what about that other sidekick, Kenny "Jamaica Rum Man" Kingston? Where did he go; well we know he just must have had Rum into some good ganja mon. If I could put all psychics in the room do you know what they would predict? That I'd get so outta there, before they predicted I too would leave the building like MJ on drugs I dont do in a system that doesnt exist on this plane anyway. Thinking outside of the boxed lunch brain on ...side order sidekicks of collosal calamity; order in a disordered universe to find....we all gonna die...but they want to tell us exactly how? What does that do for me? One more day of run for my life? One more day to say, hey? Why didnt I check out of here earlier? It sure seems elipse slipstream enough that sounds smoother than smoothy here, and i am adding up points on the energetic punch meteor-o-gram while listening to how to go RAW RAW sis boom bang! Hope it's a REAL BIG one I want TOTAL convergence, none of this little big bang incomplete whole hole. Unity of Universe's Big Bang a thon for Complete Convergence of All That Is, or as National Geographic likes to say; To discover the World and All That is in it...or as I'd like to say To rediscover "The Stinkin' World and All the Poop in it". Shirley you jest, "dont call me Shirley!" Well only at a Psychic Fair! Hey, that's not fair! All's Fair? Fare? (notice how Fare, Fair, and Fear, Faerie, and Fiery sound similar, this similar construct yet off by ...seems like a conjunction of MJ'isms. Hey I am not sure if you gonna get these jokes, you got to be higher than a kite! Kites are hign, they are higher than a kite! Got any more wierdisms?


  1. simply put; picking up the loose ends the synchronistic antsy non-fit stop-starts...noting these...aberations of continuation...really nothing really just can "read" these..and it is not so odd..just like you are really good at something in your field, and then some are attuned to this offset radio wave from deep yet near (as in right here by 1 degree offset to the left or right, depending on the retrogrades and then ooo0h yes...finding the connections that are ohhhh so similar but not really...yet glitched such. So picking up on the whatever the slipstream poops out! yah, stream of consciousness is allowing for these variables to surface as if by some hologrammed pinball machine. Ok I get it now!

  2. ok this "continum" of "abberative occurence" that smooth stop start and MJ...meant that the abberant (and he certainly was good at that) knew that wierdness brought to a stop the flow cause it went agains the grain of the grain and the hologram couldnt use anymore....blankety blankets. And then you just jumpstarted your intuition too because I said the one word that did work and did make that on off switch to a new modality in thinking. Like you are going along, predictably and then something doesnt "feel" right so you write and write semiconsious but not really, just put together slipstream thoughta as they occur atthe moment and then delve deeper into the "fascination of attraction" and get into that as much as that focus will allow until it wears out and than the focus changes to a renewal but stay whole and feel the next glitch cause the next one is going to be a doozy and you wont doze you see similar as a glitch which is alway 2 percent or 1 percent offset from centre thinking requirments. Semi aware like the sleeping giant, Edgar Cayce didnt need education to sleep on his layer cake of reincarnated beings of unknown entity since they were covered over by sediment and much sentiment (here we go again) and then..what happens is this layered cake is really a piece to make peace with pipe dreams and smoke screens and silver screens and feeling as i begins to sleep like edgar i can see this world oen up an unfold like a darker matter screen openning flat black deep and then through into the endless universe you can reach for ow. it exists here on the secondary level and is a new conciousness. a new way os seeing. a world of knowing and seeing and being with no body it is again a unification of being..of oneness with the to describe to you now...i am comin I need to do things I awaken once more to consiusnes of my purpose here...purpose...that means i know what i am doing, even though i dont say that to my consious brain, i fool myself into think this is it when i know it isnt...due to that open door glitchin the subconcious talking to now. WOW!

  3. i am going to do an experiment in channelling the eternal consciousness. i may makemistakes typing butt i am going to try to slip into a semi conscious state right now as i am tired the tv is going in the background to keep me anchored to theis state of consiousness while i go one layer back into the subconsious realms of being as i become more aware of the open vastness of spac her and the wonderful free feeling that is here that i am one and feeling like i just swallowed the universe and i am th universe i feel good and calm like this is the real me but i cant always get to be that here because of stresses and things like lack of continum of sense of body which is heavy i want to be lightness of being which is this level of being it is wonderful and loving with this amazing calm cheese and crackers just what happened on tv aapped me back into a bitter pill rality i dont want becaue it feels like all my anergy is pushing against this wall of rareality like a i am pushing by my reality here on earth the most poignant pain of pus push agains t this wall...this wall of reality beyound the now being of inside sub me and it is not a good place but necesary cuse i do this as we all do who are alive and are not aware of doing it this pushing on this plane of pain is furthering our univerwse for the unification of this space in this dimensional of multi and one universes too ain more space for one of being universe as we are partied into all these shapes cells and all that and really it is like we are a shuttle going forth into unknown zone wwwe change format..we change into bits and pieces to make array to circle back again ans we like knitter knitting the universe as we sticstich weave kint crochet, pull togethher all thart is to make more all of all this IS AND AM IS THERE BEHING OUR UNITY...OH MY I WAKE UP