Wednesday, July 8, 2009

becoming eternal when alive

From Don Juan's understanding: ego separates self from

soul; To become one with the universe: one must make the

soul whole. By connecting the many broken and fragmented

pieces of ego and using the second attention to fool the

ego; the entrapped soul is let loose. The ego's soul is

like a mirror crack'd; never experiencing unity of the

cosmically conscious world; the universal soul. Now when

the soul is released by the ego's body it can then fly free

of self-imposed constraints. The way we see things is not

the way the universe is designed. The ego is fearful of

flying, reaching, bending, contorting distorting, with

these powers from elsewhere. We are larger than our vessel;

our soul can break free usually only upon expiration. Until

that day, one must learn the art of seeing, and being, and

becoming eternal. It shocks our ego's concept of

time and space.

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